Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Backyard Reveal

This is the back lawn....
and here is the tale of how it got that way...

Look, no WEEDS!!
Loam all raked out and seed and mulch is going down.
Finished mulching the new area. 
Moved the white screen over to hide the air-con unit since now
 I don't have to hid the whole side of the house anymore!

This was how it looked when I started stage one for Gitter done.
Remember this pile of rocks and weeds?

 See my little conservatory perched on the hill?

 This is the garden bed I killed myself on in the spring.
Tomatoes are picked almost daily now. So worth it.
The seed has been put down and the sprinkler is in place.
This requires due diligence in watering constantly to get a
 lawn to come in during the month of August!

This picture I never showed you before. 
It is the before of the back of the house when
 I started my first stage of the garden clean-up.
This is how the back of the house has looked until recently.
Old tires, extra rocks, some trash that the trash man won't take...
Simply ugly. White trash? lol
The seed is down and the mulching has been done. 
The back of the house is shaping up!
I am using an old bookcase as my potting storage for now. 
We plan to put in a french door where the window is
 and have a patio outside the door.
I plan to move my table and chairs to the back when the lawn comes in.

Fast forward six weeks: the lawn is lush and green.

Pretty amazing!

We planted some tall arborvitaes
 to hide hubby's excavator~
its handy but not very pretty.
My garden kind of meanders along...
The front gravel walk with cobblestone edge
 has roses and boxwoods as a border.
This walk has to be weeded on a regular basis.

Dillon and Tobey watch me when I work outside.
They gave me the thumbs up on this project!


  1. Wow! That is a wonderful transformation. You are really working hard, and it shows...

  2. It looks great! Love the walkway! I'm planning on doing something like this next summer!

  3. OMG Amy! I love all the cool changes you did to your backyard! Dillon and Tobey are just the cutest little pups! By the way, I'm in luv with that parasol...where can I find one??? Care to share a secret ;)

  4. Crazy big awesome project! How I wish I could meander around your landscape myself to really take it all in. I am so in love with the rockwork that creates those amazing levels.

    You have such a lovely home. LOVE the shot of the dog helpers on the porch. :)

    A great GD success story I say!


  5. Oh my goodness, how beautiful!! I am jealous.. I want to come over and hang out for an afternoon glass of tea... this looks so relaxing! I am following your blog now too, thanks for stopping by mine! Have a great day! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  6. so pretty!!! Looks like a lot of hard work well paid off!

  7. I was ever so relieved when we finally had our outdoor makeover finished. Well, mostly finished. The deck, the pavilion, my stone-edged garden beds. So worth it! Even though I have a ceiling fan in the pavilion, it's still too hot to spend time out there now though. Nice to look at through the window though!

  8. Hi Amy, it's looking gorgeous. Thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pics. I can't wait for spring to come round here now. take care, Maryann

  9. I'm just blown away by all of the projects you've tackled and completed to perfection, Amy. Your yard is so pretty. I really like your umbrella over the table. Are those lights hanging down? Looks so, so nice!


  10. p/s Meant to tell you how handsome your boys all are!

  11. Hi nancy!! I got the umbrella on It is a balinese style umbrella and has capiz shells dangling from its edges. It tinkles in the wind outside has gold stenciling on the turquoise fabric and the wooden pole. It is very cool. yes I hav been pretty busy and having a lot of fun too. The grass started coming up today!! I have had the sprinkler on 3x a day..argh. but it paid off! Thanks for the compliment on my boys~I have to agree!

  12. Your backyard looks so inviting. Just in time for summer dining and everyday enjoying.

  13. Grogeous transformation!! Wow it looks amazing! Very inspiring.

  14. Wow Amy! This looks terrific! I love those rocks, but everything looks awesome!

  15. Fabulous job with the landscaping and it looks like the arborvitaes are doing their job. By the way, I love the wreath on your front door. Your dogs look like they are very special guys.

  16. You have done a lot of work! It all looks great. I love the stone steps and the different levels. I would love to have some of that stone over in my yard. Really pretty. I can't wait til the weather cools to get mine in shape.

  17. Great landscaping job! I'm sure you are happy it is over! And with Fall on the way, you will get lots of use out of the new outdoor living space!

  18. Seriously- Just beautiful!!!!! The french doors where the window is will be fantastic! I haven't yet blogged about the exterior remodel of my house-( it's kind of frightening....I think I must have lost my marbles for a bit!) Anyway, we put french doors in going out to the backyard too! It is fabulous!!! You will definitely love it!! :)


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