Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heading to Brimfield!

This year I am finally headed to Brimfield!
Brimfield is considered the largest outdoor antique show in the USA.
There are about 5000 dealers in 21 different venues (or fields).
The fair geographically covers one mile 
on each side of Rt. 20 in Brimfield, Massachusetts.
The fair runs three times a year, May, July and September, and 
is open from Tuesday through Sunday.
This is a map of Route 20 and all of the arrows
 show the location of a venue or field of dealers.
I have always read about Brimfield, 
and considering I am located only 1.5 hours away
 I finally decided to go see what all the excitement is about.
 How come I waited so long?
It is something you want to do with a
 like minded, antique loving buddy, so when my GF Sue asked me,
there was no second guessing~I was totally up for it!
Luckily I was able to get a room at this inn, located in nearby Sturbridge Village.
 If you grew up in Massachusetts, Sturbridge Village was always a school field trip destination. 
Old Sturbridge Village  is one of the country's largest living history museums.
 It has historians in costume, antique buildings, 
water powered mills and a working farm. 
Visitors can ride the stage coach, view antiques, tour heirloom gardens,
 meet heritage breed animals and enjoy hands on crafts. 
If you ever vacation in Massachusetts, 
you might plan a trip here with your kids.
This is the kind of thing you will see at Sturbridge Village~its a step back in time. 
But I digress..
I am getting ready for my trip to Brimfield
 to go on the search for vintage and antique goodies!
Sue and I are not going until Saturday. 
I am trying to take a laid back attitude about this trip,
 and not get all hyped up thinking I will miss out on all the good stuff,
 since the show starts on Tuesday.
I figure we will get all the bargains on Sunday!
 We will drive by the city limit sign around 8:30 on Saturday morning,
 find a place to park the car, and then the hunt begins....!
Take a look at these shoppers~hats, bags, fanny packs (ugh), 
reading glasses, measuring tapes, shopping lists and measurements, cash....
plan to dress for the weather, you'll need a backpack 
and/or a big shoulder strap tote bag, good walking shoes
 or wellies if it is wet out, bottled water, and handy wipes.
 Pack a few snacks, as you won't 
want to stop to eat until you are starving.
 I plan on wearing my blue hat I got from MV for sure...
and am getting all the other necessary things ready 
for this epic antique shopping event.
 Linda, the blogger from Juniper Hill, always has a booth at Brimfield. 
I will be stopping by to say hello to her~how fun to meet bloggers in person!
 I won't be carrying any furniture home with me however, 
but you can check out the lovely things she has
 been preparing for Brimfield on her blog by clicking here.
My plan is to look for small items that I can carry easily.
 I want to add to my collection of purple transferware. 
If I see a table like this, I will be a gonner!!
Look at that tall purple pitcher! OMG...heaven help me.
I promise myself I am going to not buy any chandys or mirrors.
Maybe a roll or two of vintage wallpaper. 
We will see how this goes...I fall in love easily with anything old and pretty.
I will be taking my camera so I can document the experience for my blog
and then maybe you all will want to plan a trip to the Brimfield Fair!
 If all goes really well, I might persuade Mr. Maison Decor
 to come out next May with the big trailer so we can
 buy whatever we want, with resale in mind, of course!

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