Friday, November 2, 2012

Custom paint job, an incredible before and after

 The finish on this armoire gets a lot of attention~
everyone seems to love the look.
I often get custom painted furniture requests to 
replicate this look on a customers piece.
An entire bedroom set and a hope chest 
were custom painted with this look.
 The look is soft and elegant and on trend right now~
 This is the latest piece I was asked to transform~
another Lane hope chest that at one time
sported a custom paint job in pink and green.  
Now it was time for an elegant look.   Furniture can 
be remade with the swipe of a paint brush, and the 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is marvelous for doing 
quick and easy transformations~
either by you or by me!  Ready for the after?                                                                                    
 French Linen and a drybrush and ragged coating of a 
lighter shade of French Linen mixed with Old White Chalk Paint.  
An outline of Kings Gold Gilding wax finished the piece.
Goodbye to the cute pinks and greens~
Hello to the quiet elegant new look!
Consider having an old family piece custom painted
by a paint stockist near you~or come in to Maison Decor and
I will give you an estimate to bringing back your piece to life.
 Another custom painted furniture order is this bentwood rocker, 
formally in maple wood, now in a shabby weathered two tone finish
 using a two color distress technique~
one that I teach in my basic introductory class. 
 The seat shows Country Grey peaking through the
 Old White~almost strie in effect.
And it is soft as a baby's behind with the waxed and buffed finish.
I have to show this pic I took of these
 two cuties that came to the shop today!
Aren't they adorable?
Elvis and Priscilla
Colin loved these little guys~!
Colin is helping me this week with a large order of custom mora clocks~
we are shipping three out next week.
Two in Louis Blue and one in a custom version of Chateau Grey.
Its nice to have his helping hand and I 
was thrilled he had a few days off
to help out in the store.
This unique custom painted mora was done in 
Annie Sloan Primer Red Chalk Paint~
with gilded accents.
So when customizing your pieces only 
your imagination is the limit!



  1. Wow- Amy- Those look great! I remember seeing those Lane hope chests in the much better now. And the armoire-FABULOUS! xo Diana

  2. Great transformation of that hope chest, Amy! It definitely went from cutesy to elegant.

  3. I love your custom painting. You are the Queen of remakes! Those 2 dogs are adorable--and their names are perfect. Have a great day!

  4. Those are incredible transformations! What a HUGE difference the paint and gilding made. They're both so classy and timeless now. I find with Annie Sloan chalk paint there are too many choices. I don't know which finish i want because, as you said the sky is the limit. Often i just end up staring at a piece not knowing where to start and end up painting it old white because i can't decide. I need an Amy near me to tell me what colors to paint things!


  5. Hi Amy! Oh, what beautiful transformations! You're so good at this. I've still never used the ASCP! I know, I know! Can it cover solid or does it always streak? Well, that's probably not the word.
    Cute doggies coming to visit! Look at that little face.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I am always so inspired when I come to visit!
    I bought a Mora style clock on Craigslist and I have been looking for ideas to paint it. I think I will use the Country Grey. It looks so perfect!

    Still never got to my drapes...HECK! I just pulled weeds the size of my child out of the garden! I can't keep up!



  7. You've taken it to a new level. Best I've seen yet. Very very very nice! Would love to know how you did it too LOL :)

  8. Hi Amy,
    You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful painted furniture pieces. They are truly over the top gorgeous.


  9. Beautiful Amy...I really love the softer elegant look!

  10. wow! you are staying so busy and i love this peek behind the scenes, amy!

    stop by when you have a moment for a taste of paris glam.


  11. Oh my gosh, I love that finish! I have an armoire I can't bear to get rid of, but its an ugly light-stained wood... but I'm lacking courage to do anything this daring with it. :)

  12. Beautiful Color combo for the Lane Chest. You do such great work!

  13. Amazing, Amy! That dresser is breathtaking and the Lane chest looks sooooo much better! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. gosh...look at those puppies! I saw on Steve's blog that he was in the Boston store and bought something. Have you gotten to meet him? I guess you survived the hurricane. That storm makes me appreciate that we only get tornadoes and least we can start cleaning up the next day without flood waters. Let me know how you are.

  15. Super cute pups! It must have been nice to have Colin back, even if it was just a few days... That chest came out beautiful, 1000 times better!

  16. Super cute pups! It must have been nice to have Colin back, even if it was just a few days... That chest came out beautiful, 1000 times better!

  17. Things are looking fabulous over there!!That armoire is stunning and adore the chest have such an amazing eye!


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