Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea in the Study

Join me for tea in my study please!
And why not?
I love sitting in my study with the
 toile draperies and tole trays.
Lets take a quick break and have a cookies and tea.
I bought these Limoges tea cups and desert plates
 at the local consignment shop.
 Pale aqua pinks, greens and gold
 in a hand painted floral design.
Ferns from the garden and a small bouquet dress the table.
My favorite purple teapot will do the honors.
A scalloped lace cloth came from the same shop.
My fair maiden in aqua was my grandmothers.
Thanks for joining me. 
Tea for Two.
In the Study.

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  1. Very cute. Love the lavender teapot. The small bouquet is charming!

  2. Your drapes in the study are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love that black and white toile. -c

  3. Very pretty, Amy. Thee china is beautiful and I love the lace pillows on the chairs. You have a good eye for detail. Lovely!


  4. Hi Amy, Thanks for sharing your tea... so pretty! I love your purple teapot! I love purple dishes they always seem so special because they aren't so common:-)

  5. The lavendar teapot is so special...what time should I come for tea? Lovely tablescape in a gorgeous setting. I'm following you, too! Cherry Kay

  6. very... very cute!!

  7. I LOVE this room! Those drapes (you made them, right?), those tole trays and THAT transferware teapot are all spectacular! I know you've shown it to me pretty! I love how you've put it all together.
    I like the wall colors to. Is it more yellow or gold?
    I was thinking about you today. You have that report card somewhere on your sidebar noting the irony that you now make drapes for a living. I barely passed (I may have flunked) home ed in 7th grade. I still can't sew but I CAN glue gun! lol Anyway, for some reason I thought of that and started cracking up!

    Have a great night,


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. So sunny and inviting! That in and of itself, draws you in and begs you to sit down and take a sip of tea and a nibble on your delish cookies! TFS!


    I deleted the above comment because I typed hate instead of take ... talk about a WHACKY typo!

  10. You have a beautiful study. I love your "fair maiden" figure. So pretty.

  11. said. My favorite word. Especially black or chocolate on white or cream...oh, it sends chills up my spine (: I love your study and the bright cheery feeling it evokes. Well lovely. I know you enjoy it immensely (:


  12. Yes, my company made the toile drapes about 8 years ago. I first used them in my home office and had complementary wallpaper. Then they went to my son's apartment..and now they are back in my NH study. The walls are painted BM Weston Flax on top and Concord Ivory on the bottom. I thought the tole trays tied it all together! There is also a big wingchair in the study slipcovered in the toile pattern as well.

  13. This is so charming! I love the setting and the beautiful dishes.

  14. Okay, first, I just want to LIVE in your header photo. So gorgeous! As for your table in the study, those dessert plates and teacups are SO pretty, and that is an amazing teapot. I've never seen one with that sort of top! Very fun to see!

  15. Your study tea is so pretty..the table so inviting.

  16. Amy, I needed to see some pretty stuff today, and I thought, I need to look around Amy's! Thanks for decorating in such a pleasing way!


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