Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White beadboard, peaches, and champagne!

I am celebrating a few things!
 The new white beadboard I installed and peaches
from our peach tree in New Hampshire.
Peaches fill the basket and the champagne is coming!
We have given away so many peaches already,
 and we couldn't pick them all.
My country style dining room has a lot of white for summery freshness.
My dinnerware is by Ralph Lauren, Boxwood pattern.
 Flatware is vintage silverplate.
Each champagne glass is different.
White eyelet placemats say summertime.
Straw hat spun with gold threads is my garden hat.
My seating has a wire garden bench
with a shabby ruffled eurosham.
The newest additions are my Rehab Boutique
 frenchy chairs with toile seats. Love.
Hydrangeas in a mason jar from my Boston garden.
Our peach tree was bending over to the ground with all its fruit.
Organic gardening at its best.
Fresh and summery,
the classic blue and white combination never is tiresome.
The large chippy blue bench is a lidded box that keeps our recyclables at bay.
Our sideboard holds the blue glass I find so appealing these days.
A secret: the beadboard is actually
wallpaper from Graham and Brown.
It looks so real, my mother-in-law touched it
and said she could not tell the difference!
A lavendar rose stands alone.
Peaches and champagne~celebrating a perfect summer.
Linking to
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White Wednesdays

and for those fab frenchy chairs check out:
The Rehab Boutique

to see me putting up the beadboard click below
Fab Faux Beadboard


  1. I simply adore this entire room! First that table with the glass insets. The beautiful and eclectic seating. The chippy trunk. It's just truly an out of this world room. Need to send some of these photos to a magazine.

  2. Your dining room looks so summery! The chairs look great! Those peaches look so yummy too :) Where will you put your new mirror? Thanks for linking to my blog, I have three followers! So excited!!

  3. Amy, just got your message via Twitter...OH MY...this is gorgeous! You've done a great job! It looks so fresh and inviting. Dang, I wish I lived by you!

  4. very fresh and pretty~ love your header!

  5. This was so summery. Looks like it could have been in Veranda magazine. I love the wire bench and the white pillow and I think the addition of the straw hat on the table says you just walked in from the garden. Fabulous!

  6. This is a perfect summer vignette and tablescape. Great room! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  7. Hi Amy,

    Your room is so lovely. I've come by to pick up your blog button {again} slip of finger on the keyboard the other night and I wiped out several. LOL

    Hope you are doing well in this horrid heat that we all seem to be living with these days.

    Stephanie ♥

  8. Dear Amy,

    I love your diningroom especially your gorgeous french chairs and the beadboard ! It looks so elegant and cozy at the same time ! And its also very convenient: you don´t have to paint the whole room if someone - like me :)- has dogs and needs to paint every year...great idea !

    Have a sunny day !

  9. you got such beautiful room! love the bright & soft colour of your room. the mix and match are just perfect! very cottagey!

  10. Thanks so much for coming by. What a bright and airy room to enjoy on a hot summer day. Everything is just beautiful.

  11. This is a beautiful room...I just got a roll of the wallpaper to try!!! Your tablescape is perfect for a summer day...white eyelet is such a wonderful fabric!!!

  12. This is SO Beautiful and fresh... Yummy peaches have me dreaming of pie or peach dumpling recipe I just got from another blogger...Oh My, MUST GET PEACHES!!! I ALWAYS LOVE wire furniture, and those old Victorian wire plant stands are to DIE FOR! I don't have any of those YET! Thank you for joining my "Land of Blog", I'm joining yours now! We are fellow New Englanders...
    Hugs, Donna@ Conghaile Cottage

  13. Your dining room is just gorgeous! Everything is so bright and cheerful, beautiful!


  14. Beautiful room! Your table is my favorite.

  15. Everything is beautiful! I'm glad you visited and want to follow my blog. Please let me know if you still have trouble following. I wasn't aware of a problem. I'm happy to be following you and learn from you. I do have a few design questions. Do you have an email? and, it looks like you might have a Saltbox style home??? That is what we have.
    Happy to meet you.
    ~ Julie

  16. I love the look of fresh, clean, white against the splashes of blue from the chairs and the centerpiece. Very summery!

  17. This is so pretty! I love the fresh, summery feel to it. The white looks lovely, especially with those hydrangeas. I like the hat on the table too!

  18. Your room is gorgeous. It looks so fresh and clean! I love the wallpaper. I have been debating between the wood or the paper. After seeing yours the decision is made!Now to convince the hubby :)

  19. Love this!! So beautiful...your beadboard is fabulous...we put some up in a bedroom and it was a lot of work! I love the soft colors in the room mixed with the pop of hydrangea blue and your gorgeous peaches!! Thanks for stopping by today. Please come and link up to my Centerpiece Wednesday..these photos are perfect!

    Karin :)

  20. so fresh and pretty. it really says summer time.
    enjoy you weekend.

  21. I love the changes you have made. This looks so fresh and breezy(sunshine and smiles!) You are lucky with all that fruit and those beautiful flowers :)

  22. Your room is splendid. Great find on the chairs. The peaches look yummy!

  23. Nothing beats the perfect peach! I love your dining room!

  24. I love your dining room! What a wonderful place to start the morning with some toast and peach jam!

  25. Simple but very the peaches with the hydrangeas.

  26. Your dining room looks so fresh and summery.I love the french blue chairs and the garden bench.
    I would love to have a peach tree loaded down with organic fruit.


  27. I think you landed it. That was a pretty pink but I agree the bead board is better. And you changed your window treatments, too. The blue chairs are perfect.
    Now I', hungry for a peach.

  28. This is beautiful!!! Talking about you on my blog!

  29. Hi Amy! J'adore every little thing in your dining room, especially the french wire garden bench. What a fantastic, bright and cheerful room!

  30. Wow...this is stunning! I am hosting a jewelry giveaway on my blog. Would love to see you there!

  31. Hi Amy,
    Your dining room is gorgeous! I LOVE the wire bench you have for seating...might have to borrow that idea! ;o)
    Thanks for your recent visit and your lovely comment about my kitchen. To answer your question about my white walls... yes, I did know I wanted to have them white all along. I had seen pictures of all white kitchens and entire homes in magazine and loved them, but I did worry about whether it would seem too boring and/or uninteresting. I went for it anyway and love the way it turned out.
    You have a beautiful home and blog. I LOVE your style! I'm a happy new follower.
    And I just noticed... thanks for grabbing my button. I'll do the same. ;o)
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)

  32. Wonderful redo, everything is just lovely and beautiful and tastefully done. I wish I lived next door so I could come over and get some peaches. Our peach tree died years ago (so what was my excuse to not plant a new one?) No peach from the store could ever compare with a juicy ripe one off the tree.

    Ok, ok, I need to replant! Maybe this will inspired me.

  33. love the place-mats darling! I keep peaking at your back yard reveal, look at all that green...I used to have green, soft green and colour, now I have brown.....gotta love the desert!


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