Thursday, May 6, 2010

Country French

Country French is my favorite decorating style.
There are so many ways to fit under the umbrella of Country French Design, from formal to rustic and everything in between!
Components of this design style incorporate painted pieces, feminine furniture styling, iron, toile and checks, yellows paired with blues, greens, or reds, baskets, & antiques sprinkled about.

 Rustic Elegance

Bon Appetit!

Limestone walls, blue & white pottery paired with golden yellow!

Formal yet approachable with floral drapes and a painted secretary.

French chairs and Hutch painted in a classic distressed green finish.

Try some French Country in your decorating!
All photos courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens


  1. Lovely blog! I'm a nut for French country.

  2. Amy,
    I agree French Country is a great look! I'm also partial to black & white check floors and interior brick walls. One of the best things about Boston is the abundance of character. My sis lives there too! Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  3. Cathy,
    I put in a black and white floor in one of my kitchens and in another I painted a large diamond pattern in a black stain on natural wood floor and it looked fantastic! I've moved a few times and had a few kitchens to redo! Thanks for visiting me!


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