Saturday, December 10, 2011

The most fabulous gift~a blue chandelier

 This is a real life fairytale story I am about to tell you.  Once upon a time, Betsy, one of my blog readers, sent me photos of her house that she thought I would like. She was right! Her home had been photographed for a christmas magazine special and it was very charming~then she added one more of her kitchen and  in the picture was the most fabulous vintage blue opalescent chandelier!  I posted a story  about her house all decked for the holidays and then mentioned how fantastic her blue chandy was...and that Betsy Speert, not to be confused with reader Betsy, had one in her home that I got to admire in person.  Have you ever seen blue opalescent drops in person?  They are milky and ethereal and soft and luscious...the night my post ran, reader Betsy sent me an email saying she had spare blue opalescent parts and she wanted me to have them!!! That's right~! She was sending me vintage chandelier parts in my very favorite color in the whole wide world!
 The big box came last night and it was unwrapped piece by piece with Mr. Maison Decor.  I was like a little girl on Christmas eve unwrapping each part that Betsy had carefully wrapped and sent.  The first order of the day was to figure out where and how I would attach these parts to my living room chandelier.  
 All the blue papers held the pieces of the pair of sconces Betsy wasn't using.
Above is the crystal chandelier we recently put up, 
but it is going to get a new look shortly!
 Ta Da!! Look at these hand blown milky blue drops with
 the old iron pins and the beads at the top. 
 Opaline means "milky, and translucent rather than transparent". 
 Definitions courtesy of my big book on chandeliers.
 There were large tear drops and smaller tear drops and chains 
of beads (called "festoons" or "garlands")  and "bobeches" 
(which are the dishes fitted below the candle nozzle). 
 Sadly Betsy dropped a bobeche when she was cleaning them for me. :-( 
 She sent me the pieces to see if I can have it repaired.
 There was a beautiful aqua blue Christmas card included~just for me!!
 I am so blessed and thankful to you Betsy~walking on cloud nine 
with the thought of a blue chandelier, a gift from a blog reader! Wow!
 As soon as I hung the 6 large drops, 
which fit the six bottom holes perfectly, 
I stepped down to admire and take a photo. 
 My big tall ladder under the chandelier with the first six drops, 
and me in the doorway in my pjs taking it all in.  
Doesn't everybody just do things in their pajamas when 
they are super excited and don't want to waste time by changing??
Very carefully using needle nose pliers I opened up the end of the iron pin and slid it into the hole on the chandy. You can buy parts and change the look of any chandelier doing this and it is quite easy.  
You need pliers, reading glasses if you are over 50, and patience!
 I mixed up the crystals with a few "french slab drops".
These came off the vintage iron sconces. I had a trade in mind...
 That is the official name of the clear curvy shaped drop. 
The blue ones are called "tear drops". 
 The rest of the clear ones 
on the chandy are called "moulded pear drops". 
 A view from the ceiling!
 I had enough parts left over to add to the sconces.
This is what heaven must look like...

 A small festoon and a drop for the sconce~
and more are on the way after I hunted some down on eBay.
 If I can get the bobeche repaired I will use the two pair on the candles here!
 Christmas came a little early for me, and I couldn't be happier! 
Merry Christmas to all and especially to you, Betsy Duggan! 


  1. Lucky, lucky you! I have seen pieces like these in person and I melted at their beauty. It's my favorite color in the world as well. Oh my goodness, what a glorious addition to your chandelier!


  2. Wow very nice! Adds so much color fantabulous~Cheers Kim

  3. Wow! Does Betsy have a blog with pictures of her house? Would love to see them. Love how you used the leftover pieces on your sconces!

  4. Hi Michelle, Betsy is not a blogger, but you can see the pictures of her house and one of her blue chandies (she has two!!) on this post I wrote:

  5. Oh my goodness! How beautiful is this story?? I LOVE IT. It's wonderful to hear people being nice just for the sake of doing so. What a sweet and beautiful gift you received. And thank you so much for sharing! It looks beautiful!!

  6. Oh Amy,that is sooo pretty. Love that beautiful color blue! What a wonderful story of a kind hearted person who obviously knows of your love and this!!
    Congrats, its so pretty:)

  7. Hi Amy, just found you via high street cottage.

    all if have to say is, with your new gift, that chandelier couldn't be any prettier if it tried.

    so lovely!

  8. They look absolutely perfect in your home! I know your chandelier must be smiling. Ha! That was the nicest gift. I'm sure she is glad that you appreciate them so much. I like how you were able to use some more pieces on your sconces too.

  9. Very pretty, Amy! A lovely touch to your chandelier! How very nice and generous of reader Betsy.

  10. How wonderful of Betsy! They have made your pretty chandelier gorgeous!!!

  11. Love the color
    fabulous looks gorgeous
    lucky girl

  12. What a fantastic gift! I love those aqua tear drops and have long admired any chandelier that has them. I am loving all the aqua in your Xmas decor. Is this shades of what your tree is going to be? I'm hoping to start putting up the tree today but I have to be at Pier One till close 10:45...and then at Target the next five days and then back at Pier One for next weekend. I'm really having a hard time getting anything done. But love all that you are doing.

  13. Hi Amy,
    You sound as excited as a little girl on Christmas morning! I'm so glad that your friend sent you these lovely pieces. Your chandelier looks beautiful wearing them.


  14. Amy Amy Amy !!!!! It looks HEAVENLY !! You are a doll and I was sooooo happy to share !!! We loved seeing the process of the "installation" and chandy term lesson !! I hate to tell you how late I am in my pj's when I'm on a "roll"! All the lovely comments from your readers are just food for the soul aren't they ?? I could be your midwest "bureau" sending in reports from the field. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to you and all your dear readers !!

  15. Wow,Amy, that looks so good. Well worth the work.

  16. OMGOSH, Amy! How beautiful! What a wonderful friend Betsy is to you. It is just the perfect touch in that room. I have never seen anything like those before. What a lucky girl you are~ xo Diana

  17. Amy, this breathtakingly beautiful. I do believe you are in "tear drop" heaven. Truly awesome.
    Blessings, Ginger

  18. Ohhhh, Ahhhh what a great friend! Lovely

  19. WHOA!!!
    What an improvement to have the color in the middle of the room! The chandelier was already pretty, but now! Oh Baby! I would even add some more of the smaller blue drops to the chandelier, you know me....if a little is nice.....why not MORE! I LOVE IT!

  20. EEEeeeeekkkk!!!!! So GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    That is so yummy, I understand your joy and excitement : ) What a delightful gift to receive, and your chandy looks so lovely in your room...thanks for sharing it!!!!

    ~ Violet

  21. Holy cow, that's really pretty. You could even say it glows!

  22. How wonderful is that! I have never seen a blue chandy before and I love it! Happy Holidays to you & your Family!


  23. I loved your story and your lovely turquoise and white living room!!
    Great chandelier with the blues now!

  24. How blessed you are to receive such a lovely gift!

    Your chandy was beautiful before, but it is now GORGEOUS!

    Kindred spirits give from their hearts.

  25. What a great story! Your chandelier looks so pretty with the blue - it makes your whole room light up ;D
    I love the kindness that Betsy showed you - that really is the spirit of Christmas!

  26. WOW! Those little blue drops are magical! I remember you admiring them before, and now you have your own beautiful little blue touches on your own chandelier thanks to Betsy's sweet gift. What a treat to get in the mail, your chandy looks enchanting!


  27. Beautiful, dreamy, heavenly blue!

  28. beyond fabulouus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I collect blue opaline and this would look so great in my house - can i have it??? hehe!

    p.s. yes, me and Linda do go round and round on the Skirted Roundtable. thanks for your comment.


  29. Oh Amy, I don't even know what to say! I can tell how excited and happy you are, and I can see why. What an amazing present, and it looks just terrific. You did a beautiful job figuring out how to hang the pieces - not sure I cold have done that. It's perfect, just perfect!!!

  30. Oh my gosh! So beautiful. Merry Christmas to you. :)

  31. Oh my gorgeous gosh! What a stunning addition to your chandy & sconces. And your sharing of how you approached the project was delightful too. Just the visual refreshment I needed after a long weekend of working retail.

    PS I noticed that 'blue chandy Betsy' as I'll now refer to her as, is in Chicago, as am I. I'd love to go antiquing with her!

  32. This is great! I am so happy for you! The chandelier looks amazing and what an awesome early Christmas gift! Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your beautiful chandelier!

  33. Absolutely gorgeous! You lucky duck!

  34. wow can't wait to see it in person tonight!


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