Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Medieval French Chandy found in a barn

 I found this in the rafters of a barn in New Hampshire and bought it. 
Normally I think of what I am going to do with something 
in a magical kind of process~it just pops into my head.
No deliberation, just pure vision.
However in this case, that is not happening!
The neat parts of the chandy are the shape of the base is kind of like a crown. 
Instead of crystal strands these are wooden. 
Wooden beaded strands are all the rage in decor right now!
 Little cutouts of a quatrofoil design go all around the metal base, and are very french.
 A bronze colored metal finish with black candle sleeves.
This fixture feels very masculine as is.
 You know I like to paint things white and get that cottage or shabby look. 
I have to say I wasn't sure this was the way to go with this particular item.
Look where I spotted it hanging in the rafters~
It was in this big old New Hampshire barn.
I had already checked out and headed for the door when I noticed 
it hung way up high and so I back tracked in, 
much to Mr. MD's delight.
It has about a 12-14' cord with a spliced in switch for turning on and off 
so I was able to see that it works. 
I guess you could just take a ceiling hook 
and hang this light fixture wherever you like.
I'll call this a Medieval French Chandelier,
(isn't that grand?)
and won't you tell me what you think of the
 following options for a makeover on this light.

  1. Paint the wooden beads turquoise and add some gold leaf to the metal base and cups.
  2. Just replace the wooden beads with crystal strands and call it a day.
  3. Paint the entire thing off white, add crystal strands and some drops, and change out the candle sleeves to ivory.
  4. Leave it as is, and put it in my Etsy shop.
  5. Nita (Mod Vintage Life) suggested painting it with Paris Grey and doing the same to the wooden balls.
Please let me know if you had
 an automatic magical thought when you saw this chandy
and how you think it should look.

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