Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brimfield Fair Diary~Day Two

 Day two, for us, at the Brimfield Fair, which is actually the last day of the fair~hoping to get some good deals.  We hit the road early and planned to start at the very beginning of the one mile stretch of venues. You can see us parking at the church and heading to the tents in this 30 second video below. This post is more of a video diary, and I don't have any experience uploading videos. Yesterday the one video I uploaded directly quickly became unavailable, so today I am using YouTube...you can skip the videos, of course!

Next we approach the tents, and look how amazing it all is!! Another 30 second snippet of the shops.

 We try to go in rows and came across this very pretty tent all set up like a store.  This is where I got a few things, to include a very sweet little blue and white handled dish~and you will hear how happy I am to discover it as I stumble upon it. This is what Brimfield action is really like!

 This lady did really pretty fall displays, such as stuffing a broken clock with a bird's nest.
 As I paused to take this shot of a needlepoint chair, Sue informed me that she threw one out just like it!  Gah! Argh!
 Isn't this garden potting bench sweet with the faucet attached above a sink~just for show...cute anyway.
 Oh look~purple transferware, but it is only a pile of the same college souvenir dishes for William and Mary at $50 each. No thanks....

 My prom days are over, but I bet Rachel Ashwell would have loved this pink dress. It was $150.
We are headed down another alleyway of tents. Sometimes it is just so fun to be with your BF sharing discoveries together~and a few laughs too!

This fabulous bed was going to be mine for $100 if I wanted it~the dealer was really trying to make me take it home. I would have if I had the extra room, I love beds with wrap around footboards.
We were getting excited because a lot of these prices seemed better than the day before, and the dealers were giving bigger discounts.
These things reminded me of Kim from Savvy Southern Style...
Sue and I both loved this old cabinet~what a great coffee or wine bar this would make.
This piece is from German Favorite Antiques, a shop in Leesburg Virginia.
Someone made their cart look all dolled up with these cute fabrics! We continued shopping and walking and looking and talking and...I even grabbed a delicious home made donut after they handed us free samples!

 And then it happened, I saw a real live purple transferware vegetable bowl.  At this point I was so desperate for a great piece that I didn't care that this bowl was almost $100! But I asked what her best price was, and she said $60~SOLD! This next video captures the moment!!

 I was equally elated to find this very nice toile remnant in purple. It had dogs and roses~the perfect combination in my humble opinion. It will make a pair of nice pillows or a kitchen valance. Price was $20, but I got it for $10!
 A client of mine is due to have her third baby anytime now, so when I saw this darling dish I got it for her.
A nice enamelware coffee pot in such a great color~headed to my Etsy shop.
 This three piece set of blue and white with gold is very shabby~and will go in my Etsy shop too.
Another pretty trio, this french vanity set will go on my vanity. I am in love with this robin egg blue color.
So these are some of my treasures that I brought home. I got a lot of other smalls I didn't show off alone.
I ended up making more videos the second day than taking pictures. I forgot to take a picture of Sue's oil painting that she found, but it is in the final video below. Back at the car, loading our stuff, and I realize now that I cannot turn the camera and expect the screen to turn with me, like you can with an iPhone....so sorry about the sideways element...

Thanks for coming to the Brimfield Fair in Massachusetts with Sue and me~

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