Monday, July 12, 2010

A Country Garden

There is a garden that I have long admired and enjoyed.
Its effortless look and uncontrived beauty is such a joy.
This garden belongs to my friend Judy.
This victorian planter sits outside year round.
The  back yard and end of the drive.
Her workshop building is in the background. Lucky!
I love all the granite and how she places them.
See the little frog perched on the granite chair?
A bell tower stands as sentinel on a
frenchy style pea gravel drive
surrounded by rock walls.
Old clorox bottles and a rusty fleur~de~lis.
Perfect companions under the bell tower.
This beauty of a bell sits on a long low wall.
Grasses add texture and drama.
This metal flower stake is her latest addition.
This is Judy and Lance's charming cape.
The front garden.
A rusty milk can  topped with a sundial.
A frog sits amidst the bee balm.
Old iron urns on the granite stoop complement the door.
She has a natural talent for putting together
flowers, plants and garden art elements.

A purple gazing ball in the day lilly island
A cement ball sits on a slab of granite
while a turquoise garden chair adds some flair.
Even Judy's watering post looks artful.

Simply beautiful.
A real country garden.

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  1. Hi Amy - Your friend's country garden is so beautiful indeed. How lucky that she has a separate building as her must inspire her everyday. Thanks for sharing her garden with us.

  2. Your friends garden is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful.. Simply loved the little frog.. I needed this inspiration today... I'll be working on mine soon..

  3. Judy's garden is just beautiful, Amy. All of the landscaping looks perfect. I love her touches with the urns and that chair with the froggie perched upon it is just too cool! Man, you are seriously making me miss a big yard! Her home is so charming to.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!


  4. I love her home and her whimsical garden!

  5. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by! Your friend has such a beautiful garden...I just love that old bell!!! Deb

  6. This is such a beautiful, peaceful garden and very inspiring. What a wonderful place to just relax and enjoy!

  7. Oh what a dreamy garden! I wish mine could look like that. I just love that huge granite chair with the little frog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi I tried to sign up to follow, but it said too big of a request?? maybe others trying too.
    Of course I might already be signed up and cannot remember.
    Who knows.
    Will try to come back later.


    barbara jean

  9. oh it let me now.
    woohoo!! =)

    barbara jean


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