Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Annika's Attic~ A Swedish Antiques Shop in NH

Note to Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint shoppers~
I restocked the store, after selling out of several colors,
so please try again if you were unable to get the color you wanted.
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 I thought I'd get your attention with these Swedish clocks~
I visited a Swedish antiques shop
while vacationing in New Hampshire, and I was excited
 to see if there were any Mora clocks.
 Look at that pretty face~under the beautiful metal hand
 you can just see the name Mora~
 Handpainted on a metal clock face are the numbers and the words~
the paint is all crackled up and chipping off a bit, 
a testament to the passage of time.
 But lets start at the beginning~this is Annika's Attic~!
 Just opened this spring in Northwood, New Hampshire.
 The shop is in the barn and the owners live in the rest
 of the house which is attached to the barn on the left.
 The first thing I saw was a lineup on the back wall~do you see them?
 Like pretty soldiers, they are all lined up awaiting my inspection.
 I normally think of Swedish clocks and antiques being all washed 
out and pale colored. Here I found out
that the Swedes do use a lot of bolder colors like
the Scandanavian Reds and pinks and blues.

 The clocks have doors on their tummys that you can open to see the pendulums.
  The owner of the shop, Laurie and her husband are repairing the
 clocks so they will all be in working order, so the guts of the
 clocks are not seen when the door is opened.
 Interesting to see the dark blue inside with a painted date of 1836.
 All of the clock faces appear to have this very cool handwritten font~
 I think Laurie said the faces of the clocks are made by one
 family while the cases may be made by another family.  
Wealthy families buy the clocks and then hire a carpenter to build the case!
 Handpainted decoration in red and green~
 Mora~I asked Laurie to hold the hand aside from my favorite clock~the one below.
 Its pale blue paint was discovered and unearthed by Laurie and she is still restoring it.
 Pretty blue baby!! 
Darling country clock from Sweden
This shop has many antiques shipped over from Sweden
 like this dining room table and chairs
and the Gustavian cabinet in the background.
Pretty pretty pretty!~original upholstery too~
 And a darn good price!
 Really old furniture like this painted chair was so neat to see.
 Its a child with an angel and the little troll~I can't remember what 
Laurie called him, but he is part of the Swedish folklore. 
 And there I am in all my vacationing glory~! 
With the big hat and the camera~I loved this dresser,
even though Laurie said it wasn't Swedish.  I just loved it~
 Such a charming folksy paintjob in my favorite pastels.
Pretty isn't it? And priced to sell at $175~
 A knockout piece was this slant top desk!
 She had a few handpainted antique trunks too~

 And benches with Swedish pillows~
 The corner cabinet in Gustavian Grey~
Yes, this is a shop that rang my bells~be sure to
 look for it on Route 4 in Northwood NH.
And tell Laurie that Amy sent you!
Laurie will be getting a website very soon~
I will link this post to it when its up and running!



  1. Oh wow what a beautiful shop!
    I love the clocks especially the blue one with painted roses,so pretty and different....the chairs and table are really beautiful and yes such a great all the accessorizes everywhere and that dresser is lovely Amy,like you said such pretty colours,you look cute in your vacation glory! xxx

  2. YIPEEE Got the page to open at last. What heaven this shop must have been for you.

    I love that you you say the clocks have tummies : ) x

  3. I love the clocks especially the bit where you said the guts need hiding away. And yes I agree hey do look like soldiers all lined up. Lovely shop. x

  4. I am in clock heaven..what a dreamy shop! The clocks are just stunning and you can see this is a total labor of love. That desk is also sooo pretty!! Love road trips like these.

  5. Your favorite clock is my favorite too. It has it's own little personality, oh my goodness... love at first sight. The hand painted faces are beyond charming too. What a cool shop...


  6. Beautiful shop! Just love those Mora clocks. I have a new one as I told you before - but I painted and antiqued it (have a bit more to go - going to work on the clock face to make it really look old). Thanks for the closeups of the clock faces!


    PS - didn't know you were distributing Miss Mustardseed's Milk Paint. May have to call you for that! You sold out of some colors? Wow!

  7. Wow! What a fun, fun shop. I love the light blue mora clock and that desk is lovely! We need to stop by this one on the way back from Storyland. Thanks so much for sharing this shop.

  8. Thanks for taking me along with you to this great shop. Those antique clocks are masterpieces!

  9. How fun to see inside Laurie's new shop, Amy! Loving those Mora clocks and all of the historical pieces she has there! Thanks for taking us along with you!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. Amazing mora clocks. Did you buy one?

  11. Annika's shop is amazing...I can just imagine that you never wanted to leave that incredible place...I am sure it was a little piece of heaven for you...such gorgeous clocks...and I love those painted chests...This shop is definitely in my "travel folder"....!!...Thanks so much for presenting these wonderful items for us to drool over!!

  12. The clocks are lovely, and I'm so happy to hear that you are selling out of pint. I knew you'd do well, and I'm very happy for you!

  13. The troll looks like a Tomtes which are Swedish Santa Claus'. There are different type of Tomte, women, men, boys and girls. Most Swedish trees and homes have them everywhere for Christmas.

  14. What a great post! Thanks for telling us about Annika's Attic! I can't wait to take a trip there.


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