Saturday, July 14, 2012

Milk Paint, Chalk Paint and more~

 I am going to call this the Shabby Chateau look~when you have a 
lot of distressing mixed with some gilding it qualifies for the Shabby Chateau title. 
I love how this little coffee table came out~I used MSS Milk Paint in Shutter Gray.
 The thing with milk paint is that it will self distress unless 
you add a bonding agent~so after the two coats were applied,
I decided I did not want the top of the table to be so distressed.
 So I added some of the bonding agent to the milk paint 
and did one more coat. I was fine with the legs being shabby,
 but I wanted the surface to be less so~the bonding agent worked quite well!
 I finished off with MMS wax and then added some gilded highlights to play up this tables curves.
 She came out really pretty~and since she was such a good deal 
to begin with, I priced her to sell at $85~so come and take her home 
and have your own piece of Shabby Chateau done with MMS Milk Paint.
 I have been stacking pieces as my inventory is mounting~
lots to choose from, and I have 5 more tables coming in this weekend!! 
 The next project I did was break out the Old Ochre Chalk Paint™~
I used it on a settee I found  in New Hampshire on my antique hunt.
 I have been loving this color!! Its rich and perfect, not too white, not too beige~just right.
 This settee has tons of details and it is going to be
 getting the Royal treatment at Maison Decor.
 Just this way it looks ten thousand times better!! 
So I will be posting on this baby when finished.
 A visit from one of my closest friends, Sue,  was one of 
the highlights of this week~she made me the tote bag out of her 
daughters old Lilly skirt!! It was so pretty I asked her to make 
some for my store~but she is way too busy for that~
and I get to have the only one!!! 
Sue and her daughter Ethel visited the shop right before Ethel 
was headed into Boston to her first apartment~she just graduated
 from Vanderbilt and now is going for her doctorate at a school here. 
(Can you say slacker???)
 I have a doctorate in painting furniture~or at least I will when 
I am done with my debut year at this store!
 Sue was trying to find things for Ethel's apartment, like a good mom should!!
So come on down and catch me in the middle
 of a furniture makeover~and we will talk paint and decorating!

This weekend off I will be taking home the 
camera and taking some home photos~
I miss blogging about it.  That fabulous mirror 
ended up looking pretty good over the mantle,
so I hope to share it with you soon...and I haven't forgotten, 
but I will be running the post on the Swedish Antique shop 
in New Hampshire too~you won't want to miss it!



  1. Oh Amy, your store just keeps getting better and better! I love the sette with the okra chalk paint, I haven't used the chalk paint(just my own recipe) or the I don't know which one to go with!lol They both seem so good, thank you for keeping up with your blog while being so busy, I've been living your dream right along with you!

    Thanks, Rondell

  2. LOVE love love the gilding. shabby chateau indeed.

    store is look great amy.

    so glad you had a nice visit with your friend and her slacker daughter. :)

  3. Amy,
    You are finding some great pieces to paint.Everything looks amazing at your beautiful shop!

  4. Great old Duncan Phyfe piece..It is D.Phyfe,right? I always wondered why they did that pie crust trim around PART of the top. I had a similar table that had it all the way around.
    Hubby hauled it off to the thrift store in one of his "dispose of" frenzies. It belonged to his Mom and she would have been quite upset.

    Love that your friend, Sue,visited and congrats to her daughter-xo Diana

  5. I love getting peeks into your shop. I see that side by side and that hall tree and I love them both!

    I don't want to decide too quickly but I think I am liking the look of the chalk paint better than the milk paint. Of course, I need to save judgement until I see more colors of the milk paint. That coffee table is nice. Do you sell the sample sizes of the chalk paint in your store?

    I really can't wait to see that settee!

    Looking forward to seeing that mirror at your house--have some good days off!

  6. I love this colour Amy you are right it is the perfect cream/white. I love the table too you can make anything look pretty. I cant wait to see the royal chair all dressed and ready for bums. x

  7. That table turned out great, Amy! I love the color and the gilding. Love the settee, too. Can't wait to see that done! I love Old Ochre ~ I used it on our hall tree {right before we moved} and just did clear wax. I still love it!

  8. I'm jealous that your friends get to pop by the store. I so badly want to be able to pop by the store. I could come by and paint stuff with you. I'd be happy to make stuff to sell in the store. I adore that settee...I can't wait to see it all painted.

  9. I like the milk paint on the table.
    The settee will look gorgeous when it's finished!!!
    Your store sure is filling up, Amy!
    It all looks great!!!!!!

  10. What a great job on the table. I love the gold accent. It really makes a nice finishing touch. Love the gray you chose too.

  11. I love the finish on the coffee table. I am like Maggie, above, in that I think the gilding was a really nice touch. Can't wait to see the settee when you are done with it!


  12. Love the gold accents on the table!!! Brilliant!

  13. I love seeing your shop filling up with so many lovely things. I don't know how in the world you keep up with all you do.
    You also look fabulous!


  14. Your shop has really come along this summer, a testament o your hard work and obvious talent! Its been fun to watch it all progress and I always look forward to seeing how your furniture pieces receive their make overs.

  15. I really like the Old Ochre, that settee is going to be beautiful!

  16. I'm way back on your posts but I look at all of them ! It's so interesting and fun to see all that you have accomplished since you opened your store (I know you now have a new store in Boston, but I'm not there yet !)
    It's incredible all the things you do, you must be a super-woman ! I love seeing all the pieces you have painted since you opened your store, you are so talented at this. I'd love to visit your store but I live too far away ! Have a nice week Amy.


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