Friday, September 3, 2010

Front Entry Way

Come on in and shut the door....
Our tiny little front entry has a new addition.
A bench with a tall back, hooks, drawers and a window mirror!
This is a huge improvement over the entry table and mirror that was here before.

We go in and out our front door the most. 
From here we take the dogs out and I check on the garden.
All of the leashes are at the ready.
As is my gardening hat. I keep my gloves and tools in the bottom drawer.
A pink tole pocket floral arrangement adds that sweetness I like.
The plank back is so farmhouse.
My vintage black painted tole trays look right at home with our family slogan. 
I love how a little bit of black makes a spot come alive.
Yeah, it is a wonderful life we have together.
A little frenchy petite fleur pillow in black, pink and yellow warms the bench.
If its rainy or damp I pull on my wellies and head outside. 
Gotta fill my watering can and get to my watering....
Its been a long hot summer...
I think I am ready for fall. This wreath will be changed out and our front entry will get tweaked to reflect the change of season. Something rustic french is what I have in mind...I'll keep you posted!

Are you curious what the front door looks it is with my doggies standing lookout.

Its a full french door, all in white, with a pediment top! I would have a black door, however the sun shines on my front door all day long. It is a fresh white, which is a perfect backdrop for anything I want to use when decorating for the seasons.

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  1. I love your new hall tree! I think that is what those are called. I have a slim spot adjacent to my back door that currently holds a mess of shoes and a rack hung low so my youngest could reach it. He's 11 now, and can reach a normal rack. This would be so perfect for that spot. Hmmmm..maybe one of those doors in the barn could be turned into a hall tree!

  2. What beauty to look at this morning! I love your display, the hall rack is a gem, I used to turn old doors into potting sheds, but this is way cooler!

    I am ready for fall too, your wreath is lovely.

  3. Gorgeous~ love the way everything is put together there! I have an 'It's a Wonderful Life' sign too!! Such a great movie! I love the picture of your front door from outside too~ it's just beautiful!! :)

  4. Your doggies are darling, mine is half Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 1/2 Shar Pei, although all his wrinkles are filled out now with a bit too much fluff at the yours a pit?

    How did it go with the film crew? Did you get your house on TV or in a Magazine? Mine was featured in a mag two yrs. ago, it was a blast!

  5. Your new hall tree is beautiful!! I love the trays and the petit fleur cushion!

  6. Oh, congratulations on your beautiful hall tree! I love it and it seems to be so functional! Love how you've dressed her up and your pretties. The trays are so lovely and I like the little pink metal basket with the flowers!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. A lovely metamorphisis...You're touches of black are very effective, indeed! Great job! Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  8. I love your hall tree. It looks perfect here and it is so functional too. I love the little sign above it and the touches of pink.

    Lee Laurie

  9. I love your entry way. It looks gorgeous!! I love the bench with all the beautiful accessories. The sign is so cute, and the trays....Kathy

  10. What a welcome! You have created a beautiful vignette!!

  11. Beautiful back vintage trays, everything looks wonderful, have a great weekend!

  12. Love this piece, actually it is my dream to own one myself...Now if I could just find a home for the big freezer in the mud room to make space.

    Your home is lovely, thank you for allowing us a peek.


  13. Every time I see your tole trays, it reminds me of this boy I used to date back in the day. His bed was black tole, not that I saw his bed,ummm. Anyhow, you would have died to see his house, the whole house was loaded with antiques in excellent condition. Love the entry way!!

  14. Ever so lovely! Cozy, intimate, organized. What more could one want?

  15. Ooo... what a beautiful front entry! I love the colors. And your new addition is lovely. Thanks for sharing your tole trays and their home with us! Blessings... Polly
    French Cupboard & Counting Your Blessings

  16. Just lovely and I absolutely love it when I visit a blog and it makes me want to get up and move things around my little home. Your entry is very welcoming indeed!
    (I see my friend, Polly is right above, she visits the best places ;)

  17. Your front entry is full of charm! The hall tree looks great there.


  18. I don't think that could be any cuter!

  19. I love it! The black really does make everything pop!

  20. What a beautiful, welcoming entry. Perfect spot for your tole trays.

  21. Beautiful entry way (and front door!!!). I love the new addition and all of your little details in black with splashes of pink. Darling. I wish I had an entry way. Thank you for stopping in and commenting on my chair. You can SO do that technique Amy, especially with all of your talent. This was my first time using the antiquing's easy.
    Also, I finally created a blog roll and added you. :)


  22. Your entry is stunning! I love front doors that welcome the outside in, mine does the same. And that hall tree... oh gosh how adorable!


  23. Love your blog, home and decor! Thanks for sharing it with us..

  24. I love your front door and the beautiful vignette inside. Look at those silly animals on the front porch. I like it all in white. Some houses just need to be white. I get upset when I see houses that should just be white getting painted all brown and green. There is a colonial in my neighborhood that was recently painted mint green. It's just awful. And so wrong. That kind of house was always meant to be white. They even painted the turned posts green. So wrong.

  25. Hi, Amy! Your entry is beautiful! Love your front door and wreath. Just changed mine out today for fall. I was so ready!
    Thanks for stopping by! I'm following as well to soak up some of YOUR inspiring ideas!

  26. Hi there, just found your blog tonight. LOVE your entryway! I have a "thing" for tole as well! And I would love to know your paint color in this room! Looking forward to seeing more of your home! :)

  27. Your entry looks so charming! I love your new hall tree and the way you have it decorated... sweet!! What a great way to organize your space, too.
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

    P.S. Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment. I just had to clear this up... my picture ISN'T going to be IN the book (I wish!). I won a contest with my picture, so I will receive a signed copy of the book. Not as fabulous, but still exciting. :)

  28. This is beautiful!! I m hosting a 50 dollar CSN Giveaway and would love for you to stop by. Thanks Anu!

  29. Pretty foyer! I also just love tole painted trays.
    ~ Julie

  30. loving the aqua colour...perfect colour. You are always so good and linking up to the best linkups...

  31. What a charming bench--and I love how you decorated it. So pretty!


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