Monday, May 3, 2010

I have always been drawn to the color purple. When I was in junior high my mom let me paint my bedroom two shades of purple with pale pink woodwork. Thanks mom! It was my first interior design project and I loved my new digs!

Now when I specify purple paint in homes I tend to use a muddier version of the crisp colors I loved when I was younger. Colors like Ben Moore Amethyst Sky #1447 or After the Rain #1452.

I collect purple transferware and amethyst glass to satisfy my purple passion. So imagine when I happened upon a lake house for sale and it came with a purple dining room! Well I was happy to leave it be, even though it was a tad mightier purple than I would have picked. A healthy dose of green in the way of linen drapes and a country hutch made it all work. I hated the chandelier so I draped strands of amethyst crystal drapery trim from its arms and called it a day!


  1. Amy, I don't know how I missed this. I love your dining room and I loved reading your story about painting your room in the two shades or purple as a younger girl. My daughters had the most adorable shabby chic cottage room...we even put a faux rock path winding through the room, had the ceiling painted (by my Mom) with clouds and had a street sign made and placed it where the road verged (Kalyn Court & Ashton Avenue). Now they're a bit older and they wanted a more updated room with some bolder colors. My 15 year old is very artsy and she selected one shade of purple for one's like a deep periwinkle. I love it! I think it's so neat to hear that your Mom allowed you to spread your creative wings. You know I love, love, love your transferware! Your dining room is darling and sounds like it was meant just for you!

    I've got purple in my bedroom too...accented with green. I love the color combination...light or dark...stunning!

    Hope you're doing well!


  2. p/s I'd love to see close ups of the chandelier...that is so what I would do too! I haven't seen amethyst colored garland like that so I'm dying to get a closer look. Also...what are the square plates on the table? They look so great! Sorry, I'm nosy, aren't I? My hubby calls me Nosy Nancy! I'm really not...but when it comes to my family I am...I tell him that my nosiness keeps our kids from getting in trouble! lol

  3. Hi Nancy,
    No you aren't nosy, you are just loving the same stuff I do! I picked up the odd set of 6 square plates at a consignment shop in New Hampshire for $10! The color is more like a purplish-blue shade..I will get a closeup pic of them and send it to you to satisfy your curiosity!

  4. Oh I would love some purple transferware myself! Something about the color purple I bet transforms the typical brown transferware (that is SO popular down here in ATL) into something sassy and fun.

    Thanks for introducing yourself, Nancy! Glad I found your blog!


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