Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Redecorating: Neutrals or Color?

Gorgeous and elegant...and very grown up!

It's time to redecorate and you have to decide:  are you going to go in a new direction with a neutral palette that is sophisticated yet simple, or go with a color scheme for walls and furniture that will translate your taste and style? I enjoy looking at the beautiful and subdued interiors that are basically done in soft whites, grays or taupes..but is it really something I want to live with day to day?
Would I miss my colors?? I love color and pattern! .
I decorated this Cape Cod living room with ocean and garden views in creamy whites.
We used scrim draped over poles to enhance the airy feel.

Who wouldn't want to sleep in these dreamy creamy bedrooms? Yet I think something is lacking...

I designed beautiful silk striped drapes
 for this fun colorful take on French Country!

This was my version of a  MacKenzie Childs sitting room...
pinks greens and yellows and  lots of cheeriness!

I called these draperies Gwyneth Paltrow Pink!
Remember that pink RL gown she wore to the Academy Awards years ago?
I never forgot it!
 This was a serious victorian dining room tamed with the fun and happy colors of pink and green.
Set a place for Lilly Pulitzer won't you?

These yellow damask and blue toile valances
made this kitchen come to life!

This is my sitting room at my Lake House in New Hampshire.
I love toile, and the black and white fabric
complements my tole tray collection.
The yellow walls make it sing with happiness.

Could this be any happier of a window treatment?

See this green country cabinet....it makes the room, doesn't it?

I just  had to get one for my Lake House...and it is my FAVORITE piece of furniture!
If it was white, I don't think I would love it as much....just saying!

I'll pick color over neutrals all day long.....its a natural mood enhancer!


  1. Love the Paltrow pink and the white Cape room. So dreamy!!

  2. Those pink drapes are amazing! Great work!

  3. I'm color all the way! No neutrals in my home. Pretty post.

  4. Amy, I love every picture here...they are all fantastic and your gorgeous lake dining room fits right in! I am so much a color person it's not even funny. I have to have color and I have to have lots of knick knacks all around. I'm a more is more person when it comes to decorating! ;)
    Got your Twitter message...sorry, I have been busy and was under the weather for several days.

    I can't believe I wasn't already a follower of your blog. Weird...could have sworn I was! I am now and I'm putting you on my sidebar.

    Have a great weekend,


  5. Hey, I grabbed your button to...it looks great! Someday I hope to have a nice one! ;-)

    Also, meant to say this earlier, but you and your hubby look so cute! You look great in a cowgirl hat!!!

    And...you have lived in some gorgeous homes...is the dream home where you live now? Stunning! I want an old house again with a big porch. I miss a porch swing. I loved reading how you've taken yours with you from home to home. So sweet!

  6. Nancy, I wish that last house was my real house..it is the house I dream about! I love porches too. I had a big Victorian with a wrap around porch for my 2nd house. I have to find a picture to add it to the list.
    I just figured out how to make a button, so I can help you if you like!
    After a trip to Wyoming, hubby & I became enamored of all things cowboy/girl!


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