Monday, December 12, 2016

Blue Angels and Pink Santas

My favorite things...
 Tis the time of year when I transform our home with the magic of Christmas 
decorations and delights.  I tend to decorate over time, adding bits more
after the initial decorating burst.  Back into the eaves I went to look for 
some of the sentimental things that make the season more meaningful.
So that meant hunting down my blue Angel. 
Believe it or not, once upon a time, blue was not a color I liked,
so that meant I never had anything blue in my home!  One year my 
dad surprised me with a big box prettily wrapped from a little shop.
Inside was this large blue angel figure, in a billowy periwinkle and grey
dress, with blue pearly wings.  I wondered where I would put this
angel in blue in my pink and yellow house?
Over the years I would place it on a bookshelf or a tabletop, nestled in evergreens.   
 Fast forward many years and now this angel in blue has turned
out to be one of my favorite Christmas decorations!
 Mostly because my dad saw it and thought of me and I appreciate that the older I get, 
and also because it looks so pretty in my living room.
It's definitely one of those special pieces that I cherish.
Another special but newer addition, is the Pink Santa stocking that my mom knit for me.
It has angora wool on Santa's beard and fur trimmed suit, with a sparkly
belt buckle on a pearl grey background, my name spelled out in pink.
Its one of many my mom has knit for all of my children, my husband and my daughter in law,
all in different Christmas designs, like snowmen and wreaths and snowflakes.
I can't think of a more meaningful "decoration" at Christmas, than a personalized
stocking made with such care and love.  Packages wrapped in heavy embossed foil, also in 
pink are under the tree, and the effect is quite magical!  I found this luscious pink paper at Marshalls
and I wish I bought ten rolls of it!! A few pink balls, new and vintage, mix in the tree
with the blue,  silver and gold ornaments.  I am in love with our tree this year!  I think
part of the fun of a tree is how it comes out a little bit different than the year before.
Not having a shop to run has let me really enjoy the decorating part of the season.
Just a reminder, my home is in a ten page feature in the current issue of
Romantic Country magazine, on newsstands now.  
Here is a cute story:
My dad went to his local Publix supermarket in Florida to look for it
 and came up empty handed.  So he asked to speak to the manager 
who ordered a bunch of them and then called to tell him the shipment was in.
How cool is my dad for asking and how nice of the Publix manager to order them.
I can just imagine him telling her proudly that his daughter's home was on the cover!
My friends around the country have seen them in Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, 
CVS and places like that.  If you don't see it, just ask.
Hoping you have time to hang up a few baubles around your home,
and get in the festive spirit! 
 Its amazing what a few white lights and Shiny Brites can do to a room.

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  1. Amy,
    It's not Romantic Homes it's Romantic Country magazine! Don't want your fans getting confused.

    1. I keep making this mistake, so thank you Patricia, I edited it to correct the mistake. I had been in several issues of Romantic Homes, and I think that is why I keep referring to that publication!

  2. Amy, I love your blue angel and adorable stocking. Yes, these things given to us by our parents do seem to mean more to us as we grow older. Congratulations on being on the cover! I'm checking my store today to get a copy.

  3. I love the blue and pink! so pretty! come down to Houston and style my Christmas!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday! xo

    1. Something tells me you need no help...I would love to see you post about your holiday home Leslie!

  4. I so love the angel and the stocking is such a wonderful treasure!...I think we all treasure things that are handmade by our loved ones. I too had a hard time locating the magazine, but while at Lowe's Home Improvement, there it was staring me in the face at the check out counter!!! It is an incredible feature and cover!!...Congrats again!

  5. What a sweet story about your Dad, Amy. Actually, both stories.
    Your house looks so beautiful for the Christmas season. The stocking made by your Mom is so pretty. I can tell how happy you are right now....Merry Christmas dear Amy!

  6. Such a lovely post, especially the heartwarming stories of your special Christmas treasures. And yes Amy, we share a love for these yummy colors even at Christmas time.
    Mary Alice

  7. I found my copy the other day at Walmart. I wanted to shout - hey my friend's house is on the cover of this magazine! But there was no one around to tell. Your house looked beautiful. Especially nice are the little paintings you did. I am so missing being at home decorating and blogging. It's very very slow at the store.

    1. I wish wish wish you would or could get your blog up and running. So many of us miss it. I can totally picture you finding my magazine, and I know how excited you were for me. Love and miss you Nita!


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