Monday, December 5, 2011

A proper chandelier for the kitchen

Finally I can share the new chandelier I picked out for the kitchen! I was thinking I would have an oversized lantern in this room over the island, but when I went looking this fixture won me over. Does that ever happen to you? You get an idea for a certain something or style and then you are wooed by another lover?
 Well the stars finally aligned last night for the installation to take place.  The time was after sundown, and the man who was going to make it happen was Mr. Maison Decor. My old fixture was a double swagged light that I upcycled from the dump, and it will be making its way to my Etsy shop for short dough if any one is interested. Here the lights are coming off of the swag hooks in kitchen ceiling while the wires to the new one are getting prepped.
 My installer is quite proficient at hanging chandeliers now....
 One hour later and it was ready to be turned on and admired!
 This fixture is a little bit farmhouse and a little bit glamour girl~all mixed together. 
 It actually is meant to be hung with tubular rods, 
but since we were going to swag it, we added a chain
 and then covered the chain with a cord cover I found at Lowes.  
 The fixture fits the scale of the big island better, and really makes a statement. It is very sparkly even when the lights are turned off. Since it was nighttime you are getting to see it all lit up.  This farmhouse mod chandy came from and it got glowing reviews.  I totally agree~even the hubs loves it.
 While we are in the kitchen,
 you can see the debut of my Belgian antique doughbowl. 
 I filled it with ornaments and a few greens.
 The last shot of the evening~
I couldn't wait to share this cool chandelier with you guys this morning!
But first, I ran down to the kitchen bright 
and early and took this shot of how it looks in natural light.
This is the last piece of the kitchen makeover.  
It added a little bit of a modern touch to juxtapose the vintage details. 
 Do you like it? I am dying to know!
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  1. Love your farmhouse mod chandy! It looks perfect in your kitchen. I wonder what Betsy thinks?

  2. Don't you just love it when the stars align!!! :)
    Gorgeous Amy! Your kitchen is perfect!

  3. Oh Amy! It is soooo perfect in your kitchen. I do love it! Love your dough bowl too.

  4. Great addition! I love mixing rustic and fine things together. It's been done for hundreds of years...why stop now! I love the pattern it makes on the ceiling too!

  5. Love the crystals KNOW I love color so my only change would be to paint over the black....hehehe

    I am so surprised that you went Mod ??!!! You should also get one of those cute retro looking radio/cd players for your kitchen counter! Oh and a cute retro wall phone would be fun! Here I go with themes....

  6. a little bit farmhouse and a little bit glamour girl is the perfect discription for the lovely chandy! :)

  7. Amy looks beautiful and love the 'bling" in your GORGEOUS dough bowl! Wow what a stunning piece. The chandy is just perfect....always something fabulous going up over there!

  8. Oh Amy, it's so pretty in there! I know how excited you are to finally have this hung up. I love those crystal beads hanging off it. Now you've got a whole new kitchen to enjoy over the holidays.

  9. Amy!!!
    The new light is a much better scale than the two you had before, and I love the pattern of light it throws up on the ceiling! I would call this an Industrial style, more than Farmhouse, but you can call it anything you want, it's your bleepin' blog!

  10. Yes, I love it! I'm always up for a little glam in a utilitarian space. It's perfect!

  11. It's gorgeous! I love how it's glamorous, quirky, vintage, industrial and modern all at once!

    And that dough-bowl is beautiful!

  12. I LOVE it, Amy! It looks just perfect over the island and in your kitchen! Love the dough bowl and ornaments, too.

  13. Oh, I love that chandy. It's the perfect final touch to a gorgeous kitchen!

  14. Love it! It is always well worth the wait to find what makes your little heart skip a beat! Love the shape of your chandelier with the rounded edges of your center island. Always go for the sparkle...I always say! I have really enjoyed your "kitchen story" and love how it turned out!
    My best, Mar

  15. You always find some of THE BEST stuff. Your chandy looks great!

  16. It's lookin good

    it's always so fun to get something new for our house and especialy a chandelier

  17. Amy it's just perfect! I love how it sparkles and the light dances around the room. You picked the perfect one for sure!



  19. Oh Amy, it won my heart. So unique and I just adore it.

  20. Wow Amy that is the most unique and gorgeous chandelier that I've ever seen...swoon!

  21. I just saw your pictures of your new light fixture! I love it ! Your kitchen is beautiful. I am so glad I found this blog!

  22. Love this! The mix of wrought iron with crystals is so beautiful! Great pick.

  23. Amy, I am in love with your new fixture..beautiful!! It looks perfect in your pretty kitchen.

  24. Amy, I love it. Perfect amount of bling. Love the breadbowl filled with ornaments. Hugs, Ginger

  25. I love your new chandy- the scale is so much better for your island- beautiful! And your breadbowl looks like it's going to be quite versatile, loving the ornaments in it! :)

  26. Sorry Amy...I don't like it.

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!

    Well done Mr. Maison Decor

    janet xox

  27. When I saw it the only words out of my mouth were "Ahhh...YES!" I wasn't much of a fan of the old one but this one....purrrrfect!

  28. New chandelier looks great. It's the perfect size for the room. Don't you love it? And it's so different...haven't seen anything like it. Just love it.

  29. How neat is your chandelier, it's so perfect for your kitchen. I'm a new follower, please drop by for a visit when you have a chance.

  30. Amy, I love your chandy! It is definitely you. And your bowl with the ornaments and greenery looks so pretty on your island!

    Gorgeous kitchen!!!

    Ricki Jill

  31. Love it! I haven't ever seen anything like it, and you're right that it's perfect!


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