Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bedrooms to Dream in...

Welcome to My Bedroom! Not really, but a girl can dream, right? I want to share some beautiful bedrooms with you, and I think you will see a common link in styling. I call this one Frenchy Victorian.
 Rustic Feminine. The brick wall is juxtaposed against the antique iron lamps, the lace laden iron bed and feminine details.

This sweet cottage bedroom is painted a color like BM Guilford Green, with painted bed and nightstand.
Enchanting isn't it? Serenity is the word with neutrals operating to showcase the french details like iron and crystal sconses and and a white bed piled high with white ruffled pillows.

 Cottage Farmhouse with a bed in a painted distressed finish with BM Woodlawn Blue beadboard and Van Alen Green walls. A bed dressed in white adds to the simplicity.

Swedish Farmhouse Style.
                       Whites and Blues with white painted floor and toile pillows.
Feminine Frenchy bedroom grounded by black needlepoint carpet and dark wood bed dressed in soft pinks and beige.

Cottage Farmhouse Styling in buttery yellow like BM Weston Flax with distressed painted night stand and old fashioned rose paintings.

Blue and White are a classic combination that lets you take the feminine one step further. The sweet details like ribboned mirror and toile and lace bedding are held in check by the blue walls, painted in a color similar to BM Buxton Blue. 
Feminine Cabin with a big dash of whimsy with mosquito netting!

A classic French Country Bedroom with the layering of florals and toiles in golds and reds. Walls remind me of my favorite color, BM Hepplewhite Ivory.

When you are a girl at heart, you can never have enough pastels!  Flea market finds abound with success in this mix and match paradise.
The only thing missing is a chandelier!

Sweet Dreams!

All photos courtesy of Country Living Magazine

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  1. Love, Love, Love! We must have the same taste, because I already had several of the same ones saved in my files! Glad I don't have to pick a favorite---it would be impossible! Happy Mother's Day!


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