Monday, December 5, 2016

Our Traditional Christmas Tree

Our family room is the one room that we all gather in every evening.
Its also the smallest room in our home. We have filled the room
with a leather furniture set to fit as many people as we can get in here.
I never thought it would have room for a Christmas tree, and yet when 
Tree Classics asked if I wanted to try one of their space saving trees, 
I was more than happy to see if I could squeeze in a tree!
I am joining Tree Classics, the artificial Christmas Tree company, along with 
a few of my design blogger friends in this sponsored post.
  Real trees come in so many choices, so don't be surprised to see just how many 
varieties of faux trees there are at Tree Classics.  My tree is the 
Kennedy Fir Slim SnapTree, which means it is a snap to set up!
The Snap Tree technology means it comes in two sections.
 The tree is pre-lit, and it couldn't be more easy to set up this tree...
I did it myself in a few minutes!
 (Check my video out at the end of the post to see how quick and easy 
the set up is on the Tree Classics Snap Trees.)  
Our slim Kennedy Fir fits in the corner of the room, and I placed it
in front of the window so it could be enjoyed from the exterior of our home.
Since I have another tree in our living room window, it looks beautiful when you
drive up to the house and see both trees in the front windows of our Colonial home.
Our family room was painted an Emerald green, so I thought it
would be nice to decorate in a totally old fashioned way, 
using the traditional Christmas colors of red and green.
Red isn't a color that is used in this house very often, but at this time
of year it feels just like the Christmases I had as a girl.
I played up the traditional look even more by wrapping packages in plaid paper, 
and adding a red velvet tree skirt.
 Most of the glass ornaments on the tree are from the big collection 
of various ornament styles found on Tree Classic's website.  
They come in heavy duty boxes with foam liners and are going
 to be great for putting them back into storage when I take down the tree. 
I selected ornaments that had old fashioned appeal,
like the ones we had on our trees growing up.
 My favorite collection is the Vintage ornament set in the
Merry and Bright Collection.
A gorgeous mercury glass reproduction set with frosted glitter accents. 
 The red and green theme carries over into the pillows that are on the sofas.
I just adore how the tree came out, and so does Sylvia! 
 Lets take a closer look at the  luscious velvet quilted tree skirt from Tree Classics.
It is the Velvet Buttoned Up Quilted Tree Skirt in red with green piping.
It feels so traditional and rich!  A great place to layer on the plaid packages too.
At night our tree is simply magical and the entire room glows from its tiny lights.
I am so thrilled we have a tree in the family room, so we can enjoy it nightly.
I confess I miss the smell of a live tree, and to handle that I light a Balsam candle 
when we are hanging out.  I have tried all kinds and brands, and haven't
been disappointed.  Some of the least expensive Balsam candles have been the best!
 The kids are the ones who seem to love a traditional red and green Christmas
the most, don't you think?  But I will say, I am more than surprised at how
warm and cozy and memory stirring it is to have a traditional tree.
If you want to see how I set up our Snap Tree, check out the 40 second video
below.  You will also see in the background, the first Snap Tree that
 I got last year from Tree Classics.  After assembling the tree,
I simply wheeled it down the hall on its rolling stand, into our family room!  

In partnership with Tree Classics, our group of Home Decor bloggers

have been provided with trees, ornaments and tree skirts to 

create trees that fulfill our own visions and traditions, offering inspiration

to our readers.  We hope you enjoy this Christmas Tree tour! 

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  1. We have a real tree, but I'm disappointed by the lack of scent. Could it be linked to breeding--it's a kind that doesn't lose its needles (as much....because there are some needles on the floor every day)?
    Our ornaments are more about sentiment than beauty or color coordination. Anything handmade by a child or a grandma is the most precious (the grandmas were a lot better on the beauty quotient, having created gorgeous crocheted snowflakes, vs. the mostly unidentifiable lumps of clay painted by once-chubby little hands). But I wouldn't have it any other way.

    1. I think certain trees have less fragrance, but it could be the breeding process. I added more ornaments to our tree that came from our collection assembled over the years, including the precious handmade variety. It really makes a tree special!

  2. Oh Amy, the tree is simply gorgeous tucked in beside your sofa. The perfect tree for your room that you and your family enjoy much time in. Don't you just love those ornaments? Yes, so wonderfully packaged!....I must say that I am in love with the colors in your room. So stunning. The video is too darn cute!!!...the Snap tree is indeed amazing! I see Sylvia loves the tree too!....Thanks to you for organizing this Blog Tour and to Tree Classics for providing us with the beauty of the trees! Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Thank you Shirley, I squeezed it in, and am so glad I did, because we all love having the spirit of Christmas in our family room to enjoy every night!

  3. Amy, I love this tree in this fun colorful room that no one would expect to find in your home. I would spend so much time in here!

    1. I know Kim, it is unexpected, and its kind of fun having that bit of surprise!

  4. What a beautiful room! The tree looks gorgeous against the green of the room.


  5. Amy, I just love how this traditional tree looks in your den! It seems to fit there perfectly. I'm really enjoying all of the plaids you have mixed in and it all has a warm and inviting feeling. Thanks so much for organizing this tour and including me!

    1. Thanks Lory, so glad you were part of it, everything you do is beautiful!

  6. Amy, your emerald green room is such a surprise in your home and its the perfect setting for that beautiful tree! thank you for organizing this fabulous tour, Im enjoying being a part of it with all of you beautiful ladies!

    1. Thanks Cindy, I am glad you joined me in the tour, I always love seeing your posts and decorating.

  7. So pretty and unexpected from you Amy!

  8. I think your room is cozy and charming. Love the black and white details with the leather sofas. The Tree Classic trees and ornaments are wonderful products. How lucky to get to partner with them to create these beautiful trees.

    1. It really was a nice opportunity as a blogger to get these products, and they were much appreciated. Thanks Sarah!

  9. Amy, I love the tree and the fun ornaments. I really love the color and curtains in your room. It's so unique and I love unique. It's nice to see something different and lovely at the same time.

    1. Thank you Anita, it is a departure from our norm, and I am enjoying it too.

  10. Amy, this tree looks gorgeous especially with the room. It's decorated beautifully. Love seeing Colby


  11. Your room had me at all the buffalo checks and the plaids! that green wall is perfect too Amy!!!!! Love it! Thank you for joining the 12 days of Holiday Homes Link party! hope you can drop by and check out my Christmas tour one of these days as well! Have a Merry Christmas!

  12. Thank you for the reference for the balsam candles. I always wondered but never tried one. Also tree classics webpage, i look forward to checking it out.

    Your tree is gorgeous with the traditional mercury glass ornaments, I think we all think fondly of them from our childhoods.


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