Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden house gets antique fencing

The small garden house I built sits on top of a small hill and overlooks my garden.
 It was getting overgrown with weeds so it was time for a little attention. 
This fantastic old iron fretwork came from a job on an old home
 Mr. Maison Decor was working at last week.
 I saw a pile of these on the ground
at the job site and asked if I could have them~and sure enough,
since it was destined for the trash, I got my treasure.
The other thing we got was a big pile of old bricks,
 the kind I like, the whitish pinkish looking bricks.
I made a little platform for the garden house to
 sit on to keep the weeds down inside.
I think the iron work was used on roof  lines as decorative edging, 
but I am not really sure.
 It makes a cute miniature fence for my little conservatory
 that I made out of old windows last year.
The sun was just coming up behind me as I took this picture, 
and you can see that the garden house sits above the lower lawn and garden area.
 This is a small grassy area we put in, 
and we plan to build the garden shed up here.
The shed will block that area that Mr. MD is fond of putting his things!
My other plan is to use this idea from a 
Better Homes and Garden book I had for the rose arbor.
 It will be a gateway of sorts to the new shed.
I will join the two pillars with this arched piece.
The white climbing rose is in the ground now, 
and hopefully will climb up the pillars.
We will be putting in cement bases for the pillars to stand on.
The garden shed will be in the back behind the little garden house.
 We won't have to look at 4x4's and things like that anymore.
 Pink and purple flowers are what I prefer to plant in the garden.
The last of my spring pansies.
"Antique"~I had to buy this color!
Roses and catmint mingle together.
Rustic and ornate, makes for one pretty garden spot.


  1. It's looking really good! Keep doing what you are doing. Coming together nicely. The rose arbor is a great idea for your vintage posts. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Romantic Domestic

  2. I love that iron work! But a happy find and for free. You would have paid a lot for it if you'd found at an architectural antiques place. I adore your little conservatory. It looks so nice sitting up on the bricks. I want one of these so badly. I went looking for windows at Habitat for Humanity's store but found none. I thought they used to have a bunch of old windows. Hmmmm....but perhaps I better go looking again. Or try the architectural salvage place. I just love how your's looks in the garden. Love the plan for the arch. Your garden is so pretty...of course I love the pinks and blues.

  3. It all looks so pretty, Amy! I love your little garden house. I tackled some weeding yesterday morning myself in our front yard, but it was so humid I worked as quickly as possible to get back inside with the A/C. At least its done, and I'll have to get to the back yard in the evenings during the week. It's amazing how plants dry up and die in this weather yet the weeds are on steroids!

  4. OH Amy, looks amazing


  5. Your garden is really coming along... great find on the iron fencing, I am JEALOUS!! and the brick too, how awesome! Now I want to work on my yard :)

  6. The little fence is so darling! I love the idea of making an arched gateway out of the pillars, that's going to be beautiful! Your garden is so pretty!
    xo Cheryl

  7. Your mini conservatory was an inspiration to me Amy! And here you are, making more improvements. Your plan looks like it's going to be a wonderful spot!

    BTW, how is Etsy going for you? Mine is slow, lots of lookie lou's but have not sold one yet. Seems like a lot of work...any tips?

  8. Amy, a friend of mine has an arbor based on the one out of BHG that her husband built along with a picket fence. Rather than painting white, she stained it white. I thought it was paint, but she said it would be easier to maintain with no peeling. Just an idea...

  9. It looks lovely Amy ! I built a garden house out of windows like yours , and now I am looking for things to embellish it with. I love it every time I come around the corner of the house and see it . Thanks for the idea !

  10. Oh Amy! I LOVE it!!!! Your yard has such eye catching wonderful features. I'm decades behind you! You must love it out there. It's really becoming a show garden!


  11. Oh, to even think those were destined for the trash! But now, you have saved them to live on and on and be beautiful again. It just makes you smile! Certainly makes me smile. :)

  12. It all looks wonderful Amy. I love your glass window garden whimsy!

  13. Amy, your little greenhouse is so cute. I like the little gazing ball, too. This is upcycling (I think that's the word they are using now) at its finest!

  14. Hi Amy, your garden looks so pretty and I love your garden house! The new (old) fencing really finishes it off. I think the arbour will look wonderful once it's done! take care, Maryann

  15. So so pretty! If I was a little bird you better bet I would choose that spot to call home, picture perfect!

  16. You had me hooked with your window greenhouse, old bricks and rusty iron! It all looks great!!!!


  17. Pretty garden space! It's looking so good and I love your plans. What a score on that ironwork. Beautiful.

  18. Amy you are so good at working outside! I never seem to get to it. It's really starting to look great and I can't wait to see more. Maybe it will motivate me!

  19. PS...I've been meaning to say forever how much I love that you change your header sometimes! I adore everything up there now, but do miss your hot pink mirror...one of my favorite projects ever!

  20. This little garden has so much personality I love the old iron used as fencing. Very creative :)

  21. Amy,

    You're little garden house is absolutely precious... I want one too! You could probably plant herbs and stuff in it in the winter too I bet. I love the old brick and the little rusty fence/fretwork find, it just doesn't get any better than that. And the Arbor is going to be to die for a thousand times, not to mention when your sweet hubby makes your little garden shed... good grief, you must be in hog heaven!


  22. Love that fence!! And free??? Around here people sell that fence for big bucks. I love your little garden house - starting to get me inspired - my weeds er, wild flowering plants are knee high! Love, Linda

  23. I'm so excited to see the final outcome as I am a garden fanatic.Your space already looks pretty, so I can't imagine what these new finds are going to do to the space. Exciting.

  24. Hi Amy; Your garden is beautiful and I'm so jealous that it is weed free! I'm recovering from surgery so can't weed this summer, so I'm enjoying my blooms despite the weeds so far! I had a window structure like yours years ago, so lovely!

  25. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous Amy! That iron work is so lovely and adds tons of charm and character. It just kind of beckons you to slow down and enjoy it all! :-)

  26. Hi Amy,
    Your garden is already pretty and I love the little house, I cannot wait to see it with the arch and completed. You are certainly a hard worker.


  27. Amy, it's sooo much fun watching your garden transform and grow into a breathtaking place of relaxation and serenity. You are doing a beautiful job!!! Keep the vision going, girl! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  28. Hi Amy, Great find with the iron fencing and it looks wonderful around the conservatory. Which by the way is fabulous.

  29. So pretty, Amy! I've been enjoying my Mom's garden here in NC and you both have similar tastes! Looks like you have a wonderful yard to garden in.
    The rustic fence is the perfect touch around your garden house!

  30. Amy, your backyard is coming along beautifully. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see it all finished (but of course is anything ever done!!).

  31. Oh Amy! It all looks great. I have been keeping my eyes out to find old windows but all the ones I find are que rico. Your conservatory idea is just genius!

  32. This is beautiful ... love the ironwork! And, the "free" bricks were a huge score. You've truly created a lovely spot to gaze and relax.

  33. What an undertaking Amy! I admire you!

  34. What an undertaking Amy! I admire you!

  35. Amy, I'm speechless.
    You are such a great designer!

    I am delighted beyond words you’ve shared your bounty on summer’s “Vintage Video” on my blog!


  36. Your garden is so precious. Love the rose arbor girl, you are giving me ideas.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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