Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Louis Blue on the Mora Clock and my shoes

 The latest custom mora clock is in Louis Blue with Old White.
 I just finished it up today~you can see the two 
small table top Moras that I showed last night on the blog. 
They are in my online store, www.shopmaisondecor.com, 
and one sold last night. 
 I have been loving pale blue lately~
and so it was nice painting the clock this color.
 I did a wash of Louis and Old White over the base coat of plain Louis~
then I finished with the clear and dark waxes.
 The cute table tops~I am trying to get more of these!
 While I had the 50/50 mix of Louis Blue and Old White Chalk Paint™ 
for the clock, there was a tad leftover, so my cream suede shoes
 are now Blue Suede Shoes!! It goes on super~the shoes look brand new! 
Highly recommend! I have heard of people painting their canvas sneakers too~
 Blue rimmed coffee cups~I love aqua and sky blues~
Sold some more paint today and a desk and some other goodies~
thanks for reading my blog!
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