Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Heart Back Chair

Inspiration From Blogland
 A heart back chair, all tufted in a blue floral. 
Wow, I am in love! 
I found this pretty chair on a brand new blog
  called Macayla's Room. Isn't this chair the sweetest thing ever?
It reminds me of the day I walked into an antique shop 
and there were a set of 6 of these heart shaped chairs,
 all done in pink damask. I did not buy them,
 but they would have been perfect for me.
I still think about them...
 Sarah found her chair in this condition, a faded velvet for just $15. 
 Sarah went to the fabric store with her mom 
and selected this blue floral fabric, 
a girl after my own heart.
Normally a DIYer, she left this chair to a professional upholsterer 
and it came out amazing!
Anyway, Sarah emailed me with a question about tole trays
 and told me she had been inspired by my blog.
I discovered she has just started her own blog
 and when I went to visit,
 I found a very enchanting and fresh blog to explore~
Macayla's Room, named after her young daughter. 
Sarah is constantly finding amazing treasures for short dough,
 like this incredible chandy that she hung up in her daughters room.
 If you are looking for inspiration and a fresh new face,
I was her third follower, let's show her some love!
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  1. Now this chair is BEAUTIFUL!!! ciao Flavia

  2. Wow, great chair! I would have left the tufting to a pro, too. There are just some things I will not attempt! Thanks for the intro.

  3. That is very sweet and I could soo see that in YOUR house, Amy! I will go check out her blog...always so much fun to discover a new one worth getting excited about!

  4. i think the fabric compliments the chair perfectly!! wow! 15.00? great find. off to check out her blog...

    hugs, cindy

  5. That little chair is so romantic and sweet.*sigh*

  6. Now that truly is a sweet seat. I'll go visit. :)

  7. Yezz!! This chair is adorable, just so sweet and darling! I love the new pholstery, sweet and romantic! Hugs, FABBY

  8. I can't thank you enough Amy! And thank you to all of your followers that commented on it! My cup runneth over :)

  9. I love the chair, too, Amy. It is gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful chair, and such pretty fabric.... love the pinks and blue!

  11. Perfect fabric for that chair. I heart it!

  12. I've never seen a heart-backed chair before, it's definitely "sweet"!! thanks for sharing the inspiration, Amy!!

  13. Lovin' that heart backed chair and the fabric she chose...looks amazing! Off to visit...


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