Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shed with a dirty little secret

We have a cute shed by a cute rock wall
at our cute New Hampshire house.
But what is inside the shed is anything but cute.
Four summers ago we bought this house and
hubby's waterski paraphanalia went right into the shed.
In a big outfits and skis and ropes and duffel bags etc.
The mice and other critters found it to be a nice spot for chewing and nesting!
So everything got thrown outside and blasted with an airhose.
Hubby had to go back to the city for work.
I stayed on for the week during a heat wave.
I decided I would "git it done",
even if it was 97 degrees and nasty outside!
I took the dogs with me and
tied Dillon up to the rafters.
He likes to run down to the lake.
I stopped that morning at walmart
and bought a bunch of hooks.
That is my tool box: a tote bag.
Trust me when I tell you there was evidence of rodents visiting 
and it was a complete mess here before.
Darn it I didnt take a picture.
Now it was just piles of stuff inside and outside the shed.
Debris...I mean hubby's stuff...

Hang up the ski suits on new hooks
Hang up some tools on the other side
I hung up the ladder too
 and then neatly put all the yard stuff
on one side
And all the ski stuff on the other side
thats a lot of ski stuff!
I shut the doors and gave myself a pat on the back.
Dillon is convinced a critter lives under the shed.
He may be right.
The view from my front door over to my little shed.
It just doesn't have a dirty little secret anymore!

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  1. Are you kidding me?!? You own my dream workshop right there!!

    Well done on the organization, despite a heat wave! You rank much higher for that fact alone I say. :) Bet you are loving the new organized space! Nicely done! I sure LOL'd at all the stuff thrown on the lawn. Doesn't nature provide the perfect amount of space? :)

    Thanks for sharing your project with GD2! Now go grab your fav bev and wander through your shed again and be proud! :)


  2. Wow you got a lot done. I don't mind the heat so much, it is the mosquitoes I don't like!

  3. Good job on the cleaned out shed...that was one hot job!And I bet Dillon's right....there probably is something living or hiding under the shead. Dog's are smart like that. :)
    Happy Summer from Houston, TX

  4. Wow, your shed has improved so much! I'm sure it will be so much easier to find stuff now. Even better that you did it in a heat wave, we are having one now too.

  5. Hi Amy Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, I just knew you were going to tell me that you were converting this shed into a craft room. Surprise...Surprise...

    I love your tool bag. That is so clever of you. I love that you hung up the suits and look at the hooks for all of the tools. I would say there is a carpenter inside of you somewhere. What an awesome job you did. Leave it to a woman to create a great shed space. I am clapping for you sweetie, can you hear me? Outstanding job.

    Trust Dillons instincts and put some poisoning in that shed, up high where nobody but the little rodents themselves will find it, or next time you open the shed, you never know what might be chewed up.

    Excellent shed work sweetie. Hope you have a beautiful rest of the week.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  6. You did an awesome job, made more awesome that you did it in this heat. You deserve your own toolbox!! ;-D


  7. Kudos! I need to follow your fine example and get clean the skeletons out of my brick shed : )

  8. Wow, you did a great job! I would have left something like that for! I think Dillon knows what he's sniffing.. and I bet any money they are living under the shed. I have the same problem here with mice in the shed and when we tore down an old chicken coop the mice were all living underneath. Anyway great result and I'm sure hubby was pleased when he got home! Take care, Maryann

  9. Amy, You did a great job cleaning it all out. Just removing it all for a while was a job.
    Since I've been blogging I always kick myself in the rump when I forget a before picture. I even think of things I did before I began blogging and have wished I'd documented the project with pictures before hand!
    Your shed looks great and perfectly organized now! So nice. I love your tool box too!


  10. Awesome! I am with Donna about wanting more storage space, etc. Looks like a barn waiting to happen which I would LOVE to have. Maybe you could take over some of this space just for you!! Otherwise, nothing feels better than organization. All is right with the world after that.

  11. I know that had to be a lot of work! Great job and what a great feeling it is after it's all done isn't it? I wish I had that extra storage space too!

  12. Hello, there, my New England neighbor! If you read my Gitter dun contribution, you'll know how impressed I am that you fought the good fight with rodents. (I am such a wuss.) I think you did a great job -- wish I knew how to use power tools.
    Big wave from the Cape,
    Jude at
    dolcecapecod dot

  13. Awesome clean up!!! I like your "tool box"!!!

    And am equally impressed that you did it in the NE humid heat! I live in Western NY and could barely pick up the garden hose to water anything. It tired the dickens out of me!

    So now that the place is all cleaned up, you could go inside and do a little dance. If you wanted to.

    Found you featured at Donna's!! I was too!!! I gotta go and thank her!!!



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