Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Family Room Makeover

This room has been a stumper~but finally I found something that works.
It is an awkward room size and shape, and as Kathyrn Ireland said
on Million Dollar Decorators, 
"There is always one room in every house that is awkward".
This was the room before I made changes.
My desire was to have this room be in line with the rest of the house
in terms of color palette and happiness vibe.
I painted the walls Natural Wicker by Ben Moore.
The coffee table got a two tone paint job as well.
Down came the curtains and the wood blinds stayed.
The leopard rug will be going to college with my son Colin.
The floral Company C rug, which was folded up in storage, 
was the last thing I added and it changed the whole feel of the room.
It has a 1970s flower power kind of vibe.
We love it in here now!
The colorful artwork was a sentimental piece we had bought for our lake house.
A chenille pouff! 
I made a cover for our leather ottoman out of an old chenille spread.
There was way too much leather in here and this 
cotton spread adds vintage charm.
We coral all of our junk on a tray~its a great idea to make things look tidy.
For some reason, pens and pencils multiply on this table.
Brighter shades of my favorite blues and greens look great in this space.
Two old bottles~how easy it is to add a splash of color.
Dillon poses patiently~he is used to seeing me take pics of the house.
Our dark man cave is no longer.
This is a room filled with a mix that just seems to work.
We are calling it our family room now~
As the artwork says
It'll cost Nothing to Dream,
And Everything not to...
I totally agree!

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  1. I love the makeover. its the same kind of style i'll be looking at in some of my rooms.

    I love white walls - then you can add all different colours and it works. The rug is beautiful xx

  2. What a delightful change! And Dillion looks like he enjoys the room too : )

    ~ Violet

  3. I love love that carpet and print on the wall!
    Love the changes. Dillon is just too adorable!

  4. The cover on you ottoman was all I could focus on its beautiful!The rug well perfect! And that sweet round mirror is lovely.

  5. Hi Amy! Oh, everything looks so good! Love your new wall color and your ottoman cover! What a cute doggy too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I really like how this room transformed. Very pretty. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes

  7. You really did a fabulous job changing everything up. I LOVE the rug, it changes the whole feel of the room! I could spend a lot of time here!


  8. Fantastic job Amy...but I have to say, Dillon is the best part! (*_*)

  9. I love love love the carpet, the splashes of color with the print on the wall and the ottoman with the green, it is a very cozy, but yet bright happy room, and your dog is too adorable! Love that you like the use of color in subtle ways.

  10. Good! I love your makeover. The white is favolose colore, the room is so light. (Scusa ma io non parlo inglese molto bene!)
    See you soon, Monica (Italy)

  11. What a cozy room, this looks like a great room to have a really big glass of wine and hang out... And i LOVE Dillon, he's beautiful...


  12. Hi Amy,
    The changes that you made really warmed up the room and made it feel cozier. I think that family rooms are some of the most difficult to decorate. I really like it.

    Love Dillon, he looks like a small, cute cow.


  13. Hi Amy,
    turned out really wonderful.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  14. What a HAPPY room! I just love that rug!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  15. It looks great, Amy! It's a fun and cozy room. Love the chenille cover you made! The rug and artwork make it a very happy and comfortable space....perfect for a family room. I love Dillon! A perfect pose! Have a great week.

  16. Great job, Amy! And I LOVE the chenille slipcover you made for the ottoman :)

  17. Amy,
    You did a fantastic job! It is so comfy and cozy, not to mention it is family friendly. Love the chenille slipcover and flowery rug. Perfect!
    Bl;essings My Friend,

  18. Your family room is groovy! (70's right?) I love that rug! I could use one exactly like it in my house, it would suit my living room perfectly.
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. Dillion looks like he enjoys the room! I just love that rug!

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  20. It looks homey and very inviting. Your dog is adorable too!

  21. I love the looks great and cheery and fun! For me, the stumper is my family room. It took me 8 years to get it to where I don't hate it!

  22. Amy as soon as I saw the rug I was hooked! A very happy bright room!


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  23. My three favorite things, Dillion, the chenille ottoman cover and your coffee table, everything looks wonderful and easy to live have a wonderful flair for making it look so easy! XOXO

  24. *** Your DILLON is a SCENE-STEALER!!! What a DOLL!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  25. I love what you have done. It looks fabulous!

  26. Very pretty changes! Love the quote too! I see it was business as usual when you got home from vacation! hehe

  27. Your makeover looks wonderful Amy! So fresh and inviting. I adore, adore Dillon!! He is one handsome boy- Ella sends a wag!


  28. I totally missed this post the other day. I love the rug in this room. Who would have thought it would look so good with the leather sofas? Now the room is really fun. Love the artwork and love the painted coffee table. And doesn't it all look good with Dillon?

  29. I featured this on Mod Mix Monday today!

  30. I featured this on Mod Mix Monday today!


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