Friday, December 30, 2011

Office Photo Shoot

The last two days have been spent doing 
a photo shoot with my new DSLR camera.
To get this picture took two days! 
I know, I know....
seems like a long time to get one decent photo~ 
but there is more here than meets the eye. 
First of all, notice the chandelier~
This was the first day with the new camera, 
and there were things that I suddenly noticed that bugged the crap
 out of me that I hadn't taken care of yet. 
Like the naked chandelier. 
Over time I had stripped its crystals to use on other chandeliers
 and I just forgot about how pathetic it looked.  
You will also see that these photos will vary between two color tones,
 one will be a cool and one will be a warm.
 I was practicing with settings on the camera because I was lucky enough to get my son's college friend, Brenda,  who is a photography major, to come help me figure some of this stuff out!  She was home for the holiday break and I had arranged to have her come by with her camera and take some shots....but then I bought my camera and so we used both my Canon with a new wide angle lens that she rented, as well as her Nikon!  A lens like this goes for as much as my new camera!  A whole new world was opening up with the wide angle lens.  Wait till you see how amazing it is~you can capture an entire room in one shot.  This will be on my list to purchase for sure.
Brenda with her Nikon, shot in a hurry by moi, with my Canon.
 I wanted to get better pics of the entire office, 
as well as this area with the Shabby Chic Soho samples. 
This was one of our favorite shots from the first day.
 Brenda taking closeups of the table top. 
After all of that, we decided that the pink flowers were too bright
 and we would take the whole thing over the next day. 
We were running out of daylight.
 The other thing that bothered me was the big heavy black rod. it was very bossy~so I decided I wanted to switch it out for a gold rod to go along with the softer feeling of the Louis Chair and the Soho sample board. The other thing that bothered me was the plug outlet above the basket, and that the basket looked busy with the chair...arg.  So the basket would leave and I would hide the outlet by tucking a vintage fur stole on the arm of the chair.
Day Two
Draping the fur on the chair~you can see the walkie talkie on my hip~while I was busy hanging crystals and changing out the rod upstairs, Brenda was downstairs shooting the kitchen. 
Here you can see the rod has been switched out for a historical gold number. It was a leftover custom wood rod that I asked hubs to cut down for me that morning so I could quickly get it mounted.  Brenda shot me in the hallway getting rid of a stained glass window  propped up on the hall window sill, but it was distracting from the shot. 
The chandelier got an assortment of vintage crystals from my stash. 
I decked it out with round beaded garland, crystal prism garland, 
different types of prism drops as well as a few new pink crystal prisms.
Now we were ready to take some wide angle lens shots!
 Brenda is on a ladder in the corner of the room while I am "directing" the shot!  It was a Spielberg moment!! Or a mini Martha Stewart moment!!  Hah! You can see our camera lens and stuff on the table behind me.  I want Brenda to capture the front of the room with the windows and the hutch.
 But then Dillon strolled in...
And decided to sit down.  
I tried to get him to strike a pretty pose,
but he just wanted to look like a pit bull. Go figure.
The day before Tobey kept coming into the room~
I was constantly shooing him out. I needed the door open 
to gain the light from the hallway. 
Its a dogs world alright (at least at our house).
 After two days of playing with settings and taking photos
 nonstop we ended up with some pretty detail shots 
and some nice overall room shots too.
 My frenchy phone looked pretty on the rustic desk with the sunlight hitting it.
 What is interesting is that you notice things that bother you 
after you look at them on the monitor...
like I did not like all of the black legs on the stacking tables.
Here Brenda is checking the images on the monitor.  
So we switched out the tables for a basket.
 A basket replaces the table to conceal wires that run along there.
 The camera focuses on the crystal chandy 
in this pic was taken from the top of a ladder.
 We loved this image~very dreamy and light.
And this one too...
Here is the same pic on the largest setting for the blog post, 
but as you can see from above, it cuts off the edges of the pic. 
However this is from the wide angle lens,
 and look just how much it can capture in a room that is 17 feet wide.
So this is what I have been busy doing for the last few days. 
 I will share other rooms as I get them edited. 
Like this kitchen shot~!
I love the wide angle. Need to work on getting crystal clear images.
Like this one...
So much to learn, and it is going to be incredibly fun!
 I owe Brenda a big fat hug and kiss for helping me these past two days.  
 You can see her passion for photography~
 I can totally relate!
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  1. your office looks really is amazing what a difference a good camera makes. what is even more amazing is how great your photography will become as you practice more and more with your new camera... i can't wait to see the results....


  2. Wow Amy,
    Fabulous pictures Brenda and Amy,gorgeous shabby chic soho samples shot and the curtain rod looks so much more beautiful as does the chandelier.
    I have learned a lot from reading your posts and i love how you are fearless with furnishings and accessorizes and if it isn't working for the bigger picture then it has to go,a good lesson for all of us i think to get that Maison Decor finish.

  3. Wow I am impressed with your budding photography out Francesco Scavullo! The office is a dream.....sooo beautiful and totally magazine spread ready.
    Love every single thing you have done, I bet work doesnt' feel like work in that space!! I love it!
    PS Love your "helpers" too:)

  4. i also wanted to add that you can make your pictures bigger with help from this site

    it is really easy to understand. she also has many other ways to tweak your blogger blog and make it beautiful....


  5. You two make a great team! Nice job, cant wait to see more! :)

  6. sigh...You girls did a beautiful job! I am so jealous of anyone that can take good pictures. I have never really learned to handle my camera and it is not that good to start with...maybe this will be the year I learn to take good pictures...or maybe I will just come here and drink in all the beautfy I am finding. Your office is gorgeous- GORGEOUS- I want to come and move into that room...surely there is room in one corner for a cot? Oh...and...sorry but I might need those little black legged beauties for my coffee pot.

    Love it! xo Diana

  7. Amy, you will love your new camera. Yes, lots to learn and lots of practice shots. When I got my new camera I didn't have a clue what to do with it. I was told to get a book by two bloggers who take marvelous pictures and that really helped. The book is Digital p
    Photography by Scott Kelby, volume 1. Love the shot with your framed swatches.

  8. Wow, all of your pictures are just gorgeous. So much to learn. I admire your tenacity. I just use a point and shoot, that's about as far as my patience goes. Hugs, Marty

  9. Beautiful office makeover and beautiful photos! Thanks for taking us along on the photo shoot. It is amazing what jumps out at you when look at a photo. I can take 100 photos to end up with 5 that I like.

  10. Oh what fun! Your office and the photos are beautiful! I have a new camera too. Now I just need to learn how to use it! Happy New Year Amy!

  11. Hi Amy - wow that is such a great post. You're having fun while learning. I love your office! I love how you put the fabric samples in the frame. I have to do that. Right now I have my billions of fabric samples in 1) binders in a bookcase, 2) in piles on my desk, 3)in bins - not organized at all and 4) in some baskets. My office has to support many different aspects of what I do...artwork, faux finishing, interior design and home staging. I ask alot of this space.

    You have definitely inspired me to keep up my learning with my camera. All I have to do is to get over the fear...and delve into it as "fun" as you have. Thanks so much!


  12. The office looks just beautiful, Amy, and you've really captured it in these pictures {you and Brenda!}. I don't know if you'll get much work done in there though ~ I would be just reveling in its beauty! : )

    Happy New Year!

  13. Your office is delightful, Amy! You've done a wonderful job of putting it all together. You have so many beautiful pieces that make it a truly special place. Have fun with your photo shoots of your lovely home.

  14. Like you, I 'see' a room so differently through the lens of my camera.... it really helps to get the room right!

    And I think I have that very same chandelier in my studio, minus the pink crystals... although yours looks bigger. Mine came from an estate sale, and I'd love to know more about it. Mine may be from the 60's.... what do you know about yours? Is there a former post about it you could direct me to?

    Your room is looking quite fabulous!!! and your photos are lookin' good!!!

    ~ Violet

  15. Fun fun fun Amy!! Your photos came out fantastic! Happy New Year to you and yours! :)

  16. There are so many things I love about this post! The photography and the tips ( wish I had someone to help me, giggle) the room, oh my the room. And the chandelier,it's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us! Hugs and Happy New Year! P.S> please stop by Katherines Corner and add your lovely blog to my blog list page :-)

  17. Your office looks Gorgeous! Love the airy lace curtains on the closet, and the fabric sample board with the gold chair shot is amazing! The chandelier is perfect for the whole room, and your desk with the top part and crissy cross lattice is so charming... the colors are perfect. I'm so intrigued with the whole camera thing, and the wide angle lens... my house is small and hard to take photos of, i bet that would help. I love the shot of the corner of the desk with the little lamp, and of course the one with the fabric board and gold chair in the warmer tones... Cool post!


  18. I bet y'all had so much fun! It looks like it. I love the pretty crystals you added to the chandelier and the softer color curtain rod. It's amazing what you can see from a picture that you didn't see in person, isn't it? My sister and I both sometimes take pictures and then edit our rooms based on how the pictures turned out. It's kind of like seeing your room through someone else's eyes.

  19. Dillon stole the show
    You made playing with a new camera look like fun!!
    The room looks beautiful great job!!
    Happy New Year

  20. Amy, your images are spectacular - i have camera envy! And I don't know if I've ever commented on your office, but it is SO pretty. I think it's my favorite room. Even though we have such different favorite styles, I do really, really love your home, especially that office!!

  21. Love your office and what the new camera is bringing to the mix. Superb!
    I'd like to invite you to share your post with us at "what's It Wednesday", we'd love to have you.
    Wishes for health, happiness and all the best in 2012.

  22. It is amazing the difference a camera can make. I think that's the same camera kit that I want at Costco. Hopefully soon! Then I will need a Brenda for a few days too:)
    Beautiful shots.

  23. I love it Amy! You are so into photography and I can't think of anything better. I took photography in college and I've loved it ever since. I really want the camera that you bought and I would spend hours doing just what you were doing.
    BTW, I really love your office. It's drop dead gorgeous and the fur draped over the chair just makes me ooh and ahhh!

    Great post.


  24. Wow, the decorator in you really came out! I am sitting here going... what flowers, what black rod, what legs! Your final pictures were gorgeous. I have a DSL, but my pictures are horrid, I am soooo impatient and do not have a decorators eye. I love the tip on climbing on a ladder for pictures and using a Bobech at the top of your chandelier to hang more bling! Did you say what you are taking your pictures for?

    Happy New Year

  25. LOVE your office! So beautiful, lacy and feminine. Looks like you're having a great time with your new camera :) I've been wanting to get a wide angle lens for some time... you've inspired me to amp up my effort to save for this "creative" dream tool.

    I know you're just getting into your new camera, but have you thought about using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to help "tweak" your photos (i.e., color balance, light, etc.)?

  26. GORGEOUS!!! other words needed!..Happy New Year, Mariaelena

  27. Hi Amy
    Isn't it funny how "seeing" a room through the lens of a camera can give you a different perspective? The details are what makes your the crystals on the chandelier! I know you hope to recover your Louis gilded chair someday but it looks so pretty as is right a sculpture. The room looks beautiful!

  28. Your are doing a great job with your new camera. I am wanting a Canon DSLR camera. My birthday is March, so I'm hoping. I love the changes you made along the way with your office. Pictures really do make things stand out that otherwise you would not notice. I also love the chandelier, much nicer with all the crystals back on (I have one very similar over my kitchen island). Can't wait to see more photos, and get tips for my future camera.

  29. Your are doing a great job with your new camera. I am wanting a Canon DSLR camera. My birthday is March, so I'm hoping. I love the changes you made along the way with your office. Pictures really do make things stand out that otherwise you would not notice. I also love the chandelier, much nicer with all the crystals back on (I have one very similar over my kitchen island). Can't wait to see more photos, and get tips for my future camera.

  30. everything is beautyful !

  31. I enjoyed seeing the pictures! Your office is so nice ! I love the phone!

  32. I enjoyed watching your process ... it's so true that the camera lens picks up what the eye misses - it is a great design tool (using a mirror can do the same thing). Only you can change out the rod and embellish the chandelier (which looks great by the way) so quickly! Happy 2012 ... looking forward to seeing what you do next. xo Sherri

  33. I'm glad you are having so much fun with your new camera! Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words--

  34. Hi Amy, I got a Canon DSLR for Christmas. My husband surprised me with it and I almost had a heart attack LOL. I guess he felt for me as I was always complaining about my pics with my point and shoot.Needless to say I'm beyond thrilled. I've been practicing on the auto settings and cant believe the difference in photo quality, I'm having a ball. It looks like you're having fun too. Your pictures look great already. Love your office. Good luck and have fun.

  35. WOW!!!! What great pictures! I love the picture with the three topiaries in the kitchen! Just stopping by to wish you the happiest of new years! Blessings to you in 2012!

  36. Beautiful!
    I have a Nikon D 90.
    A great camera is such a gift!
    Your office looks fantastic.
    What a great way to bring in the New Year.
    Happy 2012!

    xo xo

  37. Amy,such beauty you surround yourself in, it is a home to love.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with all who visit, inspiring so much.

    Thank you for your visits to my place and encouraging all that I create :)

    Blessings to you and yours 2012
    Happy New Year!

  38. The pictures look awesome! And it looks like you were have a good time taking them, too!

  39. Your office is gorgeous and these shots are amazing. And I love seeing all the "behind the scenes" shots too!

  40. Amy your office looks beautiful! You have so many gorgeous pieces in their!!

  41. I thoroughly enjoyed this post....felt like I was actually there the way you talk us through your pictures!

  42. Wow... great photos of gorgeous rooms. I absolutely love your office! Amazing how photos can really help one notice things. For instance, I love the transformation that occured when you added a few (O.K., several :) ) crystals to your office chandelier. It is stunning now. Also, I thought the shot of your office with the stacking tables to the left of your desk was very nice, but switching the tables out for baskets was a great choice, quite a difference. Kind of illustrates how details are everything. Looking forward to seeing more spectacular pics from your new camera!

  43. Love your office! Just beautiful!

  44. This is fantastic! I sooo need a DSLR....I've got something close--as in ultra wide angle lens, and completely manual settings, but still not DSLR! Ironically, I found this post through a BlogHer sidebar link!!! You were at the top!

    Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage


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