Tuesday, December 27, 2011

hers~ a design book on feminine style

 I was asked if I would like to review the new book, "hers" 
on designing spaces with a feminine touch, written by Jacqueline deMontravel. 
 Jacqueline is also the editor of Romantic Homes magazine, 
so I knew I would be in for a treat!  
My decorating style is definitely romantic and feminine
 and this book was right up my alley.
It is filled with encouragement and tips on how to incorporate a woman's touch into any space in your home.
 My home office is my latest project, 
and here I was trying to reinvent a space that
 felt romantic and feminine without going too sweet and girlish.
  This book came at a perfect time to help steer me 
in the right direction and validate the things
 that I was trying to achieve in creating my own work haven.
 Hers has sections dedicated to different spaces, 
like the home office, the bedroom, the living areas, and the outdoors. 
 Here a shabby french desk with an inspiration board 
above becomes this woman's private space that feeds her romantic leanings.
 This masculine antique desk gets feminized with old books, flowers and artwork.
 Drool worthy page after page showing ideas 
on how to create feminine spaces throughout the home,
like this dining room with a collection of hotel silver.
 Jacqueline visits homes of familiar bloggers,
 like this one of Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen. 
 This vignette that Brooke created in her entry with 
the oversized french clock face and the mora clock
 along with the pretty cane settee went viral in blogland.
  I still love how this space makes me feel when I look at it.
 Jacqueline offers tips on how to claim spaces
 and add the feminine touches~like this example in a library.
  Too often a library is a masculine place in the home, 
but here there is a nice balance.
 Specifically she tells you to add more layers and accessories
 such as an embroidered table runner to give a cozier effect. 
Jacqueline says to romanticize a room with lighting and accessories.
 Above, a pretty daybed is nestled in the attic eaves
 under a vintage chandelier hung from white washed beams. 
 Chapter after chapter with tons of glossy romantic images
 made reading this book a delight!  
There were overblown french style rooms, 
gustavian white washed rooms with gilded touches,
 shabby chic cottage rooms and sophisticated traditional rooms~
all designed with the feminine touch.
 I organized my office shelves with the things
 that I find comforting with a new eye after reading "hers".
 All of us women have a romantic part that we need to pay attention to~
 Designing my  space with my romantic needs in mind 
as well as the functional aspect created a space I love.
There will be more layers added to underscore the tips I learned from "hers".
 If you are looking for a good book to add to your design collection~
 pick up a copy of "hers, design with a feminine touch
written by Jacqueline deMontravel, and printed by Crown Publishing.
P.S. Jacqueline really is a girly girl at heart~
look at what color the book is under the pretty dust cover~
shocking pink!

(The opinions I expressed were my own,
 and I was not compensated to write this review.)


  1. Thanks Amy for reviewing and sharing...need to add this to the coffee table for sure!!...great girlie eye candy....come on over and check out our kitchen that is finally done!!...not sure if you remember, but I picked your brain a couple of times about painting our maple cabinets...they were similar to yours...I've got before and afters up (tons of pics...maybe too many)..lol...I'm loving it now!!...the work was worth it...always love visiting your blog, xo, Mariaelena

  2. I have had my eye on this book and it looks like a great read full of inspiration and gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing...I will definitely have to get it!!

  3. I had seen 'Hers' around on the internet and wondered what it would be like inside,i will be buying this book now after reading your review Amy,thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I have that office picture in my files it is so beautiful as is yours.

  4. The book looks very interesting, I'm glad I had a peek at tit along with your views. Your office should be in it!


  5. I must get this! This looks fabulous and right up my ally....such beautiful images!
    Hope you are "recuperating" Amy!

  6. This book could have been written by you!

  7. OH !!! I MUST get this book!!!
    Wishing you a PRETTY New Year!

  8. Some great pictures in that book, Amy! I may just look into getting that one. I love how you did your shelves!

  9. I read about this book on another blog today. It looks like one I would enjoy.

  10. Well, I can see what I am going to be using my Barnes & Noble gift certificate on now. What a great looking book~ I love it and can't wait to have a copy in my hands! xo Diana

  11. That book looks great! I at first thought the image of your hutch was from the book! I can see why you would like that book. Thanks for the review!

  12. Amy you did a fabulous job on this book review!!! I linked you to my blog. XO Christie

  13. This book looks great....but your office space looks even better! I really like your sense of style. I really like the silver displayed in the book, too!

  14. Amy, your craft/work room is looking so good! COOL! After reading your review of this book, and seeing what you've done, it makes me want to go get organized and redo some spaces like crazy! If i didn't have to go to work tomorrow, i'd be all about flinging things out and repainting and reorganizing!


  15. "Hers" looks like a fabulous book! I really need it, I think. Thanks for the review.

  16. H Amy, Thanks for sharing info on this beautiful book. Love your office too.

  17. Your office looks so elegant! I am definitely going to read this book!

  18. That sure is a book I would love to look through

    Wanted to let you know how I have enjpyed your blog all year

    Happy New Year

  19. Well, my birthday is the 29th (just looked at the clock and I guess that means today!) and since I can't afford your new camera (sigh; love your pic of the teacup chandelier), I may just have to have this book! Thanks for your review, your blog, and YOU!


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