Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Prettier Pictures for 2012

Clearer images and better photos make for a better blog. I finally got myself a new DSLR camera yesterday and after taking a few sample shots this morning, I am so excited about what it will mean for my blog.  I love pretty pictures, and so many times will look at images long before I read the text, don't you?
 So I will be practicing with my new camera and trying to get better at photography.  Taking pictures is going to be a lot more fun with this camera, I can already tell.  The images are clearer and the difference was huge from the first image I shot.  And I am still on the auto mode of my new DSLR.
 Look how sharp this picture is!
 Before I take these ornaments off of my chandelier, they were a good practice subject too.
Here I focused on the beads of the lampshade fringe~the background fades to a blur. 
I'll be busy learning as much as I can~
With my new Canon Rebel T2i (above pic taken with my iPhone).  I got it at Costco, and it came with two lenses, a camera card, battery pack and charger and a camera bag. These pics were taken without the tripod, so I am sure with the tripod they will be even sharper!  This camera has an image stabilizer to help with camera shake when you do take pics without the tripod.   Costco is offering a $150 instant rebate until the end of the year, so if you are on the fence, you might take the plunge. I am not associated with Costco in any way, just spreading the word if any of you are considering upgrading from a point and shoot to a new DSLR camera.  
You can guess what I will be doing all day long.....

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