Saturday, August 28, 2010

A vintage light fixture finds a home over my island

The "new" light

This WAS my kitchen light
 and this WAS my junk on top of the fridge 
and this WAS my old valance  
and this WAS my old yellow wall color.

The old light fixture was never centered in the space.
So the island could never have a cool pendant or chandelier.
So I was resigned for awhile....
Then I spotted this fixture at the dump swap shop in NH.
It had two lights coming out of one cap and 
each long chain carried a milky glass rose carved globe.
Hubby said it was junk when I proposed the idea.
I persisted and had second thoughts but still took it home.
I loved the romantic look of the globes.
 I also thought we could swag them over to center on the island.
After suggesting I could purchase a chandelier 
or we could try this FREE option, 
hubby jumped on board.
We bought a ceiling medallion to hide the marks 
from the old round fixture as well as 
to play up the vintage aspect of the new vintage one.
He has the long chains hanging and now has to figure 
out where the center of the island is to hang the swag hooks.
Funny when you look at pictures you see 
all of your junk and clutter more clearly.
Hubby starts swagging.... but I want them uneven.
'Maison Decor' is itching to get in there and adjust!
Here it is all hung up. 
I dry brushed some pale blue paint
 on the ceiling medallion.
The kitchen has been given a mini makeover.
Trust your instincts when you have 
a chance to grab something FREE.
It may look spectacular in it's new home~
like this one!
It inspired me to paint the kitchen 
and make a new valance and give it some love.
We're all a lot happier now.

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  1. Gosh, you've been busy! I love the lights. I had some similar to that in the shop that I found at a yard sale. I had thought about keeping them too, I fell in love with them. Glad everyone else loves them now too!

    We really have to wait 3 to 4 weeks to find out the news!? Can't wait, glad things went smoothly! I knew they would :)

  2. My husband hates when I want him to change a light fixture! I am glad yours jumped on board. It is fun to see posts of a husband and wife doing a project together. I really didn't see the "junk". Sometimes I move mine to the side to take a pic and then put it back. :)

  3. The light is SO pretty! And you have a sweetheart of a husband to help you out like that. I would still be waiting for it to be hung!

    I know what you mean about the pictures showing everything. When I take a picture, I have to stop and clear up the background that's cluttered with stuff I usually don't see! lol!

    Hope you are having a HAPPY weekend!


  4. Amy, My sister hung a fixture in her kitchen this very same way. This looks great! HUGE improvement. Love that Boos island too!


  5. I'm sure you are enjoying all the addditional light and where you need it. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  6. Gotta love free! My dining room table is not properly under the light. Drives me nuts! Glad you found a solution!

  7. Hi Amy!
    Thanks for the visit to my blog! I am fairly new, a baby
    Your island light is a real gem! Great job!


  8. Love that post! It's the FREE that usually gets my HB going too. It all turned out great!!! A job well done and more light (a twofer for sure). Thanks for your comments about "the clock"!
    smiles, alice

  9. Your light fixture looks great! Love the ceiling medallion! We have a very dated light fixture in our kitchen, so hopefully we can do something different very soon! I just love your island! I have never seen one with an oval top, it's just gorgeous!!

  10. Oh, my Gosh... that is a major home run. I LOVE the drape and lines of the fixture. The swag of the chains is so pleasing... the "uneveness" is really special.

  11. Really charming lights!! I am trying to get my hubby to add a second light to the kitchen- kind of crazy in a way, I guess, but I love the look of two! I'll let you know how it goes!! I think your kitchen looks beautiful- amazing how just a tweak here and there can really make a difference! :)

  12. a beautiful light, i think its a pefect fit for your beautiful kitche, the kitchen decor is something that i must apprecaite as it reflects taste and good choice


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