Monday, May 3, 2010

I have always been drawn to the color purple. When I was in junior high my mom let me paint my bedroom two shades of purple with pale pink woodwork. Thanks mom! It was my first interior design project and I loved my new digs!

Now when I specify purple paint in homes I tend to use a muddier version of the crisp colors I loved when I was younger. Colors like Ben Moore Amethyst Sky #1447 or After the Rain #1452.

I collect purple transferware and amethyst glass to satisfy my purple passion. So imagine when I happened upon a lake house for sale and it came with a purple dining room! Well I was happy to leave it be, even though it was a tad mightier purple than I would have picked. A healthy dose of green in the way of linen drapes and a country hutch made it all work. I hated the chandelier so I draped strands of amethyst crystal drapery trim from its arms and called it a day!
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