Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pretty chintz fabric in bookcases

 Can you say Gorgeous? 
Well that is how I feel about how the bookcases came out after I 
lined them with vintage chintz drapery fabric on foam core boards.
 I measured each shelf and cut a piece of foam core slightly smaller than the size
and then wrapped it like a gift and secured it with special duct tape on the back.
I cut it right on the carpet with a box cutter type blade and a straight edge.
You can do this if your carpet isn't a million dollar type carpet and doesn't have a loop pile.
 It was a fun project, giving me a lot of bang for the buck!
I love those kinds of projects where they don't take too long
yet really change the mood of a room.
The nice thing about this, if you get tired of it, the panels can pop right out.
 The overall feeling is soft and romantic. 
This vintage chintz is a Mario Buatta fabric in the dreamiest of powder blue,
sprinkled with pinks, lilacs and creams and greens.
 Look what else I made~a pillow for the sofa.
 This pillow is in the same fabric and has a zipper back and pom-pom inserted trim.
It feels very cottage to me.
If I could marry a pillow, I would say "I do" to this baby.
 This is an old English tin in pretty pink that I found last week 
at the White Home Collections antique shop.
I really enjoyed putting things back on the shelf.

I was so inspired by the photo of Annette Tatum's living room bookcases, 
I knew eventually I would try it for myself, and I am so glad I did.
Oh, one last picture, since Dillon got in on a post solo recently,
 Tobey asked for his turn~

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