Friday, December 2, 2011

Urns used for Christmas Decor

Martha Stewart does it best! I love using urns for christmas decorating
 and have plans for my own urns this year. 
Its December already~seems like the time is just flying by!
 I plan to dig out my christmas things today and get the house decked this weekend.  Not sure when we will put the tree up, because we do a real tree, and here in Boston, with the heat going, it can really dry out a tree very quickly.  I bought an antique urn at auction this summer and I want to put my tree in it. It is heavy cast iron and was in pieces on the auction room floor. Well it is missing a part to it, and I might have to track down a part that can work so I can have this gorgeous old urn in chippy white look like an urn, and not a bowl on a pedestal. But for now I think it would be a good thing to put the tree in, it holds water and has a large reservoir. You can see it sitting out in my yard with some mums in it last month. 
The big container, or bowl or the urn has a stem that is sitting inside the pedestal, or plinth. 
This pair of old urns has the big squareplinth that is then covered by the base of the urn which in turn holds the bowl or the urn. The pieces are bolted together~and the one I bought did not have the base, just the plinth and the bowl with half of the middle section. The bowl part has the stem that screws to another section that joins the base. I am hoping I can find a section and marry them together, but until then I think my tree will just sit in the big bowl on the plinth. The thing is enormously heavy~I will enlist hubs help in getting inside the house this weekend.
Last summer while in New Hampshire we found a lot of old urns, and many reproductions. They don't give these away, or they would have been loaded up into our truck. Here is Mr. Maison Decor looking at the price for me. I think urns go anywhere, from a mansion or classic estate to a cottage or bungalow.
 I fell in love with this woodland style Christmas tree in an urn. Isn't it fabulous? I have two small urns out by the front door that will get little christmas trees and they always look so cheery!
This tiny urn sits in the kitchen holding a tiny boxwood topiary. There is just something timeless about an urn, and you can find uses for them in almost every capacity. I used to put pencils in this one on my desk.
This is the most traditional way to use a pair of urns. Stately and elegant!
 Switching gears for a moment~look what was in our backyard the other morning. A large coyote! This part of the yard is where hubs keeps his big granite rock collection and other things...the coyote is steps away from my little glass house and our front yard!  He stood out there at 8 in the morning for about 20 minutes, wandering was amazing and scary. I can only imagine what would have happened if I was walking the dog back there, which is our routine. 
 And for you online Christmas shoppers~I added this vintage kitchen scale to my shop~in Christmas colors!
 As well as this extra large silver plate centerpiece bowl marked Wallace. This would be so easy to set a bunch of ornaments and greens in for a holiday centerpiece~you can look at them by clicking here.
Next time I see you, I will have some Christmas decorations in place and I can't wait to share them with you!
Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. I love urns! I'm using one for my tree in the dining room and I have 2 on the front porch with poinsettias. The one I have in the dining room is nothing grand. It's actually plastic! lol But I like the way it looks anyway.
    Wow! A coyote right in your yard. That's kind of scary. He looks like he's staring you down. lol

  2. I love urns too. The ones that you showed are gorgeous! Gosh, if I had a coyote in my back yard, there would be some trouble! I let my dog out on his own (without a leash) to do his business. He's real good about coming right back inside afterwards. My dog isn't too large, so that coyote would've been a huge threat to him. Glad your dog was safe inside when you saw it. Can't wait to see more Christmas decor in your house!

  3. Oh I fell in love with the woodland style Christmas tree in the urn the second I saw it! Love those wreath's in the background with the burlap, too. Can you tell I'm not doing bling this year? Also don't have anything in my urn's this year. Great pics.

  4. Dear I have also already started to create the Christmas atmosphere in my home .....
    This weekend I hope to fere the garden ......
    good job
    The tree is beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend

  5. Love the urns decorated for Christmas. That is what I started to do instead of a regular tree. That is scary about the coyote. We have them here, too and am so afraid one will get Bailey. They have even closed a park in Atlanta due to coyotes in there.

  6. What a beautiful coyote! I find them fascinating . .

  7. These are all very neat urns. I love your idea of putting your tree in one, it will look gorgeous!

    We have coyotes in Michigan but they are pretty afraid of people. I see them sitting along side the road at night sometimes. They look so much like a dog, I often mistake them, except for that big tail! Be careful with your pup, she might want to play with it!


  8. Hi Amy,
    I have two large urns on my front porch that need to be filled. Right now I just have cut greenery inside and soon I'll put in some little trees.

    Love the one in your kitchen.

    Ooh, good thing you weren't out there with that big guy roaming around.


  9. Amy so with you on the love for urns..they are so beautiful and I cannot wait to start getting some! I actually do have a few and plan on adding as I find decent deals on your mini urn in the kitchen and that first picture is gorgeous!
    Scary and cool about the coyote but more scary for a total scaredy cat like myself:)
    I am really glad you weren't walking the dog either.......dont' even want to think about it actually.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I love the look of urns too. I have two cement lion head urns on either side of my front door. In the summer they are filled with flowers, fall they have pumpkins in them and in the winter they have evergreen trees in them.

    I love all of the pictures you have shown...

  11. Love the urns. I'm an urn addict. I use them indoor and out. Yes, they are a part of my Christmas decor too. I love your tiny one.

  12. I pulled my large urn indoors and put it inside the mantle...filled it with twinkly clear lights for the holidays, and just love it!
    I like your idea of putting the tree in yours.
    I have two smaller ones for the cupboard.
    Aren't they wonderful inside and out?!

  13. I love urns, too, Amy! All year long. I have a cheapy one from Lowe's in front of the house but when it's filled up with whatever for the season, it looks fine. I also have two small trees in urns that I found at Goodwill. The urns just make those little trees. I hope you find your piece so you can use yours for your tree.

  14. Ok, i'm not sure what you said about the urn for the tree, and the plinth and the base and something else, attached to something but part of it was missing... what i DO know is that you will make it amazing. I love old urns too... and would love to have two rusty ones to put two little lit trees in on my porch, i can't wait to see yours! I'm lovin that woodland style tree too with the big ole cherub at the bottom!
    And, wow, how crazy is it that you had a coyote in your yard like that, that just blows my mind. I know they're around, but it's so weird to me how close the wild is to us in our little groomed and heated dwellings...


  15. I love using urns in Christmas decor and all throughout the year. I have a couple of Christmas trees with stakes on them that I stick in some urns during the winter. You have shown some great ideas.
    That scale is SO cute!
    Can't wait to see your house all decked out!

  16. Wow, you sure have a great start! Love your idea with the urn. Makes me wish I had one! I haven't been on for a while, so I skimmed back through your other posts, and just love your greens and little trees with your red and white dishes. I have red and white too, very inspiring! I have started decor, but not so far along.
    Like your coyote picture. Amazing he hung out so long, makes one a little leary. We have them on our farm in Tn, and they bark and squeal all up and down our fence rows at night, trying to get our dogs to come out.

    Have fun on the rest of your decor!

  17. Love the urns, not so the coyote. Amazing but scary. Stay safe, hugs,

  18. Love those urns. I can't believe there was a coyote in your backyard! I didn't know you had those up around Boston.


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