Saturday, July 21, 2012

Prettiest chair in the world, gilding and french fabrics!

 In my shop I have the prettiest chair in the world.
 Its an aqua green needlepoint chair in a very pretty chair frame!
 This chair doesn't need a paint job~its is straight up gorgeous
 and in near perfect condition.  The pretty legs have cute caster wheels.
It fit in the store so nicely~then I noticed a trend....
 I guess I love pink and aqua green~
 Any kind of pink and green will do for my taste~
 Like the peachy pinks and the celery greens~
 All the better when they are mixed in with petal pinks and aqua greens too~
 Pinks and greens are so fresh~
you see this combination in rose bushes and flowers all the time.
 More pinks and aquas~just love it. Anyway I got a nice response
 on the gilding waxes yesterday.
I had a big response in the store today too!~ 
I was absolutely clobbered with customers today,
and they were all there for my Annie Sloan™ supplies!
 So to answer about the gilding waxes, yes I will be carrying
 them and shipping them as well.  I hope to get them
 in soon and will put them up on
as well as announce it on the blog.
 The other thing that is quite exciting to me is the Annie Sloan™ 
exclusive french fabric line.
All made in France or Belgium~I will be highlighting the 
patterns and colors soon on the blog.
Of course I will be offering custom pillows and draperies to my shoppers~
but that's not all on the horizon for this "little store that could"...
.I will be sharing my big news next week with you right here!



  1. Your store looks lovely ! I love those colors too !

  2. Blog hopping this evening and came by for a visit! Everything looks wonderful and good to see that your shop is up and running...

  3. Oh, that chair is so sweet! But knowing me I would paint it white. The cool thing is you can leave that to the customer. Love the fabric! I love your color choices--I am with you. I love aqua and pink. I have been worried I may have to change my blog name to "For the Love of Aqua and Pink" LOL

  4. I agree, the combination of blue and brown on that chair are scrumptious. I like to use those colors in paintings too, it's a wonderful combination... The Annie Sloan fabric swatch in the photo with your gilded squares looks like something i would LOVE.... and what in the world new thing are you up to now!!??


  5. Amy ~ love that chair and I'm so happy to hear that your store is doing so well!

  6. Amy, I love yiur blog and your taste in colors. It is so nice that once again pink and green are showing up out in the world. For so long it seemed that everything was Tuscan. Pretty, but definitely not my taste. I actually had to buy the drapes for our bedroom from Pottery Barn Kids to get pink silk a few years ago. The chair would match the carpet in my house perfectly. If I ever get to your side of the states I am coming by for a visit. Dawna

  7. Oh how I love visiting your store, Amy --- even though it's virtually! :) I'm thrilled to hear that you're going to be carrying the gilding wax. I'll be ordering some for sure...since I'm now bringing a little Florentine flavor into Heaven's Walk. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  8. That IS a pretty chair with the needlepoint fabric. I'm surprised you didn't just keep that for yourself! Ha! Looking forward to seeing the fabrics from Annie Sloan too.

  9. everything looks like its all coming together for you amy. so glad. another surprise??? cant wait:)

  10. I love how you painted that fleur de lis to make it your own! That aqua chair is to die for. Can I have it please??? Pretty please?? ;-)

  11. I love aqua and pink too. Very cute chair. Those new waxes look great. What a nice way to add a little bling to any project. So glad things are going well for you.

  12. Love the chair, Amy. I'm surprised you brought it the shop and not your house! I can't wait to hear the big news.

  13. The little shop that could.....I love that.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  14. Hi Amy,
    I love the chair as aqua is one of my favorite colors.I am happy to hear your shop is doing well and look forward to your big news.


  15. The chair is a beauty I agree Amy! And I love the way the pink and green works in your store.....beautifully!

    I love it referred to as the "little store that could" and then some! Boy you have done so much in such a short time...its truly remarkable. Love watching it all unfold and wishing you the very best!

  16. Hi Amy,
    Your store looks wonderful. I love the gilding waxes. Can't wait to try them on something. The fabric also sounds like it is going to be a great seller.

  17. The chair is beautiful. What a find! Thanks so much for sharing your journey in opening and running your store. It has been such fun following along on your experience.

  18. Fabulous chair!.....Just love seeing all the "pretties" in your shop...and seriously, cannot wait to see the presentation of the fabrics!! Have a wonderful week!

  19. OH my, that chair is so pretty!. Glad you will stock and mail the gilding wax.

    Keep it up Amy!

  20. more big news? you are a master juggler.

    love the chair, the embroidering with the green backing is the most sweet ever.

    keep rocking it amy!

  21. LOVE that chair and love pink and green as well.
    I'm thinking that big news is what you mentioned 'maybe' in your email. I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to write back....but...can't wait to find out!


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