Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kirstie Alley's Shabby~Chic Cottage

Kirstie Alley, the actress of Cheers fame and most recently
Dancing with the Stars would have been an interior designer if she wasn't an actress.
She uses lots of pretty colors and has  feminine-cottage-frenchy taste.
I had never seen interior shots of this house before, 
but since she is selling it, these pics have hit the market.
Sadly they are low resolution 
and are kind of fuzzy looking. 
But share them I must!
I have seen her other house pictures and knows she loves French country style.
This house is more Romantic Cottage style.
No man ever set foot in here I think~
it is girly heaven.
The first pic shows marble counters with the candy pink walls in the kitchen
with gingerbread trimming on open shelving.
Plenty of nostalgic kitchen wares can be seen.
I can just see Kirsty serving up a glass of lemonade right at this spot,
looking out her window at the ocean.
 The kitchen has candy pink walls
with white lower cabinets and open shelves instead of upper cabs.
It is open to the rest of the house. 
Pretty wide pine floors and a vintage style fridge
along with toile slips on the chairs all spell cottage.
 Looking this way you can see a huge black marble sink 
(not sure why she picked black) looking out towards the family room.
A big shelf over her big industrial stove holds vintage plates.
This looks like some kind of storage area for her collections of dinnerware.
I would love to have this kind of a quirky room in my house.
Kind of a butler pantry with  farm sink on legs 
and an island for cutting the flowers and putting them in pails and vases.
 Hey, look at this~Kirsty and I have the same smocked curtains!
 This is the family room with many
cottage fabrics in pinks and greens all made up into slipcovers. 
What a fabulous rug, it looks like a chinoiserie toile rug in pink.
Here is the same room looking down from the second level.
Look at the dual tole cage chandys!
 A card table set up with 4 pink slipcovered
 chairs nestled under another tole chandy.
More smocked curtains and the breeze 
just blows in from the ocean while Kirsty 
and her GF's play gin rummy and eat pizza!
I mean, while they eat cucumber sandwiches and drink tea.
 Two large beds all in white chenille share 
this beautiful beamed bedroom with fireplace.
I can picture tucking in my twin neices at night in this room.
Kirsty uses a lot of wallpaper prints in this house, 
and it just adds to the cottage charm.
 I am guessing this is the master bedroom. 
Green whimsical wallpaper in medallion print 
of something that I can't make out...maybe it is pictures of dogs..?
 Who knows, but I bet it is cute.
This room has lots of painted furniture and layers 
of mismatched bedding and funky vintage light fixtures.
I bet Kirsty went to all the local auctions and 
always outbid everyone else for something she really wanted. 
 A sitting area on with a beamed ceiling 
and fireplace and a humungous chandelier.
 A powder room with a very neat sink and fun painted chest.
 My favorite bathroom has a long 
porcelain console sink with the most fabulous aqua lamp
just plugged in and sitting there. 
Pretty pink toile wallpaper, beadboard, 
an old gold mirror and frenchy type sconces...
I am in love with this darling bathroom.
If I had 2.3 million I would buy this house. 
It is on 17 acres and is on an island in Maine,
so ocean views all around.
The realtor buzz is that it they hope the right buyer
 that loves pink and green and girly style will fall in love with this island home.
If only it were a little cheaper...


  1. Her home is lovely but way too girlie for Mr. Sissie. He puts up with my ruffles and frill to a point! LOL!

    It would sure be a fun play house though!


  2. Yeah, if it were only a little cheaper...ummm Hugs, FABBY

  3. How totally charming! Thanks for sharing.....what a beautiful setting.

  4. Pink is my favorite color but that might be just a little much even for me. It is a beautiful home for some lucky(wealthy) buyer, though. I like the curtains that she obviously copied from you. Both of you have great taste. LOL

  5. Oh, how FUN!! I wondered about the black kitchen sink, too, but everything else is sooo charming. Can't imagine any man stepping foot in it though! :) I'd LOVE to do my girls' bedroom like that!!!

  6. You made me laugh out loud talking about the gin rummy, and pizza, i mean ummmm cucumber sandwiches and tea... What an amazing charming cottage, and at the beach no less... God, i'm so jealous! Did you see that rug, and those pink ceilings in the bedroom!... holy moly! I knew Kristi was cool, the few times i've watched her on tv she was wonderfully irreverent... and i like how she likes food and gets fat sometimes... smile


  7. I'd LOVE to just walk in and live there as is! Unfortunately, I don't think my husband would feel quite the same about all the pink! Interesting tour, thanks for this!

  8. The fact that it is in Maine grabs me but nothing else. It is TOO pink for me!! Wow, I surprise myself because I usually keep negative opinions to myself! lol! I'd move in, but with 20 gallons of white paint!


  9. Fantastic !Would make a great summer home for a single lady like me . If I only had 2.3 mil.

  10. I have seen it before on an interview before, what a dollhouse!
    What a place with a view to rest your heart on.

    Kirsty before show biz was a designer in home fashions for J.C Penny's go figure!

    Reminds me of Pamela Lee Andersons beach home in ways :)
    Beautiful post!
    Would also love to move in even without the fluff, the bones of the home is the wow factor :)

  11. Well, it is just darling. I don't think of her as having all that PINK for some reason...she has such a sassy personality but I think that underneath that "tough chick" exterior is a soft, warm, romantic soul.

    I don't know if I could live with THAT MUCH pink full time though~ xo Diana

  12. I Love it!!! I need to find that prince charming though so he can buy the home for me :-)
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  13. Definately a woman after my own heart! I love pink and green and to see Kirsty decorate in those colours proves to me that you should stick to what you love .. not what's in fashion! thanks for sharing Amy! take care, Maryann

  14. I agree with a lot of the sentiment, too pink! I think pink needs to be added in bits...the only room that should be pink is the master bathroom. If the kitchen was white, or off white I think the house would have more universal appeal. But it is nice to think of Kirstie with her girly side and letting it all hang out.

  15. Amy it is indeed a girlie dream-house. From a Real Estate standpoint she will either get someone who wants to do a total makeover or someone who loves the feel, another single woman perhaps. It is a LOT of pink!

    Come and join my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!!


    Art by Karena

  16. I love so many of the aspects of this house, just not so many of them at the same time! That said, I still wish we could see better pictures. Such a shame to view all that cuteness with the low resolution photos. And that location is to-die-for! Great job, Amy! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  17. Very pretty! It's definitely more romantic. Funny, I would never have pegged her as someone with such feminine, shabby chic taste. Goes to show how much we 'truly' know about celebrities. For the record, I think she's a hoot.


  18. I had the money I would be out bidding you LOL


  19. Do you remember years ago she was interviewed on tv in one of her homes...I swear she had a red or purple velvet bed...right out of Graceland. It looked like a bordello. I wonder if she owns more than one house at a time and decorates different houses in a completely opposite fashion from each other, or if she only owns one at a time and goes crazy with whatever theme she is in the mood for?

  20. Oh I agree this is such a charming house!! All that acreage and those awesome views!!

  21. I think the place definitely suits Kirstie's personality - and isn't that the point?

  22. I saw this on HOH the other day! And I am with you - if I had the money I would move to the US and snap that baby up!! It is soooo gorgeous! Although I do wish the photos were clearer, I want to see close-ups of all the details ;)!
    Hope you are having a great week Amy!
    jen xo

    ps - can I ask where you got your smocked curtains Amy?, I have been admiring them for ages!! xo

  23. Oh wow! I've never seen her house. My favorite are the pink ceilings! And I love the mirror in the bathroom too. Pretty!

  24. I love her cottage, and I want it! ;P

  25. So fun! Thanks so much for sharing it. It's so much fun to get to see inside a big gorgeous home like this! I am with you on the black sink - it seems like an odd choice.

  26. I love Kirstie even more now! Beautiful home!

  27. A little over the top and I've never seen anything like it but you know... it's kind neat!

  28. I would love to decorate a house so girly and use so much pink, but alas, with a husband and three little boys it will never happen. Kirstie's home seems to be kind of a fantasy home, but I suspect it may not sell quickly since it's so personally decorated to her taste. Thanks for sharing, Sally xx

  29. Love Love it!!!! I met her once, years ago. She was gracious and funny, so very likeable. I have been a huge fan evet since. I would love living in all that girly splendor and Studly Do Right would just have to deal!

  30. Good afternoon Amy,
    I found the same post on another blog but with beautiful and big pictures, I thought maybe you could use them for your post,they are of a very good quality. Here's the adress:

    Oh ! I love it too !

  31. Buying a lottery ticket today - maybe it could be mine!
    This is SO me , I can't stand it!
    Have a pretty day!


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