Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland comes for breakfast

I have some whimsical dishes and accessories
 gathered over time.
I put them all together for an
impromptu breakfast in my country kitchen.
These black eyed susans grow wild in my yard.
I popped one each in a tiny milk bottle and sat them on a copper tray.
first things is my breakfast table in the kitchen.
I found this on the side of the road with these
 beautiful chairs on a country drive one day.
It was for sale $135. Sold!
This view is from the island looking at my tiny painted secretary,
I used a small hooked rug with a pink and green floral
on beige leopard for my base to
hold the teapots and the milk bottle centerpiece.
Each coffee cup is handpainted and unique.
My tennis friends gave these to me as a house gift
when we had a girls weekend about eight years ago.
The cups are from Martha's Vineyard and I love them!
The green and white checkered plates came from a NH consignment shop.
Darling mini teapot from a junk it.
Big round pine table can seat
as many friends that show up.
I plopped some quilted french floral pillows
on the chairs for that all important charm factor.
 Pillows I bought a few years ago from TJMaxx.
The floral tea set is about 20 years old.
I got it in Florida at a consignment shop visiting my folks.
Still darling and a favorite.
How fun are the plates and the cups?
This is a recent score.
I got a silverplate mix of odds and ends
 and some hotel silver in a case for $35
at the consigment shop this summer.
Perfect for a summer house.
Pink and green and whimsical.
A fun breakfast table set for Alice....
She's here!!
She just parked her bike outside the door!

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  1. What a great summery table! I love all your pieces, they are just is your home. Your table and chairs are just TOO good of a find! They look great. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

  2. Great buy on the kitchen table/ the lime checkered dishes...the colorful cups go so nicely with them. Your table makes me smile!

  3. Your table is so cute and whimsical! Love all the cheerful colors!


  4. So cheerful and pretty. I love the octagon shaped plates and all your flowery accessories. Cute milk bottles!
    I'm hoping to get my tablescape post up late tonight or tomorrow.
    Have a great evening, Amy.

  5. I love how fun and cheery your table is...perfect summer colors!! You scored a great deal on the table, I wonder what they replaced it with! ;-D


  6. You've posted my dishes!!! I think these are so fun and can go with so many different things. You've given me alot of new ideas to use with mine. Thanks for sharing today!

  7. I love the green plaid dishes with cups.. how cheery and fun. lovely.

  8. Love your cheerful table! The cups are so cute!Thank you for sharing.

  9. I love your table!! it's so cool that everything came from such different places and that you remember all the stories. Have fun :)

  10. I adore the colors on your table. The green plates are really cute. The pink tea set is so whimsical!

  11. Oh, I was excited to see the same wonderful green gingham dishes as Sharon showed us this week! What a pretty table! And thank you for the mini-tour of your wonderful kitchen and dining area!

  12. I love to see a whimsical table like this. The pinks and the greens are so pretty together. I am sure Alice felt right at home!

  13. What a lovely table you've set! I love each piece you've used! I'm drooling over your pretty little secretary!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Lovely table, especially the coffe cups and the flora tea set really speak to me.
    Greetings, Johanna

  15. I love the Alice in Wonderland TST what a fabulous idea! it's so charming! have a great day!

  16. Your table is so pretty, I love your dishes! Mary

  17. Your table is simply stunning... Love all the dishes.. and all the table settings.. gorgeous!

  18. Amy, you know how to shop and what fantastic taste you have. I'm loving your entire kitchen... but the table and chairs are to die for. I also really like the fixture over your dining area... I am wondering if the curved parts are leaves?

  19. Hi Amy-

    Your home is so pretty - the colors yummy delicious!!! I laughed out loud at the statment on your right sidebar about flunking math and needlework - Oh! I am so with you on that one. I wrote a DIY home dec book a few years ago and I made sure the publisher included a quote by me on the back cover that said, "Decorating is not like mathmatics, where there is only one correct answer..." I had to proof to all those math teachers I had that I could still be a success in life without knowing how to do Calculus.

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I too have thrown out items thinking I would never use them again, but always after they are gone, I get tons of ideas on how I could have used them. You live, ya learn.

    My best- Diane

  20. How sweet! The cute colours just make me smile. :)



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