Thursday, September 22, 2011

A big girl sleepover

I am going to my first virtual sleepover~
this is getting kind of crazy in blogland, but stick with me.
 It is kind of a neat idea~a bunch of bloggers are going to
 virtually sleepover at a pal's house and watch movies 
and have some refreshments and talk about girl stuff~to include
 our favorite all time movies, based on the set designs!  
I have picked out my jammies~
they are by Nick n' Nora and I got them
 at Target a couple of years ago. 
 I bought them for Christmas one year, 
but since they are all pastel colors, they don't scream Christmas!
So I get to wear them as soon as it starts getting cold around here. 
They are soft flannel in my favorite colors and they
 have little dogs and pink houses on them~
so for me that is a winning combination.
Cute, right?
 I reached up on top of the fridge and 
pulled down a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to bring along.
That is one thing that you do get to have on  big girl sleep overs~ big girl drinks!
I'll bring along some baked brie and crackers~
enough to share with my gal pals. Yummy.
The movie I want to share with the best set design, 
in my opinion, was Out of Africa.
I loved everything about this movie, 
and fantasized about being living in such a dream house.
Karen Blixen's House in Out of Africa
The living room~its very English cottage! 
 This is amazing~Karen set up house in the middle of Africa, 
and yet it is English Cottage inside.
The set designers did a great job with this movie~look at all of the details.
Don't you love those french doors with the curved cut outs at the top?
 So romantic! Karen made all the helpers wear white gloves
 so as not to ruin her precious things.
She sets a fancy dinner table every time she entertains. 
Look at the silver and the centerpiece. 
Karen is drinking white wine too I see.
 Her bedroom set design is fabulous and timeless~
(I could find a room like this on a blog somewhere on any given day.)
She's just like me! I love to read in bed before I go to sleep.
A lovely window seat in her room done in a romantic french brocade stripe. 
The lace panels are lovely too. The dog is just as beautiful.
 She would have tea with her linen cloth and silver service out on the veranda. 
That is the life!
 Look at the set design, the wonderful wicker chairs, 
the topiaries and bamboo slatted roller shades~
it all seems vintage and current at the same time.
 This was a very sad scene for me to watch~
her yard sale when she had to leave Africa. 
I actually cried at this part. 
So sad to see her dream die, 
and to have the furniture littering the lawn with price tags
was just very moving. I cried a lot during this movie.
 But it is still my favorite movie of all time.
Have you ever seen it? It won picture of the year you know. 
I think most might say it is a girl movie, 
so I am glad I can share it with my GFs tonight.
I got all the images from Julia's Hooked on Houses post
 that she wrote about this movie.
Click Julia's name above to go read more about this fabulous movie.
The Slumber Party is at Donna's of A Reclaimed Life. 
You are invited too! 
So come on over and see who else is showing up
 in their jammies with their favorite movie!


  1. Hello Amy,
    what a fun party. Nice idea.
    I love the movie Out of Africa and have the book, too. Just romantic.
    best rgeetings, Johanna

  2. I knew you were a kindred soul. This is my all time favorite movie from this generation too. I love it all....from the her acting and, of course, last-but not least-Denys Finch Hatton- Robert Redford. I hope you girls have a wonderful "sleep over"...and don't you be staying up all night now!;>) xo Diana

  3. I haven't seen that movie but now I want too. Have fun!!

  4. Sounds like fun!!
    Have a great sleepover and enjoy the movie.
    I haven't seen the movie I will have to get it and watch it.
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  5. How fun! I've never heard of a virtual sleepover. I will definitely go check out the others. I did enjoy that movie too and especially the home decor. It's so timeless that you could still live like that today.

  6. Sounds like so much fun Amy!! What a cute idea- love the jammies too! :)

  7. Hi Amy,
    This sounds like lots of fun. Love your jammies.
    So go curl up, sip a glass of wine and watch your movie and cry.


  8. Hey girlie! Cute jammies! I love flannel in the cooler months~ so cuddly!
    I am just getting home from dinner was just thrilled that everything loaded and worked like I had hoped!
    I love this movie too~ I cried at the same place! It's such a fabulous set and I could live there in a heartbeat!
    English Country style is so yummy and timeless!
    Thanks for being apart of my sleepover....your the best!
    hugs from here,
    ~I too read in bed every evening and always look forward to the quiet unwinding.~

  9. Sure wish i was there in my jammies swigging some wine, painting finger and toenails, chatting about the decor, and eating some salted caramel cupcakes! sigh...


  10. I'd forgotten how amazing this house was! Thanks for the trip down movie memory lane!

  11. I love the landscape scenes, clothes and the house, yes, the house. I also wanted to make everyone of her outfits in that movie!! Linen everything...such a dream!

  12. Oh, I loved this movie, and give me a pair of comfy flannel pajamas, and I'm in heaven!!

  13. Oh Amy I loved this movie... that porch is so wonderful. Can you imagine all the wonderful sites you could see sitting on that porch!
    Love your jammies... now can I braid your hair?
    How about a manicure?
    Nice hanging with you and thanks for bringing the goodies, they were delicious.

  14. sounds like a really great time. see what i can do... never seen the movie, but now its a must do on my adgenda. perfect for a "fall" night. well its officially fall now... sorry that summer is over. i really enjoy fall, but its just the prelude to......brrrr. have fun, enjoy your big girl beverage and apps.:)

  15. ohhh... i found a birdcage[frenchy] today @ a rumm. sale 5 bucks. yesss

  16. I need to see the movie again, it's been so long ago, and I cried so much I just hadn't wanted to see it, but the photos make me want to try it now. Have fun you all. Wouldn't it be great to REALLY get together?!! xoxo

  17. Totally LOVE that movie and her British Colonial style! So inspiring!

  18. This is adorable. Out of Africa was a beautiful movie and my moms all time favorite. You are right the setting and scenery are out of this world. Love your jammies too! I am very into cozy comfy pjs. Have fun at your sleepover!

  19. What a fun idea! I love your jammies with the Westies on them :D

  20. Sounds like fun! I had forgotten about that set design...thanks for showing it. I loved seeing it again, especially with you pointing out things like the curved doors. Happy weekend,

  21. Good Morning, Amy!
    I cannot tell you how excited I was to see
    Maison Decor pop up in my comments today! I just knew that you were a Nick & Nora girl.

    I love the movie Out of Africa. I need to watch it once again.

    Your home is BEAUTIFUL and inspiring. Your blog reflects a warm smile and good humor. I visit often!
    Have a great weekend!

  22. Hi Amy!
    Sooo much fun with you gals at the sleepover ;) Im trying to catch up on my sleep...hehe.
    I cannot believe that I forgot about this movie. GORGEOUS!! And you are right...I am in deep love with all that stonework *drool*. I am a sucker for period movies. The sense of style back then was just impeccable. Out of Africa nailed the set design. Im gonna have to put the movie on my netflix list to catch up - im so inspired!
    Looking forward to being new buddies :)


    ps - you got my vote for best jammies at the sleepover! So cute ;)

  23. I had already posted at Nitas that we'd watch Tootsie to ogle Jessica Langes pink LR and Out of Africa to ogle Robert Redford -- oops, I meant the decor. All before flipping over here. I just knew I liked you!

  24. What a fun idea! A slumber blog party. I've never seen the movie and I guess I need to now.


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