Friday, July 29, 2011

lavender hallway

Long skinny hallways with lots of doorways. Ugh.
It started off as a basic beige color and then 
I used some leftover Concord Ivory paint from BM.
That added some zip, but that was not the look I was after...
so finally I took the plunge and picked out a greyish lavender.
Lavender is a tricky color, but one I wanted in my home.
This old sheraton style table I bought years ago 
at an auction was about to get an
Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint job. 
The brown finish was pulling down the dusky lavender.
I added a little touch of gold to the edges.
The hallway was feeling almost ethereal with the changes. go to accessory for walls.
Stroheim-Roman fleur~de~lis linen panels blow in the breeze
A large painting got overpainted with the chalk paint.
I am planning to paint something myself~
but for now I pinned up a small toile framed print.
The french bench got an easy slipcover with a vintage cream colored bedspread.
I found three of these in an old barn, and two will go in my Etsy shop.
They are a tender seer sucker style spread made by an old 
California company called Sybil Shepard in Paramount.
I found this initial plate in lilac and gold with the initials of Rachel Ashwell.
I might hang this above the mirror.
This plate was custom made in NY probably for a hotel or a wedding.
I'd like to add a pair of mismatched crystal chandeliers.
What do you think?
It is a pretty greyed down lavender.
The lavender paint is a Ben Moore color called Portland Grey.
I had it made up in Valspar Signature~one coat coverage.
Now are you ready for the before picture?
Bold Gold!


  1. The before looked good but the after is fabulous!

  2. I love it! It makes the hallway look so soft!! :)

  3. Love the new color...And love the idea of putting mismatched chandies in there. It looks beautiful.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  4. This is such a pretty shade of lavender, Amy! I love how it has changed the whole look of your hall! Great job!! You are always so busy!! :-)


  5. Everything is so beautiful--the paint color, mirror, table and flowers.

  6. It looks wonderful! I love that color and the hallway was perfect for it, with all of the openings.

  7. AMY! That IS TO DIE FOR! Omg... you found the PERFECT shade of gray... and that ain't easy, i tried. I can not get over how gorgeous this looks, i'm soooo painting something this color!


  8. It looks so great! Great inspiration!!! And to make a hall a "space" it!

  9. Oh SO pretty. So soft and fresh. You made a great decision there Amy.

  10. Very pretty Amy. I have that same etched, rimless mirror!


  11. LOVE the shade of gray..its perfect!! And love your lilac plate, so beautiful!

  12. It's really pretty Amy!
    I will have to check that color out for the house!
    Have a great weekend

  13. It looks beautiful, love that color chandies would look gorgeous.

  14. Oh...I loe the new color and of course love the table painted white. You have been a painting fool lately.

  15. The "after" is fabulous and I think that the chandeliers would be amazing in there! Go for it Amy! (*_*)

  16. I love the after so much more than the before. I would love to see chandies but matched ones...that's just my opinion. The look of the bench is wonderful too but I would be a bit shy about using it in this hallway...sort of a possible obstacle if you had to leave in a a fire or something...{horrors!} But I LOVE all the colors of the redo...very soft and pretty :-)

  17. oooh, i love this color and all you did in the hallway!

  18. Oh yeah! Major change in the hallway! Love it and yes, it is more you!~Hugs, Patti

  19. What a soft, lovely colour! It really brightens it up. I love that little table. Great redo. And I agree with you about the mismatched chandeliers, they will be waaaay prettier than what I call "boob" lamps, lol! (Have some too in my house that I need replacing.)

  20. I love it lavender, Amy! Love the white table at the end too. Is the bench easy to navigate around? I've always wanted to put a narrow table along my actual hallway (instead of at the end). Chandies would look gorgeous. I want one for my hallway too. I have the same light fixture that you do (only one). It's not in the budget right now though! Someday.


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