Monday, December 19, 2016

Make a Christmas Carol Songbook

A Christmas tradition for many is caroling, or at least it used to be.
 Have you ever had the fun of going out caroling at Christmas time?
When I was in my early teens a group of neighbors did that and it was such
fun and really put you in the holiday spirit. Its such an old fashioned thing to 
do and has such tradition, two things that seem to make it a good thing this time of year.
We all had tiny songbooks to follow along to make sure we knew the words to 
each Christmas carol.  If you want to create a songbook, you can do what I 
did last night.  Martha Stewart (of course!) has an easy to make songbook
for Christmas Carols on her website.  The link to the Songbook will be at 
the end of this brief post, if you are interested in creating one for yourself.
The reason I came to search for "how to make a caroling songbook" was because of
 my mother in law, Claire.  She loves music!  
Above you can see us all dressed up to enjoy the 
Boston Holiday Pops orchestra, with their wonderful Christmas program.  
Music is such a nice part of Christmas. 
 The Boston Pops at Symphony Hall
Boston Symphony Hall, decked out for their Holiday Pops show.
Just yesterday, Claire asked if we could sing some carols at our Christmas party.  
I know that her own traditions of celebrating had her aunts and uncles and parents 
and children all gathered around a piano on Christmas eve and there they sang 
Christmas Carols. Its easy to picture that scene, isn't it?  
Claire herself played the violin and the cello, 
and her father was a piano tuner, so musical ability ran deep in this family. 
 While I can't play more than chopsticks on the piano, I can belt out a carol or two.  

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