Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Louis Blue on the Mora Clock and my shoes

 The latest custom mora clock is in Louis Blue with Old White.
 I just finished it up today~you can see the two 
small table top Moras that I showed last night on the blog. 
They are in my online store, www.shopmaisondecor.com, 
and one sold last night. 
 I have been loving pale blue lately~
and so it was nice painting the clock this color.
 I did a wash of Louis and Old White over the base coat of plain Louis~
then I finished with the clear and dark waxes.
 The cute table tops~I am trying to get more of these!
 While I had the 50/50 mix of Louis Blue and Old White Chalk Paint™ 
for the clock, there was a tad leftover, so my cream suede shoes
 are now Blue Suede Shoes!! It goes on super~the shoes look brand new! 
Highly recommend! I have heard of people painting their canvas sneakers too~
 Blue rimmed coffee cups~I love aqua and sky blues~
Sold some more paint today and a desk and some other goodies~
thanks for reading my blog!


  1. You mean i can have Antoinette shoes?????? :)
    I love the Louis blue mora clock it looks beautiful,in fact it mat be my favorite to date...love those coffee cups too,wow your shop looks pretty Amy x

  2. Love it Amy- it came out so cute and your shoes are darling!

  3. The louis blue clock is gorgeous. Wow, I never thought of painting shoes. That sounds like fun! x

  4. I am going to have dreams for weeks of the Louis Blue mora clock. It's gorgeous Amy

  5. Ok, i'm paintin me some shoes!!! Really? It works???
    The shop looks so pretty, and the color blue really pops in there... nice!


  6. Has it come to using chalk paint on footwear now, Amy? : ) Love those small sized Mora clocks! That mug is great looking, too. I wish I didn't have so many in my cabinet right now!

  7. Now you'll be singing Elvis songs, for sure! te he. Congats are in order, Amy, you won one of the copies of the new Carolyn Westbrook book in the Give Away!! Imagine that, so send me your address! xo

  8. Love the clocks. Do you know that in my blog reader your blog only shows text. I can't scroll through your blog with all me others?

  9. OMG!! What a neat idea to paint your shoes! They are so cute too. Those wall clocks have really been a good seller for you. I love them. Maybe one day, I'll buy one from you too.

  10. Amy I love that your shop is doing so well!! The tall Mora is beautiful! Adore your shoes!

    Art by Karena

  11. Amy,
    Those clocks are beautiful.LOVE that color.I may have to try that on my boots.

  12. That's a very pretty pale blue, Amy. I painted my running shoes, and my husband thought they were new. Your shoes look fab, my dear.

  13. I see that we are both winners in Debra's Giveaway at Common Ground. Congrats! Won't it be fun to pore through that lovely book when it arrives? Can't wait!
    Blessings & hugs,
    P.S. and I love the blue of that clock!!

  14. Amy- That turned out just great! I love the soft blue hue of it. The new owner of that piece will love it, I'm sure. Hope you are having a wonderful week- xo Diana

  15. Want you to know that you are in my top five LOVE bloggers. I love following your story, your development of your store, your savvy tenacious spirt. SO GLAD you took the curtains down in your store window....that and the green sofa drove me crazy...but what do I know? Love the "dream pink". I keep wanting to purchase a mora clock and now maybe affordable by getting a table top one. You rock girl.

  16. No amy THANK YOU for all the wonderful pics and all the great tuts and advise YOU ARE THE BOMB!!! now where can i buy those shoes???

  17. No amy THANK YOU for all the wonderful pics and all the great tuts and advise YOU ARE THE BOMB!!! now where can i buy those shoes???

  18. Thank you so much anon and Susan! And Susan, I got those shoes at Marshalls, they are Columbia sports brand~they were cream suede and looked like a sports version of a ballet shoe so I grabbed them!

  19. I am in love with those Mora clocks!!!!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  20. Amy, the clock's color is wonderful....I think I have just decided on the blue for a side table thanks to you!!..Love the Louis Blue and Old White combination!
    So happy that the shop is doing well...Love the "blue suede shoes"....

  21. LOVE the blue on the clock....perfect shade. And your shoes, thats a riot...you are so funny and so creative! Looking good, superwoman.

  22. Ooh, I love the blue clock- I think that's my favorite so far. The small ones are adorable, I may actually be able to find a spot for one of those. I remember painting my keds many, many years ago with craft paint, hadn't thought of using chalk paint. hmm, maybe it's time to revisit that idea.

  23. Love the shoes! I am into pale blue lately too, the clock looks really pretty!

  24. Love the shoes! I am into pale blue lately too, the clock looks really pretty!

  25. I really have always loved the shabby chic French country style being that i am French lol You have inspired me and your paint looks great! You take older furniture and have made it magical again! I feel that now i can do that for a lovely armoire that I got for my daughters room......Its black and I want to make it a gorgeous cream color. Love the blog....Thanks so much and OMG about the shoes!

  26. Leave it to you to paint your shoes, you fearless girl, you! lol! You are something else, Amy! :) Oh how I adore those Mora clocks - and the tabletop ones are so cute! I'm so happy for you that your shop is doing so well! :)

    xoxo laurie


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