Monday, December 19, 2011

Finally~Our Tree!

Better late than never is such a great saying~
and this case it applies to our Christmas Tree. 
 We finally got the tree up this weekend, 
and it was Sunday afternoon, not Saturday like we thought because 
we had a hockey game for the little one and then
 he was performing in a kids theatre production 
with two shows on Saturday at 3 and 6 pm.  
By the time we rolled in the door after 8 
there wasn't much enthusiasm for putting up the tree.
 Then came Sunday morning.... 
we had waited to have Colin home from school
 and time it with our little guy being here too to put up the tree,
 but now  they both had homework to take care
 of before we could decorate the tree.  
It seemed like one delay after another. 
Would the tree ever get up? 
 While they worked side by side at the dining room table,
( which really was a cute sight after not having them here together for months~)
I got busy making a corn chowder I found on Susan Branch's blog.
She is a famous cookbook author and she lives on Martha's Vineyard~
the same place where my parents live. 
Her blog is on my sidebar if you would like to visit her.
Yum~anything cooked with bacon is always good, right? 
The weather was finally getting cold, and the 
corn chowder would make a nice lunch after we finished the tree. 
Yes!! It did get up!!
 So come on into the living room and check it out.
Everyone helped piling on the ornaments with no plan, 
just me telling them to not put the same colors side by side. 
 Honestly, I was just happy it was decorated!!
 More vintage ornaments joined the party on the living room chandelier too.

 Woah~it is the time of year that this room
feels like it has shrunk a size or two.  
There won't be any dancing in this room!
And since we have a Christmas Eve party,
I have to have as much seating as possible
 so I squeeze in chairs where ever I can.
 Pink trees and putz houses and vintage balls decorate the piano corner~
 The dining room chest has the feather tree on it with
 the same pinks and blues used throughout the living room.
 I save all of my favorite christmas cards and use them for decorations each year.
 They are seasonal works of art.
 Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to all of my blog readers~
wishing for a fun week with no bumps
 in the road as we head towards the finish line!

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