Sunday, July 15, 2012

At home~ my living room and garden pics

Its been forever since I focused on this room with a camera lens~
it is my favorite room to hang out in~and I often find myself 
in here on the sofa with a book or magazine. I guess everyone has their own favorite room~and this one is mine. I still love my chandy that I made from an old brass misfit from Etsy and then when Betsy Duggan, a dear reader of my blog, sent me the blue drops, it just went to 10 on the scale for me.
My sister Susan sent me some more hooked rugs from Missouri.
I am in love with the faded colors and artistry of the old hooked 
rugs. Always have been, and seemingly always will love them.
She sent me the grey green rectangular one breaching the doorway between dining room and living room~I have a faded pink oval under the coffee table. 
So here you can see my vintage mirror ~it is going to stay!
I love it! Don't tell me to move the slip covered bench (Betsy Speert)
as I know its not perfect here, but for now it stays too.
It used to be in the dining room, but I dragged home my Tiffany blue
Annie Sloan painted chairs and now there is a chair party in the 
dining room!!  Those pics are for some other day~
The view to the front door~still loving the wicker chair 
with the big mod rose floral print~and I love that pale 
blue mora clock as much as ever.  If I do get to buy a real 
antique, this is the spot it will take over...
The view from the door looking back to the fireplace~
Oh yeah, and here is my ever growing collection of real old
clock faces! Most are metal, but the biggest one is made from wood.
They are sitting on my piano at the music holder right now...
notice that very cool teapot turned into a lamp!
It has a pale pink crocheted lampshade!! It is
heavenly when it is turned on at night.
Here is my slip covered chair in the corner~with a tipped over 
rose ruffle pillow~oh well! All the artwork I have been
buying is mostly found on Etsy and I have never been disappointed
in any of the pieces when they arrive in the mailbox.
One of the teeny weenies in an urn~
I do love real plants, but most cannot survive in my house!
 My outdoor planting efforts are more rewarded!~
 A very small garden is all we have, but it is enough, 
especially lately with the shop.
 A hot summer day~Dillon is lazing in the lawn while I snap away....
As Tobey stands guard at the front doorway~July 4 flags still in place!
Things get changed out more slowly around here now...
 And on my coffee table is a little thing I picked up this summer
for hubby at the Swedish antiques shop~
Thats Swedish for I love you!
I couldn't resist.
Next week I will show you the entire insides of 
Annikas Attic....and as often happens when I meet
new people like Laurie, the owner of the Swedish shop,
I start blabbing about the joys of Chalk Paint™ and how 
wonderful it is for older pieces especially...
and guess what?
I got an email today from Laurie showing me a mirror she 
painted with Chalk Paint and dark wax!!
She says she loves it~
And I would say she is a natural!!
Nice job Laurie!



  1. Love that mirror you decided to keep--it looks fantastic. I agree Laurie is a natural--her chalk painted mirror looks grand. Your yard is also looking really pretty. Great post!

  2. Good to see your house again. Love the rugs. If I was as busy as you the yard would probably die.

  3. Amy, your house is just beautiful. I love the old clock faces on the piano...I think you are going to start a following with those! Thank you for always being so inspiring and generous!

  4. Nice to see your house and I love your little garden! just the right size, manageable ;)

  5. I never, ever tire of your blog. It is always so inspiring!!

  6. Amy, I love to see how beautifully your home is filled with all you love!

    The Mirror turned out so perfectly with the ASCP

    I think you will like my new Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

    Art by Karena

  7. That mirror looks great above your fireplace, Amy! I'm so glad you brought it home to try it. I love this room, too, and I'm glad you had some time to enjoy it a bit.

  8. Hi Amy~~ Love your home. It is so soothing and inviting. Your garden is lovely too.
    Have a great week

  9. A very pretty room and garden and I love that blue chandelier!

  10. Your home is so YOU, Amy! Soft and serene and oh so feminine. I just love it! The blues mixed with aqua and pink are just beautiful! Your garden is look alot better than mine is. You must be getting rain by you - compared to our drought here in MI.

    Thanks for the pretty pics of your home - and for your comforting words on my post, too.

    xoxo laurie

  11. Your living room is one of my favorite rooms in blogland!

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  13. Love the rugs, Amy. The clock face collection is looking good. You display everything so beautifully.

  14. Just perusing your fabulous blog. You are one hardworking, talented woman! Blessings with your shop.

  15. Hi Amy,
    I love your rugs and that teapot lamp! Your garden looks good for such a busy lady.


  16. Your house is so beautiful and just so charming!! I love the piece above the mirror--and your yard! To die for--How do you have time?

  17. What a lovely place to call home! I love seeing pictures. Also the mirror Laurie did is stunning! Great job, I love ASCP! donna :)

  18. YOur home is very warm and inviting. I could spend hours looking at all your lovely things!

  19. Beautiful photos, Amy. Your home and garden are absolutely lovely.


  20. Your home and garden are beautiful!

  21. Your home is so beautiful and I love the rugs also and the celine medallion.


  22. Hi Amy,
    I love your home, nice to see some photos of it again. That spot is perfect for a Mora clock. I am sure you will find the one someday. I also dream of owning a real one.

  23. Amy...
    I hope you're sitting down, BUT, I like the bench, for the summer, where YOU PUT IT!!!
    Also, while I'm being nice.....
    YOU GO GIRL! You're slowly replacing all those $&@ mirrors with wonderful old prints!!!

  24. Amy, Your home is lovely and the new rugs are perfect.

  25. It's so nice to see your pretty living room again... I am massively completely undeniably in love with the mirror on the mantel! That was IT!!! It looks like sparkly diamond, and good lord, it will reflect all the prettiness in the room. I really like the bench in front of the fireplace too, it has quite a presence, reminds me of something by one of my favorite designers, Pamela Pierce...


  26. Wow ! I love the French style you have captured all through your lovely French home and garden !!! I adore everything French so I was exited to stumble onto your blog.We live right near Bouckville that is not quite as huge as brimfield but I am inspired to create a more French atmosphere in my own studio and garden.I had a major insight and enjoyed visiting your sweet blog.Come visit sometime and give me a some French design advice for my home . Pat Beglin

  27. Love seeing your gorgeous living room again with all the beautiful collections....Your yard/gardens are so darn pretty too...How do you do it all?....You are amazing!

  28. Laurie did a great job on her mirror, I would say she is a natural! I love yours over the mantle!

  29. Amy,
    Love seeing your home.It is beautiful!And I like your bench just as it is! Beautiful chandy!

  30. Amy your home looks very peaceful its simply beautiful my favourite has to be the pelmets in the dining room they are so pretty. Your garden is not small that is a huge compared to ours. You have such lovely views I like the pink house peeping through the trees.


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