Friday, July 9, 2010

My vintage aqua bicycle

This is the story of one abandoned bicycle.
It is a ladies Huffy bike and it was left for free
at the swap shop at our local dump.
My son was planning on refurbishing bikes,
but life got in the way.
So I had an idea.
 A decorator kind of idea.
I wanted to put this bike
as a cute prop in front of our house,
next to the pink swing.
But I never had painted a bike before.
And I wanted a cool color to go with pink.
I found this Krylon paint:
Ocean Breeze Blue at Walmart.
I taped the bike off with plastic bags and craft paper.
That was the hardest part,
mostly because I am not patient.
Then I started spraying.
This was the fun part.
I did two coats, one hour apart.
This bicycle looks amazing.
It took two hours flat.
 Where ever it sits it makes you smile.
Who cares about the flat tires anyway?
It is waiting to head back to Boston
to get parked next to the pink swing.
Waiting patiently in the driveway at the lakehouse.
I think it needs a basket though.

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  1. So adorable! Love the color too.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. How cute! One of our local flower shop has an old bike out front with a basket filled with flowers every summer.

  3. Oh Amy Sweetie...
    This bike is so darn stinkin cute. I love it. What a treasure. Yes, you must have a bike, then you can swap out planters to have different plants in it. What fun that would be. I can see a petunia that is a hanging one draped down from a bike. A striking red or purple would do.

    Oh what fun to decorate. In October it could have a big pumpkin in the basket.

    I love the color that you chose. It is so refreshing. Oh sweetie thanks for sharing today. I am so going to start watching for a bike that is free for ME.

    Stop by and read my post today. You are going to love it. Country hugs, Sherry

  4. Really cute. I have an old bike leaning against my I want to paint it! Lisa~

  5. thats a lovely color! I am inspired. I think all of us who are "crafty" have a side of not being patient...why is that??? because we want the end result so quickly and can picture it so perfectly in our mind or??? thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh...I love this. I need to find a bicycle to paint immediately. I can just imagine it propped against a tree.

  7. Oh gosh I love it! I use a vintage bike but never thought to paint it pretty like! I may have to investigate this idea further! :)

    I say pump up those tires, get your basket with flowers and go for a jaunt in a flirty skirt! :)


  8. This is exactly what I want, and with a basket to. I've been envisioning one in my front yard for a looooong time. There's a house in town I drive by sometimes and they've got a gorgeous yard with a plethora of flowers and plants and there in the center of it all sits a vintage bicycle with a basket of flowers. I have been looking on Craigslist the past few weeks just hoping one would turn up. I love the color you chose to paint it. Gotta love spray paint!
    It's going to be darling by the're going to have to show us that, you know.


  9. What a great thing, and it really does look much better...I agree it needs a basket, with flowers in it. LOL. Or maybe just a hot pink basket.
    Hugs Gail
    Happy PS

  10. Gorgeous color...yes yes yes a basket would look great!
    Licks & Wags,

  11. So stinkin' cute. I bet it looks even cuter next to your pink swing. Hope you are having a lovely weekend! xo, Cristi

  12. It is perfect, happy and perfect.

  13. I love it! I've never heard of someone painting a bike. But why not? It's gorgeous. I do think it needs a basket.

  14. Great job, this bike begs to be ridden now!

  15. Ok so I am going to get a basket for the bicycle! I have been looking but want to find one that is not from a bike would take away from the whole idea of the project. I do have one in mind, so stay tuned and I will finish this bike off properly!

  16. Amy... I love your bike and the color you painted it! It looks great and yes... a basket... that would be just perfect!! :)


  17. I love it and I can so see it with a cute basket to change out items with the seasons...can't wait to see it at "home".

  18. lovely bikes,
    those pinks are cute and fun to look at,

  19. It is the cutest bike! What a clever idea.

  20. that looks fantastic. you did such a great job!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment on my cloche! i'm just glad that i finally found one!

  21. What a great idea. Love the color and I can't wait to see it with a basket. I keep seeing old bikes at antique stores with enormous price tags - a free bike and a can of spray paint is much more reasonable.

  22. Mine is "Delilah" - at least that's what she told me her name was when I found her at a junk sale. She asked for a 'pistachio' dress, so one can of spray paint and a flat of petunias later, there she is, gracing the path to my garden! (The basket was essential to my bringing her home!)


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