Friday, August 27, 2010

Audition Day at Maison Decor Home Office

The big day is here!
 Time to audition for a production company 
and maybe land in a TV show showcasing my design skills!
I went with black skinny pants
from a cool store in Boston called Turtle,
courtesy of my personal stylist Sarah McManus.
 I paired it with a black tank,
 a frenchy petite fleur jacket 
and black patent loafers.
My little sister, Ellen, was "my assistant". 
I swear she was more excited than I was!
She came over early this morning to offer support.
She's in the blue dress and I am in the red print. 
This is an old family photo of us right before
 we got on an airplane to go overseas. 
Isn't it funny how dressed up we all are for travel?
She still looks the same,
 but somehow I have turned into a blonde!
The camera "crew" has arrived. 
Here is Nicki, the casting director. 
She will also doing all the filming for the audition.
Nicki is directing me to speak about the 
mood board I made for a fantasy client.
You can see it on the wall behind me.

My mood board

A sketch of my fantasy room\

You know I had to blog about it during the shoot! 
Title: Blogger in Action

We've wrapped up the office and 
are going to head downstairs to film a tour of the house.
Nicki made everything so easy for me, 
she does her job effortlessly.
She asked Ellen to stay upstairs because of background noise, 
so I don't have any pics to share of her filming me downstairs.
Its a wrap! 
Wow, that was such fun!
Nicki told me I did a fantastic job~thats a relief.
So now I will wait 3 or 4 weeks to see if I make the cut.
I'll keep you all posted!


  1. I bet you will be on pins and needles for the next 3-4 weeks! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. So cool! What are they looking for? A tv show host on decorating?


  3. Donna, The idea of the show is to have three decorators with three distinct styles who show a client their proposal for how to do over a space.
    No show host, but I can dream about that one too!

  4. So now we all have to wait it out for the next 3 - 4 weeks with you?!?!! Your board looks great. And, yay, you wore the skinny pants!
    I'll be waiting to hear how this all plays out and keeping my fingers crossed for you until then!
    What a great opportunity for you that could lead to many more!
    Have a great weekend Amy!


  5. We will all be pulling for you! You look really great and I'm sure you will make the cut!


  6. Oh my gosh!! How EXCITING!! That is so fantastic! You look great and the mood board is gorgeous!! I love the colors in the room- soft green, pale blue and pinks- gorgeous!! Also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment on my bathroom remodel too!!

  7. I didn't have a chance to leave you message before you got a new post up! You look great and I'm glad things went smoothly! These next 3 to 4 weeks are going to drag! It makes me think of that song by Carly Simon, "Anticipation"....

  8. Love that type of show and you would be great!

  9. You look like a natural! What a fantabulous day! Looking forward to hearing the *good* news!!

  10. I agree with Wenderly-- you are a natural pro! I cannot wait to see how it turns out, I know you will land it darling.

  11. Amy,
    First of all you look so hip and so chic! I can only imagine the emotions you felt... joy, excitement and maybe just a tiny case of the jitters. Of course, you pulled it all off perfectly! The mood board and your sketch are such a lovely reflection of your amazing talent! I will so anxiously be awaiting the outcome. Kudos to you, my dear!


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