Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Charming Gift Wrap Station

 We have all seen the fancy craft rooms that some lucky people have,
and in those rooms the wrapping papers hang from rolls and there are
loads of ribbons to choose from.  If you are like me, and don't have a 
craft room, you can create a dedicated spot for your gift wrapping, as
well as your card writing.  This small vintage desk that I recently 
bought is turning out to be a very handy piece of furniture!
 It is in a corner of our dining room, and it has become the place for mail
to land.  But along came the holidays and overnight it seemed to turn into
a gift wrap station!   Wrapping paper and ribbon look so pretty, and to have
them displayed openly in a room feels very festive!  The small drawers hold
tape and notecards and stamps for Christmas cards I have yet to send.
Maybe a console table or sidetable could be repurposed into a gift wrap station
at your home.  Use pretty containers to hold pens and pencils and notecards.
An old waste basket holds rolls of gift wrapping on the floor next
to the desk.  Its so convenient!  I have been wrapping as I go, so it won't
pile up on my at the eleventh hour.  When I was about 12 years old, my dad
set up a folding card table in my bedroom and anointed me as his personal gift wrapper.
He said I did such a nice job, as I loved wrapping gifts using matching 
colored ribbons and making tags.  So I guess Dad was ahead of his time, creating 
a gift wrap station.  Anyway, I love having this spot.  I don't have to pull 
everything out of closets and drawers to find what I need, then put it all back.
 Its been quite a joy actually.  
I love that something so simple can be so useful and joyful.
 I still rely on my old methods of making tags by clipping 
a square of wrapping paper and then just writing "to and from" inside
 and taping it to the package.
  Sometimes I buy the fancy tags, but mostly I do it the way I did as a kid.  
 And where do my wrapped gifts go?  Well since everyone knows 
Santa is coming, I no longer have to hide them.  
So now I use them to decorate spaces in the house.
 Loaded up and layered on top of this old green bench,
I put a few of the gifts in green and red papers.
 They are very cheery in the kitchen!
 The pastel pretty packages are under our living room tree.  
Speaking of which, Colby has been so good about ignoring 
the wrapped gifts under the tree.
But last night I wondered why he wasn't hanging out 
with me and hubs in the tv room.  
Well he was busy "opening" his first gift. 
 Hahhah!  It was a small package that had an ornament inside. 
 I have no idea why he found that particular package interesting.  
Except other than  the wrapping I had used was recycled paper 
from a gift I received from Matthew Mead.  
Maybe Colby smelled little Oscar all over the wrapping?  
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  1. I just love your desk, and the papers make it look so festive. Love the lamp, too!

  2. Great idea, Amy. I have an area set up downstairs and kind of wrap as I go, too. Hope you are having a good week. xo Diana

  3. I love this station, Amy! I kind of have the same thing - in that I use an antique writing desk to store all my wrapping supplies, but I have them all hidden and the paper rolls in an ugly plastic bin hidden on the far end. I love your idea of embracing what it is and using pretty containers to display everything festively! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. What a sweet and charming wrapping station that you created...who knew that this sweet desk would have so many the vintage waste basket to hold the paper! Yes, Colby must has good taste in wrapping paper!

  5. I love your desk. Colby reminded me of the time our dog, a husky/border collie mix, was quiet in the Christmas tree room, and I went to see what he was up to. He had taken an ornament off the tree and was happily enjoying chewing it up, it was a wooden sleigh. When he realized he had been caught, he rolled over onto his back, covering the said ornament up, and looked like, "What? Aren't I just so cute?" Dogs can be so sly, but loving. Btw, your family room looks like the Pantone color of the year.

    1. haha Thank you Nancy! And yes our green room turned out to be in fashion, didn't it??!

  6. A great way to use your new desk and pretty. That was a cute story about Colby he is so cute. Have a great Christmas and New year. Thank you for all your wonderful posts.


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