Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shutter Love

 Look at the paneled shutters on this french home.
My house has skinny plastic shutters.
They aren't correct technically because
 they should be half the width of the window.
The shutters I love are the heavy wooden ones
 that hang from proper hardware.
This house I once lived in needed shutters 
and I searched on Craigs List and found some.
I put the "S" holdback hooks on them.

I've always liked cutouts in shutters.
little acorn cutouts...
a starfish...
a seahorse cutout...
This is what real shutters do..
they overlap sometimes.
 plantation shutters on an interior window
plank shutters inside as well
Yes, interior shutters have always been a favorite.
You can always pick up old shutters at an antique shop
like my friend Bridget's place, Rustique.
I imagine them as wonderful accents in a family room
 or use them in rooms like the pictures above.
Love those fat wide shutters!
The classic white house with black shutters.
Kinda looks like my Maison Decor
dream home sketch!
A country home with shutters that
 practically blend right into the ivy covered walls.
Sweet plank style shutters on a stone house.

To look at all of my previous homes
with and without shutters
click here.


  1. great pictures of shutters! I have plastic shutters on my house. :( Maybe someday . . .
    You asked about my printer. It is a photosmart (hp 7350) I'm guessing that it is an inkjet.

  2. I love all the shutters! i would like to get new ones for our house too.


  3. I love my plantation shutters. Have always loved them. Love old chippy shutters for decorating with, too.

  4. I am with Kim on both. I fell in love once with a photo of some really old black wood shutters turned sideways as a headboard. I think about that from time to time. Wish I still had that image. It's more impressive than it sounds.

  5. Great pics for those shutters. I have always loved the ones with cutouts too. I am with you on the stone house with wood shutters, there is a house not far from mine that I sigh over(love the European style houses).

  6. Outdoor shutters just say "welcome" to me.

  7. Love all the shutter examples. I've gone back and forth about wanting some rustic shutters on my house...but historically it didn't have them so I would not be allowed to put them up.

    I finally got my award up that you gave me. Come check it out.


  8. We live in a Victorian house where shutters were never used. They instead painted the window sash colors a different color, and we have done the same. Love all of your examples!. Enjoyed my first visit to your blog and will be following. Hope you can stop by soon!

  9. I adore shutters too Amy! Luv 'em as part of the house's architecture and as an interior objet d'art.

  10. You have touched my heart...I love shutters!
    I have really enjoyed how you showed so many designs and uses both exterior and interior.
    I just found your blog and I'm enjoying it very much.

  11. Hi Amy, I love shutters also, but my current house can't have them. My last house was a French Normandy so it didn't have shutters either. I want them one day. Great post. Have a good week.
    The Swedish Room

  12. I love the cutouts the most! I agree, it's really nice to have structured shutters. Just came over from Mod Vintage Life, so happy to find you and happy to be your newest follower!

  13. Ooh, shutter love!! I hear you... love them too, inside, outside, anywhere. There used to be some on my house, after I re-paint it, I am going to try to put some on again. Yes, I did say after I paint it :) Hopefully with a little help from the boyfriend!

  14. Beautiful photos of shutters. My neighbor was telling me she wanted some, I'm going to send here here to look at your pictures... nice examples. New follower!!

    Thanks for the visit to my blog!


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