Wednesday, September 14, 2011

decorating with transferware

A simple way to use transferware in home decor
 is to make a floral container out of a vessel.
One piece like this adds cottage charm and a nod to yesteryear.
Typically one sees a collection 
of transferware showcased in cupboards.  
Adding just a few red and white plates transformed these shelves.
Another common area for decorating with transferware is in the kitchen.
The large hood over the range is a great place to display a prized platter.
Leave it to Martha Stewart to design a 
wedding cake to coordinate with transferware!
Can you say gorgeous? 
An enchanting backdrop for the dog figurines, 
the plates make for a charming brown and white vignette.
I have a weakness for purple transferware. 
This is a pretty table that uses white dishes and sets a 
small purple Clarice Cliff Charlotte plate on the top. 
This is quite lovely, on a sideboard~a big collection to admire on a daily basis.
I vividly recall seeing this first on Cote de Texas. 
The entire wall is covered with purple and mulberry transferware plates.
 I think it is quite incredible!
 Not in love with mirror or lamps in that black finish though.
The first purple piece I ever got was this lacy looking teapot.
It started my collection~
I built up my collection one or two plates at a time.
On Etsy I found this tiny sugar bowl lamp for my kitchen.
I have since added a set of dinner ware in purple that I can't wait to share
with you all! I also got a few pieces from my Brimfield Trip.
I don't know anyone who has a 
bigger collection than Nancy of Nancy's Daily Dish.
She has a business and a blog built around transferware.
I asked Nancy to work with a
 client of mine to put together an instant collection
for her dining room and living room walls. 
When the project is completed I will be bringing you pictures,
but here is what Nancy sent me for 
one of the groupings for my client to consider.
We will be hanging this row of plates above an arched window~
it is going to look amazing!
Totally a coincidence, but lucky for us all that love transferware,
 I see that Nancy is having a giveaway at Stone Gable this morning! 
So if you are looking to get into transferware, 
head over there and maybe you will get lucky!

If you are in the shopping mood, 
you can see a few pieces for sale at reasonable prices

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  1. I love the look of transferware, but I do not own a single piece of it!!! *but I still love it*

    I also do not get the black mirror and lamps in that pale, lovely room with the lilac transferware. I think rooms should have tiny bits of black, but it is too much black.

    I love this post! :D

  2. Amy what a swoon worthy post. I have a pretty decent amount myself, all blue and white but the collection is a work in progress, it is highly decorative, totally elegant and timeless which makes it a great investment. Love your collection and the beautiful pictures you showed here!! A real treat.

  3. Amy,
    I tried to click on your email button and for some reason my lovely old computer won't open your address. Can you email me so I can get in touch with you? I just need a little advice about pricing:) Thanks!

    P.s. Is that cake not to die for?!

  4. Love these images. I think I have each of these saved in my files, including your room! Funny!

    Thanks for the mention!


  5. I have some blue and white transferware, but the purple is so beautiful and unique!

  6. I love transferware too. My current favorite is the brown and white color palette. I have some displayed in my pine wall hutch in my sitting room (or living room as it's sometimes called). I think it looks so English Country. Love your blog! I am now a follower.

  7. I love transferware and I have a set of dishes in red and blue transferware. I love the brown transferware too...

    Love your little lamp!

  8. Fun post! I've always loved transferware. Your purple collection is unique and gorgeous!

  9. I'm a new fan of transferware and am loving it. I really had no idea there were so many patterns and colors. Your purple is very beautiful. The little lamp is unusual and quite cute. Thanks for educating me on the variety of colors and patterns in these gorgeous dishes.------- Shannon

  10. Such gorgeous photos, love your post! I love them ALL, I don't think Ican pick any one in particular, everything with transferware is just so old world and lovely!! Thanks for sharing!
    Lots of hugs, FABBY

  11. Great examples Amy... Such pretty and inspiring photos. I love that one Cote de Texas wall... wow..

    Looks like you made some good finds on your shopping trip too... I'm over to your Etsy shop to snoop around...


  12. Love all the transferware! I have a large collection of blue and white transferware. I have had to contain myself on the buying since I am running out of space. I love it and it is so nice to see it featured in your blog. The purple is gorgeous too. Have a great day!


  13. I love the look of transfer and need to add more to my home. Love the lamp with the fringe.

  14. Amy, You have a beautiful collection of transferware and I love how you have displayed the plates and platters. I love the teapot and the new lamp. Nancy has the most amazing collection of transferware and she is wonderful about sharing her knowledge.

  15. Oh Amy, you had me at transferware. I love the black, mulberry, blue, red, brown, well, you get the deal.


  16. Those pictures made my day, especially the first one. I love transferware... Though I do not have a collection... yet! That sugar bowl lamp is just too cute to be true... Get me thinking, as kitchen should be redone next year or so and I don't want "kitchen lights" in it!

  17. I LOVE the wall of transferware, but I agree.... not too crazy about the black lamps and mirror.

  18. Oh, no! I've never heard of purple transfer ware before today. I'm smitten. I can see why that lovely teapot started your obsession. I've been bit!


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