Thursday, December 8, 2016

A fabulous addition to our foyer

Its that time of year when you try to make your house really sparkle!
Maybe you do projects in time for the holidays too?
Finally!  I have done something in this space that I have been wanting to do 
since the day we moved in! Can you guess what it is?
(Hint:  Look at the staircase.)
Our entryway is a space I have talked about in less than glowing
terms, because it opens right into the stairway and our living room.
  The staircase is very prominent, and it needed some appeal.
A new runner softened the space and gave it a finished look.
But where did I find this runner?  You may be surprised...
The Perfect Rug company is an online rug shopping place that has 
a zillion rug types and colors and weaves.  Honestly it was so easy to use
this site, and their customer service was great. Originally I was going to 
get an area rug for the dining room, but the more I thought about it, I 
knew I wanted a runner, and because they are custom sizes, The Perfect Rug
was the best solution.  I also love that they have cost estimates as you shop
online for the various types and sizes of carpets, so you can be mindful of your budget.
Being on the stairs, I wanted a rug that would stand up to traffic,
as well as a color that would hide paw prints and work boots.
My carpet style was a natural grass carpet, called Sisal.  It got a 4
on a scale of 1-5 in The Perfect Rug's rating scale for wear and tear.
It also got a 5 out of 5 for its Green Ratings! LOVE! 
That scale was very helpful in choosing the correct type of carpet.
Each carpet choice on their website has a "details" link to click on
to see the various ratings, so you can make a good choice.
 Since it is custom, you also select what binding style you want for your
rug, but they do include their recommendations for each carpet, which is great.
  I went with a bound edge in a color that blended with the rug.
It looks so polished now! 
 I love how the runner looks with the recent wallpaper we added in blue and grey.
What a difference these upgrades made to our entry area!
Here is how the process began~I shopped online at The Perfect Rug for samples.
When I got my samples, I narrowed it down to three choices in shades of neutrals.
Getting to see the samples in person in your home makes your decision foolproof.
My choice?
with a Serged Border in Light Slate Grey.
 Sisal is not soft underfoot, but the wear and tear factor was the 
deciding factor for our home.  It couldn't look more perfect!
Also I want to point out, our stairs are open to the railing
for the first five steps, and then it narrows down between the walls
as you head up the staircase.  I based my width of the runner on something that 
would look appropriate between both treads, which was a 27" wide runner.
We did use an independent installer. 
(Initially I thought I would try it but I wanted it to look perfect!)
He said that this was an exceptionally high quality carpet
and in fact he had yet to ever see, or install, a runner made out of sisal.
That made me a very happy girl!
Our home has a lot of natural grass style carpets which are great for
active homes with pets and kids.  The living room has a tan colored
jute rug.  I could have opted for a tan runner, but I went with the grey
like you see in our wing chair.  I love mixing grey and tans together.
 So if you are thinking about refreshing your carpets or getting a rug
for a space that needs a special shape or size, you will find just want you 
need at The Perfect Rug.  I am simply thrilled with this company!
And get this: Bob, a company representative, called me almost instantly
 after he got my order online to discuss the particulars about installing runners. 
 He was so thorough, making sure I would get the right amount of carpet 
and not come up short.  That says a lot about a business, 
knowing that they want their customers to be happy with what they have ordered. 
 High marks from me on that!
Add in a two week turn around time, and it doesn't get any better.
My tiny entryway looks so much prettier than it did just a month ago.
My wall mora clock is decked out for Christmas with a mix of
grey and tan with a bit of gold ribbon, echoing the carpet colors.
I am truly looking forward to greeting my guests for the holidays,
and I won't be feeling badly anymore when I open my front door,
thanks to The Perfect Rug.  That's for sure!

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Note: This post is sponsored by The Perfect Rug, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. I couldn't be happier to work with and recommend this company to my readers. 


  1. Well, I must say that the runner IS the Perfect Rug!....The runner looks beautiful on the stairs and love that you chose the gray for wear purposes and of course the color. So great that you can choose your rug, custom size and binding! Great choice for your beautiful home!

  2. So beautiful, Amy! I had a custom sisal made for my powder bath makeover, but the price and convenience of the Perfect Rug is much more up my alley! xox

    1. I bet! Check them out, they are wonderful Emily!

  3. Beautiful an I love the color! I'm hoping you can answer a question since I noticed in one of the pictures that you have a dog. My concern with getting a sisal or other similar rug is dog hair. I am worried that the dog hair will weave itself into the rug fibers and not vacuum up easily. I have two large dogs that shed thick undercoats and a Chihuahua with very short stiff hair. What is your experience with this issue? Thanks, Bambi

    1. Bambi I don't have any issue at all with pet hairs getting into the carpet and not coming out with a quick vacuum.

  4. It looks fabulous, Amy. I love the color, and think you will get many years of wear from it. Your entry is beautiful, and everything is decorated so lovely. Great job!

  5. Amy, it is perfect and your house always amazes me. You are so talented.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are too kind Lisa! Hope you have a nice Christmas!

  6. I have always wished our house had an open stairway like this because they're so charming! Your runner looks beautiful and flows so nicely with everything else you've done. Love it!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  7. May I ask the name of the beautiful soft color on your living room walls?

    1. Robin the color is Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore.


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