Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Furniture~when to paint ? The before and afters!

 Sometimes I have a dilemma about whether to paint a piece of furniture.
This is one such case~I would not think twice, normally, but in this case the set 
has this pretty french artwork that was applied to the entire set. A graceful
embellishment of a white rose in a medallion with flourishes~I love this look!
 The gentlemen's wardrobe has the medallions 
on each door and the surface finish is in overall very good condition~
 However the pretty bed with the wrapped style footboard, 
also bearing the medallions on both head and footboard 
has wear marks~so what's a painter girl to do?? 
 I am pondering this set at the moment and next week
 will make a decision~so while I ponder, 
let's take a peek at some painted befores and afters~
 This secretary was the first piece I ever used Chalk Paint™ on and 
although it was a newer piece, I had grown tired of the decorative paint job.
 This is the result of the paint job~
I was very happy I painted this piece!
 Many people have these newer traditional sets done in 
a cherry or mahogany finish. Nothing wrong with the finish at all, 
but a client wanted the Shabby Chic look for her bedroom set.  
 The set is now finished in Old White Chalk Paint™ 
and lightly distressed.  It completely changed the look 
and feel of this from stately and traditional to cottage style.
 My favorite transformation was this medium wood toned 
bedroom set.  It had nice lines and lots of details
 and I just knew this would come out spectacular!
 It was painted in French Linen and finished with a 
dry brush technique to give it a high end look~
no distressing at all.  Just pure gorgeousness!
This is how I imagine the antique bedroom set with the
 medallion artwork looking~all soft and pretty and sophisticated.  
When it comes to painting furniture its up to YOU to decide 
if its best for the piece.  
Although I'll admit, sometimes it is hard to decide!

In the case of damage its easy to make the call~
how could this not be an improvement after all?
 This old oak chest with fabulous hardware just looked old, tired and worn out.
With two coats of Graphite Chalk Paint™ and a light distressing
 it sold in our Boston shop within 48 hours!  
Do you have a piece you are torn about painting? 
 I will be making my mind up on the pretty antique bedroom set~
but I think I know which way I am leaning!  
You can view our new additions to our two stores right here! 
We add vintage furniture pieces weekly at
I am getting a massive Shabby Chic armoire delivered to my 
Malden Store at the end of the day~if you are local and have been
looking for such a statement piece, come by and check it out!
It will be listed by tomorrow with all the particulars,
but as with all my pieces, while authentic and of great quality
I price as low as I can to get it sold.  Just compare my prices,
you will be happy you did.
My helper Damon and I have been busy.....
cause the MILK PAINT has finally arrived and will be
shipped out today and tomorrow!~
Thanks for your patience!



  1. Yes! I have had trouble deciding whether to paint certain pieces or not. Usually they the ones that are already in great shape and made of solid wood or have sentimental value. I feel as if the piece should be left alone to honor it the way it was originally built. So far, I don't have any regrets about the items that I've painted so far though. Thank goodness! How exciting that you received your first batch of milk paint. I think I'd like to try that next.

  2. I wrestle with the same decisions. You made a good call on all of these. I don't paint everything either. Some pieces shouldn't be touched.

  3. I cringe when I see antique furniture that is made of beautiful wood, with lovely finishes or inlaid wood destroyed with a coat of paint. However, I do love how a piece can be transformed into something fresh & new with paint! Glad you are taking into consideration the history, value and aesthetics of the furniture when making the decision. Your work is beautiful!

  4. Oh man, what a tough decision.. that medallion is one of the prettiest i've ever seen... i would have a really hard time painting over it, is there a way to work around it???


  5. I usually want to paint everything in sight, but in the case of that first set with the stunning medallions? Not so sure! It is extremely gorgeous, a work of art.

  6. Thanks for the guidance. It is so hard not to paint some pieces! I love everything you do and would have scooped up your graphite dresser too! Just spectacular.
    I am not a fan of milk paint... at least not yet!

  7. Amy so far your decisions have been spot on; and the pieces all turned out beautifully!!What colors did you use on the very first secretary?

    Oh, and I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena

  8. Same here....some pieces are just not meant to be painted. I love all of the ones you did choose to paint.

  9. I agree with your sentiments....I am determined to get a milk paint project going one day are my milk paint hero!

  10. I love your projects. I have some ideas for fence board/milk paint projects. As soon as I figure out what I need I will be ordering! Do you think it would be a good idea to use the crackle under milk paint on a fence board? Also do I need the bonding agent?

  11. Love seeing all your before and afters. You are so talented and I'm always inspired when I pop on over to your blog. x

  12. Yay, the whole post in my blog roll! Love the before and afters.

  13. Great transformations - gotta love what a little paint can do!

  14. I just painted & glazed two perfectly good end tables of my own. Rather dark solid wood but after 25 years with them, I just wanted a different look. I'm sure my family (except my husband) thinks I'm totally crazy!:-)

    But you're right---some people prefer the darker look.

    I LOVE the piece you showed using French Linen and a dry brush technique. Very very nice! I always prefer pieces that are painted but not distressed.

  15. Those medalions are gorgeous...wonder if there is someway to put a molding around them, and leave as is...and paint the rest, which would look better, but I am cringing thinking of painting over those....

  16. I would paint the pieces but leave the medallions!

  17. Curious to see if you paint this. I have a feeling you want to whip out that paint but you're struggling with the beautiful detail and covering it up. Here's a thought and you being the painting pro of the universe will know if it would work or not. Could you get some type of decorating moulding and frame the floral motif's that are currently there in and then paint the rest but leave some of the wood still showing so that it ties in with the wood that would not have been touched? Does that make sense? I think, personally, it would be a shame to cover that up but I can also see how paint might give it a whole new life and such fresh finish. Maybe this would accomplish both and you'd have the best of both worlds!
    I am sure whatever you do to it, it's going to look fabulous!

  18. Wow....that is a tough decision, Amy. I wouldn't want to cover that beautiful floral motif up either. Maybe Nancy's got the right idea? I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with it. :) And I'm thiiiiiiiis close to ordering some Milk Paint! I want to try it out! :)

    xoxo laurie


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