Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inspiration Boards

                                       When I am going to embark on a decorating project there usually is a source of inspiration. Anything can inspire you. A painting you love, a favorite dress, a page in a magazine you can't forget.... this beautiful urn of flowers in soft pinks and yellows speaks to me! 
 I take my inspiration and build a grouping of fabrics and trims and wall colors that give the essence of what inspired me to begin with. A simple way to build your inspiration board is to get snippings of fabrics and trims and paint chips and assemble them on  paper and slip into a protective clear sleeve. On the other side of the sleeve you can have pictures of rooms or furniture or window treatments that you love.
This inspiration board has fabrics that include a pink leopard, a yellow toile, and a pink and yellow houndstooth check! I paired a paint color by Martha Stewart called custard from her new line at Home Depot. A dainty pink/yellow tassel trim adds sweetness and detail to the board. I would love to come home to a sunroom done in these colors, wouldn't you?

A fun table like this one adds the personality that makes a room really special. I would put my urn of flowers right on top! This pink table  looks great with that pink leopard fabric. Maybe all the soft furnishings would be slipcovered in white....mmm...I  feel inspired!!

So that is the essence of an inspiration board. To get you excited and confident enough to move forward!



  1. So true. One special piece can really make a room! That table is right up my alley!

  2. Amy,
    I read your comment at Nancy's Daily Dish so came by to say hello. Welcome to blogging! You're off to a great start. Drop by for a visit. It's nice to meet new friends.

  3. I actually started my own inspiration board. It is so fun and helps me come up with so many ideas!


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