Monday, July 9, 2012

Antique Hunting Finds~

 One of my favorite things I brought back for the shop while
antiquing in New Hampshire was this sette.
 It has lots of carved details and I have already 
imagined it painted in so many different ways~
 I think the deciding factor will be the fabric I recover the seat cushion~
and this tapestry is under consideration.
 I also got this in NH at the Scandanavian antique shop~
I loved the pale pinks and blues in this piece,
and of course the french subject matter.
 I found a beat up french desk that I have plans for~
It was sitting in front of Bridget's shop, Rustique, in Northwood NH on route 4.
 I always visit her shop and have found many things here that I love.
 Bridget and I are posing with a bedspread I bought that I plan
to use for something other than a spread~
it is a pretty hand stitched bed throw in
blues and pinks and greens. Big pillows I am thinking~
I'll be blogging another day about Bridgets shop and showing you her stuff!
 For some reason the Union Jack design started this for me~
now I want to find Queen Elizabeth memorabilia in the
 form of glasses and tins etc...and I did ok this trip
 getting two pieces from 1953, her Coronation date.
A pretty aqua tin with her portrait~the jewelry she wears is astonishing isn't it??
 This teacup is very regal and looks smart sitting on our little union jack table.
 I specifically went looking for french style mirrors
 and this is what I came up with~
 A large carved oval gilt mirror and a 
beveled ornate rectangular mirror~if they aren't gone in 
a couple of months they will be getting a chalk paint treatment~
 Then I found this wonderful mirror and as I snapped the
pic this morning I wondered if it doesn't really belong back at my house....
 Remember the one I had over my mantle that fell off and crashed?
 It was similar in style to this ~and I think this shape might
fit nicely underneath the carved element...
so I will try it tonight and tell you if it works.
But from the looks of it~I guess is it will be too big. Bummer.
You know I love pastel florals and I flipped when I saw these hatboxes!
 Old French hatboxes in a pretty shabby chic floral wallpaper~
with a pretty green silk cord~
and french writing on the top~
 So yummy!!
 I would love to have fabric made up in this for shop curtains!
Spoonflower here I come!!
Spoonflower is a website where you can have your own fabric made!
 I found another tapestry, this one all framed up. I don't care for dark tapestries in forest greens and burgundies, I like these paler versions~and this one was a good price.
 A sweet round mirror with a pretty gold wooden frame~
but I guess the camera focused on what was in the mirror, not the frame of the mirror!
 One of my favorite things was this Lusterware Chocolate Pot set~
Can you say Shabby Chic? This is the prettiest thing ever!!
Its all hand painted, made in Germany~
And the luster is oyster white with a touch of celery green in areas.
 This will be going in my online shop as I know a lot
of girls who love the shabby like I do!
 The day I left I hit the auction and got this enormous French Provincial armoire.
It is gorgeous! The wood is all aged with worm holes (its a repro). Love the carvings on the top and the bottom~
 I'll be selling this baby too ($425) and its in perfect condition!
 I have this tabletop Mora style clock in the shop 
now too~not old, but very sweet! ($55)
The other things that came in while I was away 
were a selection of new wax and glazing brushes.
I bought some smaller wax brushes for dark wax and for glazing and stenciling.
These are the big bad boys: THE ULTIMATE WAX BRUSH! 
I'll be picking up another order of paint this week too~
I am having an Introductory Workshop on Sunday July 22~
Call the shop to secure a spot as seating is limited to 6. 
Hopefully you can stop in and talk paint and decorating with me~

I will be blogging about the Swedish antiques shop this week
as well as Bridget's Shabby Chic shop.



  1. I love that mirror! I'd love some of the glazing and wax brushes too.

  2. Oh wow Amy! i love,love your antiquing finds,the sette is stunning and i adore the french desk.
    You must have had such a good time sourcing things for Maison Decor...The Queen and her sister wore amazing clothes and jewelery when they were young there are so many fabulous pictures out there....they are great mirrors too! and the hat boxes are eye candy,so pretty! as is the chocolate pot set,beautiful! and wowee that is some armoire!
    Amy you did great! your customers are going to love your new treasures xxx

  3. Great finds, Amy! Oh yes, you should definitely try that mirror at home over your fireplace. Who knows ~ maybe it will work.

  4. Oh my gosh, I hope that mirror fits the space on your mantel, as soon as i saw it, i almost jumped out of my chair, i was like "the mantel, the mantel"! GREAT finds... i love the hat boxes and that little table top moira clock is cute as can be! Beautiful little settee/bench, now don't you just see that painted!? You know it might look good in a coral pink to pick up the pink in the tapestry... or more of an ochre color... with a piece like that you could do like a thousand different looks... i would never be able to decide...


  5. I am excited about all your upcoming posts! I love that settee--about a year ago when we moved to this smaller house I sold a 1940's Chippendale dining set with 8 chairs that looks just like that settee. I just had nowhere to put it and I sold it cheap. I swear if I would have known you then I would have found a way to get it to you! I also love that tabletop Mora clock--bet that's gone already. So cute! Also you MUST take home that one mirror. Besides the fact that it is beyond gorgeous it would be perfect in your house. I love that mirror. I want to see it in your house. What an awesome find!

  6. You found some wonderful pieces to bring back. I love the armoire!!

  7. Hi Amy,
    You found some great pieces and I can't wait to see how you transform each one. I'm in love with that mirror and I don't think I could part with it.

    You are such a busy gal and your shop is showing it.....looks great!!


  8. Looking good and its so great to see you having so much fun. Especially love the French desk and armoire...cannot wait to see their "transformations" as only you can do them!

  9. how can so much lovely abide in one place? looks like magic, amy.

    stop by if you have a moment as i just posted a giveaway:

    smiles to you.


  10. OMG! You have so much good stuff going on! I love the furniture pieces you found. That large armoire is probably my favorite. That is a great price for it too! I love the settee and the desk too. I can just picture them painted in a soft color. Can't wait to see pictures of your friends shop too!

  11. Great finds Amy! I love love that french armoire!!

  12. Yumminess! What a beautiful armoire! And that little French desk is just so sweet!

    You have a good eye, my dear!

  13. What wonderful finds! I love the desk, the armoire, the mirrors...oh dear!

  14. Amy,
    Great finds! Wow. I LOVE all of them. The desk, the mirrors, the armoire. Beautiful. Also partial to all things English! I need to get up to NH! So glad you had a great vacation and a great time antiquing. x

  15. Lots of pretty things. Can't wait to see the settee painted. You were busy even though you were on vacation.

  16. Amy you had found some incredible pieces I take back what I said on 2nd hand Armoire's It looks in great shape. That store that you visited looks amazing cant wait to see the transformations. Straight back to work I see doing what you do best :)xx

  17. You have a great eye for great finds--pieces with beautiful lines!! With your finishes they will be spectacular!!!

  18. I can just imagine how wonderful all those beautiful finds will be after you work your magic on them....I am in love with those hat boxes.!...Glad you had a great time vacationing and antiquing....Looking forward to your post on the antique shop!

  19. Oh what beautiful finds! You are so lucky finding all of these and vacationing at the same time. What a combination that I envy! Love the settee. Love to see how that turns out.

  20. LOL- must be fun to be you!!! Love your finds- especially the armoire, excellent!

  21. Window treatments with the beautiful hat box pattern would look incredible! Love all your finds!

  22. You scored some crazy finds Amy! I just LOVE that Coronation tin! Just beautiful and I have that cup and saucer! My collection of vintage Royal pieces is growing. I can't wait until I have enough to make my display. What can I say, I love my Queen!

  23. Wowzers, Amy! You scored big time, girl! I can't believe the gorgeousness you brought back! How perfect for your shop!

    I'm thinking that I just may need one of those pillow slips you make from that awesome bedspread. Wouldn't it be wonderful with a frayed, raw edge on it? Yum! Let me know right away when you get one done, ok??? :) (I'd love a Euro size!)

    Have a great weekend, girlie!

    xoxo laurie


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