Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen Adjustments~More White

 A few changes in the kitchen~
I painted the vintage light fixture white, as well as the chain swag. 
You can see the before here,
 and the rusty was shabby, but maybe not so chic. 
 A brushing of Old White chalk paint took care of the original rusty patina.
It looks more in line with the window shelf brackets
that are vintage iron and were painted with the Old White too.
Did you notice I started to REPAINT my lower cabs back to Old White?
 ARgh. I was inspired by a Habbersham kitchen in a rustic grey wash, 
but my kitchen is too dark, so back to white.
Look at how much brighter it is. I hope I can
grit my teeth and get these lowers done by this week.
This little dark kitchen needs all the brightness it can get.
Along those lines of thinking, the other area I fooled around with 
was the "kind of in the kitchen kind of in the hallway" area. 
 A large mirror is here now,
 instead of the small cute arched window mirror. 
This big mirror bounces the light around and magnifies the space.

This kitchen/hall table is where Mr. MD empties his pockets at the end of the day.
I found a white mail organizer for the crazy amounts
 of pieces of paper that comes out of his pants.
Now I just shove it all in the organizer,
 and when he asks if I have seen a 
Home Depot slip or whatever, 
I know right where to look.
Yup, it is right in that tidy little box.
 Don't you feel so much better when stuff isn't littering your countertops?
Little changes in our little kitchen!
More white = more bright and light!

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